Jun 30, 2007


Today was the first day of PS1's Warm-up series. Headed over with the roomie around 5ish, jaws dropping as we saw the line wrapping around the entire block, but luckily I remembered there being a separate line for people on lists, Moma members, and LIC residents last year. Sure enough it was there again and ridiculously short with nobody on it. Yea-yuhh.

It was pretty crowded inside...which seems to be the case when Warm-up first starts, but they tend to become less wall to wall people and more bearable as the summer goes on.

The outdoor installation Liquid Sky which was supposed to create a kaleidoscope effect didn't really work b/c it was overcast...and even if it did, the design itself is pretty crappy looking...it looked like a bunch of light gels stuck together, some with holes strategically cut in them, and you could see these big white things that held it all together. It was kind of ugly, and I feel the same effect could have been achieved with something that was more aesthetically pleasing. A good part of the installation were these big communal hammocks that people seemed to be enjoying. There was also some type of sprinkler at the top of the kaleidoscope installation randomly shooting out water. It was novel at first, but then we got kind of sick of getting wet. We kept moving, and it seemed to be following us which was kind of funny. I'm sure as it gets hotter I will appreciate that more.

So on to the music...I have no idea who was playing out of the line-up when we got there, but it was not good. It was a bit too radio dance music-ish...you know, the shit people who don't listen to dance music think of when you say dance music. At some point it switched to someone who was a bit better, and then finally the Juan Maclean.

I have had mixed feelings about his sets lately. At Hiro he didn't really do it for me, and today was the same. It seemed a bit non-descript. There were a few good points...he played NY Lipps by Soulwax. Later on he played Green Velvet's Shake and Pop, followed directly with the Cajmere (one of Green Velvet's aka's) remix of Give Me Every Little Thing. Other than those moments it was just kind of eh. It was nice to be dancing outside, in the daytime for a change though.


Jun 29, 2007


I went into the Boys Noize show last night not really knowing what to expect. Right before I left my apartment I read on his myspace that the airline had lost his records, so he was stuck using just the cd's he had brought along. He played a great set, as usual, and at the end of it I learned the airline had gotten his records to him right before he was about to start. He played some of the expected...his remix of the Kaiser Chiefs' "Everyday I Love You Less and Less", his remix of "Banquet" by Bloc Party, a hot second of Justice's "Never Be Alone"...and then some unexpected (which if you've seen Boys Noize before, you've come to expect) - MJ's "Beat It" and "Billy Jean", Pump Up The Jam, and one of the highlights, and examples of why Boys Noize is one of my favorite dj's:

1. He mixed Armand Van Helden's "Necessary Evil" with Prodigy's "Breathe"...yeah, he went there, and it was awesome.
2. He took 2 songs that I hate - his song, "Feel Good (TV=OFF), and Daft Punk's "Technologic" and made me lose it dancing to them.
3. Be forewarned, this is kinda gross: His set was so good that at some point I noticed there wasn't anyone standing on my right anymore...I turned and there was a huge gap, and on the floor...a puddle of puke-age...that I was dancing on the edge of. Ewww! My poor Adidas...I still haven't assessed the damage, but the point is...his set was so dope I was unaware that I was dancing in someone's hurl . Ahhh! Gross!

He played for about 2 hours, from 12:30ish to 2:30ish. Probably during the last 45 minutes or so everyone kind of lost their shit and stormed the stage, and security didn't seem to mind. I managed to squeeze up there by the man himself (peep some shitty camera phone pics below!). It was really interesting to watch what he was doing. I thought my head was about to explode - 2 cd turntables, 2 regular, and 30 knobs that controlled god knows what.

For those of you that slept on this *cough* H-dizzle *cough*, or were out of the country *Eddie*, Boys Noize will be back playing the Fixed party at Studio B in Greenpoint on September 14. Yea-yuhh!


Jun 28, 2007


Fatboy Slim's record label, Skint, has a free 10-track digital sampler - Let The Beats Roll, of both new and old stuff that you can get after signing up for their mailing list here. Haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet as I am at the workplace... :(

Also...don't sleep on Boys Noize tonight even though the weather is supposed to be horrific (according to my mom and the national weather service). I was looking for a live set he played at Nightmoves in Chicago that I had downloaded a while back to post. I don't remember where I originally got it, but I just found it at this site. My mind cannot comprehend that many live sets right now...looks like time to start making room on the ipod. Ahhh!!! They have the Chemical Brothers live set from Glastonbury!!! I am officially freaking out.


