Dec 26, 2007

Best of 2007

Last week I posted the half serious Best of the Beards 2007. But of course...I had to do actual Best of's for this year:

Top 10 Albums:

10 - Fujiya & Miyagi – Transparent Things
9 - The Whitest Boy Alive – Dreams
8 - TTC – 3615
7 - Chromeo – Fancy Footwork
6 - Ed. Rec Volume II
5 - Boys Noize – Oi Oi Oi
4 - Justice – Ý
3 - Black Ghosts – Anyway You Choose to Give It EP
2 - Chemical Brothers – We Are the Night
1 - Simian Mobile Disco – Attack Decay Sustain Release

Top 20 Shows:

20 - Korrupt at Hiro with A-trak and DJ Mehdi, 5/2
19 - A Touch of Class at PS1, 7/7
18 - Curses at the Annex, 5/18
17 - Teki Latex and Surkin at Hiro, 11/29
16 - Boys Noize at Hiro, 6/28
15 - Mr. Oizo at Studio B, 6/9
14 - Fool's Gold Tour with A-trak, DJ Mehdi, and Kavinsky at Hiro, 10/17
13 - Erol Alkan and Justice at Studio B, 10/20
12 - Institubes night at Hiro with Curses, Boys Noize, and Para One, 3/15
11 - Ed Banger Records at Hiro with Busy P, DJ Mehdi, Justice, and Sebastian, 3/29
10 - MSTRKRFT at Studio B, 10/19
9 - Busy P and DJ T at Studio B
8 - Simian Mobile Disco dj set at Studio B, 3/10
7 - Soulwax at Studio B, 4/18
6 - Simian Mobile Disco at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, 10/18
5 - Daft Punk at Keyspan Park, 8/9
4 - Air at the Theater at MSG, 5/10
3 - Simian Mobile Disco live at Studio B, 7/7
2 - Underworld in Central Park, 9/14
1 - Chemical Brothers at Hammerstein Ballroom, 9/21

Other good electro shows worth mentioning:

Masters of the Universe with Trouble & Bass dj’s, Curses and Moby at Studio B, 5/5
Chromeo and Flosstradamus at Hiro, 7/5
Passions and Data at Hiro, 8/30
Moby and Tommy Sunshine at Hiro, 11/15
Faux Punk and David Bruno at Studio B, 12/7

Best non-electro shows (not ranked since I went to so few this year):

2/1 - David Byrne, from the Knee Plays
2/3 - David Byrne, Here Lies Love
11/26 - Sondre Lerche at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

More bests and other random-ness:

Best of 2007 - Simian Mobile Disco
Most slept on dj’s – the Black Ghosts
Best show I don’t remember at all (due to intense boozing with Chuck and Greg)
– Switch and Sinden at Studio B
Best Beard – Paul Angelides (original full beard, pre-handle bars)
Best blast from the past – Chuck and Gregarona
Best return to New York – Eddie Shea
Best Advice – You should really check out Soulwax - David Bruno
Best People I’ve met through my blog – 3-way tie – David, Paul, and Mike
Best Girls to go to shows with – Dana for dj’s, Kristin for rock
Best person to randomly run into over and over again while out getting downVan Scott
Best Fictional Remix Name – Kelly Watch the Stars (otherwise you’re fucking fired from the observatory remix)
Most Work Friendly Electro Album – tie: Daft Punk’s Discovery and Chemical Brothers’ We Are the Night
Best electro-related work moment – tie: My top 40's loving boss retaining everything I’ve told him about Daft Punk…and randomly asking “do they dj in a pyramid?” at least once a week about whoever’s playing on my ipod (regardless if they are Daft Punk or not) and my boss asking “is this the Chemical Brothers?” whenever a Radiohead song comes on.
Best family supporter of banging jams – my brother, through his incessant repetition of “Mr. Oizo” and “Busy P” in French accents, despite the fact that he would probably hate their music if I ever made him listen to it
MVP’s – red bull and red adidas
Least Hellish Crowd – (most of the time, until recently) Studio B
Best Excuse to Dance during the daytime – Warm-up at PS1
Best mix to clean your apt/do anything that takes a long time – Justice BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix
Best Consecutive run of awesome shows - CMJ
Most unexpected night of serious fun - 12/7/07 – Daft Punk Alive release party w/ Faux Punk & David Bruno
Dj set I had very little idea about but banged beyond anything I could have expected – MSTRKRFT
Best dj set by someone whose stuff I didn’t know at all – DJ T


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