Dec 22, 2007

Jordan Dare at the Knitting Factory (not!!) and Boys Noize at Hiro 12/13/07

So last Thursday I was pumped/stressed out by the amount of good stuff going on.

I skipped Ulrich Schnauss even though I really wanted to go which wound up being good because he didn't start his set until 1.

I had been on the fence about the Jordan Dare show because I was fighting off a cold and feeling like shit on and off all day. In the end I decided to go, but of course, this is the one instance where things start on time at the Knitting Factory, so I missed Jordan Dare. I did proceed to see every other band I had no interest in seeing. The Foreign Islands were really boring, definitely an over-hyped band. We are Wolves were at least interesting. I liked a song here and there, but overall not my cup of tea. Kind of electro rock-ish. I liked the music but I found the singer's voice kind of irritating which pretty much killed it for me.

The show got out at 10 which left precisely enough time to go home and sit there for like 30 minutes before going to Hiro which obviously would have been really dumb, so I went to Starbucks.

Got to Hiro a little earlier than necessary but I could only sit and drink tea for so long. Waited in a super short line to get in. The two dudes in front of me drove in, didn't think there would be a line, didn't wear jackets, and were standing in 20 degree weather in t-shirts. They're talking about how pumped they are to see Boys Noize, to see "them" spin. How you can be so pumped about someone and not know that is is just one guy is beyond me, but whatev. Lol. I'm guessing they were from NJ...haha.

Anyway...luckily what started off as a hellish evening was saved by Paul, open Bass Ale bar for an hour, and a banging set from Boys Noize. It also should be mentioned that Louisahhh who dj'ed before him was killing it.

I forget what time Boys Noize went on, maybe 1 or a little earlier...but he immediately proceeded to drop a ton of tracks off of Oi Oi Oi. It was awesome. I maybe would have liked to hear them woven in throughout his set instead of having most of them right in the beginning, but I will take what I can get. That album is made for the dance floor and sounds amazing on a big system. I've waited too long to write this review so I can't really remember a lot of specific songs he played but it was a pretty solid set. One track I can remember him playing is "Merrymaking at My Place" by Calvin Harris at which point I freaked out because it is my new jam (preferably the Mr. Oizo remix). Overall his set was pretty good, much better than the last time I saw him.


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