Jun 27, 2007

It's the Bea(t)ch

Forgot to mention Water Taxi Beach in that last post about Warm-up at PS1...Water Taxi Beach is a man-made beach in Long Island City, off of the East River. It's within walking distance from PS1, and like PS1 they conveniently have a dance party every Saturday through the summer (I think usually an hour or so after Warm-up ends)...this year it's called "The Beach Party" (how inventive). It's open most of the day on weekends to just eat and hang out (no swimming), free admission before 8, and $5 or less after. I actually have never successfully gone there due to various people forgetting to bring their ID...anyway, here is their line-up for this summer:

June 30 - Prins Thomas
July 7 - In Flagranti
July 14 - Gilb'r From Chateau Flight
July 21 - Turntables on the Hudson
July 28 - Grandmaster Flash
Aug 4 - Tim Sweeney
Aug 11 - The Underground Resistance Assault DJ Squad
Aug 18 - Akalepse
Aug 25 - Zombie Nation
Sept 1 - Dixon And Alex From Tokyo


Stream the new Chems album!!!

You can now stream the whole new Chemical Brothers' album, We Are the Night, on their myspace. I know most of it has leaked already, but I still haven't heard a lot of it...and now it's all in one place!

Oh! And now I have an excuse to tell you my Chemical Brothers story from this morning. I was waiting for the B/D train at Bryant Park (like I do everyday), it pulls up, the doors open in front of me and there is a guy wearing a Chemical Brothers t-shirt! It was weird...



Senior year of school is when I really started going to shows quite a bit. I think I was reading Time Out and I happened upon an article about M83. From what I read I thought I might like them...and then for some reason the name sounded familiar, and I thumbed back a few pages and there was an ad for a show they were playing later that week at the Bowery. I listened to and bought "Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts" and went to the show. It's a really good album btw, and live they really rock...ALOT of guitar, and loud...but then very quiet. Check them out.

Anyway...this post is supposed to be about Ulrich. Every time I have seen M83 since then...Ulrich was always the opener. I liked him instantly the first time, and every time I see him I like him more and more. Firstly... Ulrich is a tall German dude, with floppy hair who brings his little daisy covered laptop and delivers atmospheric shoe-gazey bliss that gradually somehow, ends up banging in a very non intrusive, subtle way.

He's got quite a few dates lined up in support of his new album, Goodbye, which comes out in the US on July 10th. The first is a free show on the 6th at the Seaport with Fujiya and Miyagi. I am really excited to see how that show goes down. All the times I've seen Ulrich previously were at the Bowery Ballroom. NOBODY danced. Will being out in the sunshine free people from their inhibitions so much that they actually move!? or will it just turn everyone into a bunch of sweaty, cranky, stationary bitches? We shall see.

Another New York date (September 22nd) is at another interesting venue - Joe's Pub. I have only seen one show there - it was Feist, and she was amazing. But when I read that Ulrich is playing there...I am very interested to see how his stuff plays while people are chomping on dinner. I can picture someone singing, or a band...but having him going at it on his laptop while people are eating...I just can't picture it. It should be interesting.

He's also playing at the Bowery on the 21st (of September), which is still worth checking out, even if nobody dances.


Jun 26, 2007

Sleep when you're dead...

or when there's nothing going on in NYC. I haven't been out in 2 weeks! since the Juan Maclean at Hiro. That has to be some type of record at this point. It's probably better since things will be going, pretty much nonstop through most of July starting this Thursday with Boys Noize:

Boys Noize is one of my favorite dj's. I first saw him at SAT's in Montreal last September. I had never heard of him. He was pretty good, but I was still kind of in leery evaluation mode when I thought it was safe to make a break for the restroom...and while I was waiting in line he dropped MJ's "Beat It". That's what you will get from Boys Noize...bass, lots of crunch, and the unexpected *cough* Personal Jesus remix *cough*. You can get most of his catalog at Beatport, and look for his new album "Oi Oi Oi" in September.

Friday I will begin an excellently timed 2 week dogsitting adventure which comes with the added perk of a West Village crash pad that is right next to where I work (being that it's the "home" part of my boss' home office, and it's his dog I'm watching while he's in Italy). It will make it all the more easy to drag myself down to the LES to get bassed by Passions at the Ruff Club at the Annex. And as much as it's a bit hipstery hellish (but where isn't nowadays?), the dancefloor there is always packed which is refreshing, in that dancing in a sweatbox kind of way.

Saturday I will return home to the deceptively close Long Island City, and walk down the block to PS1 for the DFA-laden (Invisible Conga People (live), Tim & Tim (Tim Goldsworthy and Tim Sweeney), The Juan Maclean (DJ Set), Shit Robot aka Marcus Lambkin, plus BLARVUSTER (Matthew Welch) ) kick-off to the Warm-up series...which, if you do not know, is an outdoor dance party in the big courtyard area of the PS1 modern art museum. There's beer, wine, food, sand under your feet, some good art, and getting down for 6 hours, from 3-9 for $10, or if you're lucky and live in Long Island City (like me) it's free with proof of residency (bills, id, etc), or if you're friends with someone (like me) who lives in Long Island City perhaps they will be kind enough to let you be their free guest. :P Also, there is a contest every year to design the outdoor installation (esentially where you par-tay), and this year's winner looks especially trippy. Who doesn't love kaleidoscopes? especially being in one?!

Fast forward to July 3rd...July 3rd is awesome because most working peeps have the 4th off including me. Last year I started out the evening with Anthony, wound up going to the Motherfucker party without him, after-partied, and did not come home until 8, slept until 11, went to brunch with Anthony to re-cap our evenings, went to a rooftop in Bushwick to see Damon McMahon, took a shockingly well-running G-train to a rooftop bbq in Park Slope. It was an excellent 24 hours of fun. I expect this year's to be better since there is actually good dj-ing going down:

The flyer says everything you need to know about everyone who's spinning. I am looking forward to Trevor Loveys in particular. The Switch association is what caught my eye, and my ears followed. Looks like it should be a good night.

Rest up, get your bbq and fireworkin' on the 4th. On the 5th, some cheeky electro-pop fun(k) in the form of:

On the fifth more outdoor goodness, and thankfully a little more laidback, subtly banging Fujiya & Miyagi and Ulrich Schnauss at the South Street Seaport. Despite living across the street for 2 years (but I guess that makes sense since I wasn't there in the summer) I have never been to any of the outdoor shows at the Seaport. But I have seen Fuijiya & Miyagi and Ulrich Schnauss, and they are both really good. I will go on a big tangent about Ulrich in a post soon to follow.

Next...if you can't make Chromeo Thursday, or if they are just so amazing that you must see them again:

And then...if you have any sense at all you WILL go see Simian Mobile Disco make the US debut of their LIVE show at Studio B on Saturday, yeah you just were there, and yes you will be tired from dancing you ass off to A Touch of Class (DJ set), Lee Douglas (Rong Music), Services (Live), Kudu (Live), Preacher and the Knife (live), plus Bubblyfish/Tristan Perich (live) at PS1 during the day, but it will be worth it because:

1. SMD are awesome
2. SMD are two very nice gentleman you should be glad to support
3. SMD are awesome
4. I listened to an interview with them on BBC's Radio 1, and essentially their live show is them improvising and re-creating their album tracks using as many synths and old analog equipment as they can physically bring with them.
5. See numbers 1 and 3, and the flyer:

And then you will go home and collapse...at least that is my plan for the next couple of weeks. Cheers!


Jun 19, 2007

Here there and everywhere

I read waaayyy too many blogs. I started using Google Reader a few months ago...and for a while it was better...but now I just ended up starring a ton of stuff. Since it's been a slow week in New York (show-wise, for me personally), I've been attempting to go through a lot of the starred stuff. Here are some of the video highlights:

Hilarious, and horribly catchy - TTC's Travailler

The colors!!!!! Also...makes me think of Lucky Charms - Teki Latex ft. Lio - Les Matins de Paris

I almost died when I saw this video because literally an hour ago I was thinking of this song, but never knew who it was or what it was called. I just knew I had heard it in JDH's dj sets at Studio B over the past few months, and was trying to think of how I would describe it in the hopes that someone would figure it out...and realized I had no idea. I figured I would just stumble upon it in some blog...hahaha. Also, I'd been reading about Gui Boratto a lot over the past few months, thought I would like him, but haven't really been into his stuff...but as it turns out I really like this song (Beautiful Life). WEIRD! Anyway, the video:


Jun 18, 2007


The G-train and I...we don't get along so well. Ever since a ridiculously long ride, with way too many a transfer that in the end never even got me to Red Hook...I try to avoid the G-train. However, this is going on. It probably warrants riding the G-train again. I'm not saying I will...


Jun 16, 2007

hahaha...oh god

So you know how with the internet, one minute you're watching Kanye have a fit for losing best video to Justice for "We Are Your Friends", and the next thing you know you are somehow watching this?!:


Jun 15, 2007

Give me every little thing

Just got home from the Juan Maclean/Matt B. Safer at Hiro...such a bad decision to go.

Juan was good as usual...I like him because usually he plays some stuff I know, but most of it I don't...and usually most of what I don't know is good, older stuff.

Tonight all I knew out of his set was the good, but getting a bit played out, Shake and Pop...followed by the Cajmere remix of Give Me Every Little Thing. There was some good stuff after that, then Soulwax's NY Lipps...but then it just kind of got bland after that.

Caught the beginning of Matt B. Safer's set, which I thought was going to be pretty good judging by the start of things. He had looped a sample from some old aerobics video over a good beat...but once that was done, I was done - the crowd at Hiro was a new level of hellish, and I couldn't take it any longer. The past few shows I've been to at Hiro, ie Boys Noize, Ed Banger night, Soulwax... it's half decent people, half hellish hipsters. Tonight...it was probably 1/4 decent people, 1/4 hipster, and half the ninth level of hell...Long Island-ish, stock broker-ish, drunk girl-ish HELL! People who were there just to go out on a Thursday night with no regard for who was dj-ing. It was just bad...

And now my entire weekend plan is jacked up...was going to head home for father's day tomorrow, but tonight sucked so badly I feel like I have to salvage the weekend by staying for the ton of stuff going on tomorrow night, and holding off until Saturday to go home. The fun part is, I have to decide by tomorrow morning b/c I have to pack before I go to work if I decide to leave...blah!


Jun 13, 2007

Ed Banger & Cobrasnake collab

So the t-shirt collab I posted about yesterday has just been released for purchase on the Cobrasnake's website. It is $55 and is coupled with Ed Rec. Volume 2.


Jun 12, 2007

Justice's D.A.N.C.E. is the free download of the week on itunes.

Not quite sure what to think of this...

it doesn't maaaaatter...do the dance, do the dance?!


It Matters

I have started my Tuesday morning with the Justice Essential mix from BBC's Radio 1 on Sunday. It's a great way to nip a case of the Mondays Tuesdays in the bud. Slap You in Public brought it to my attention yesterday and Filter 27 has the goods and the insane tracklisting. This mix should set anyone who thinks Justice are a one trick pony straight. PS - have you seen the cross packaging?

While I'm on about Ed Banger...there is apparently an Ed Banger/the Cobra Snake t-shirt collab. Basic details and a pic at High Snobiety.

And while I'm on dance...sick shit in NYC this weekend, yet again...mainly concentrated all in one night. Doh!


I've only seen Juan out of that lineup. He throws down. Worth going for him alone.

Friday night...the crazy night:

The Captain is great. I've seen him twice...solid, highly dance-able mixes both times.

Dave hasn't steered me wrong yet, so I'm posting this one out of blind faith. I haven't gotten to check out Andy Butler yet...my ipod was in a state last week (a non-working state) so I am all sorts of behind on checking out new stuff. In any case...it's usually a good party.

I've been looking forward to seeing Passions again since his show at Studio B a few weeks ago. The sound system at Home Sweet Home was reaaallly bad the last time I was there a few months ago though.

It should be interesting to see where I end up going that night. They're all vaguely close to each other and free/cheap. Yea-yuhh!

There's a ton of other stuff (both electronic and otherwise) I want to post, but that'll have to wait until later.


Jun 11, 2007

Is that Ludacris or is that Tim Fite?!

This is a post from some wee hour I got home last week after the Tim Fite show. It got lost in the crazy weekend shuffle:

Somehow, I just now got back from seeing Tim Fite at the Knitting Factory. Tim is one of those performers who is just consistently good. I still have yet to experience a bad, or off Tim Fite show. Tonight had all the makings of a good Tim Fite show...a decent-sized, energetic crowd...and Tim.

There was a girl working the merch booth who was really into Tim, and she kept going on about it being a whole "multimedia experience". After hearing her tell this to someone for probably the third time I wanted to cut a bitch so to speak, but she had a point. In addition to getting his 99-cent sample on with inventive, charged lyrics...he does some drawings...and those drawings make up slide shows. The best slide shows you will ever see. Tonight's included a vision test with a surprise ending, along with a "Burn It Down" sing-along. If you haven't seen Tim live yet, no amount of description will do it justice. The next time he's playing (which is pretty often in NYC) be sure to go! Also, they aren't quite the same as slide shows, but recently Tim has been posting short videos every week called "Gun Show" on his website. You'll probably be more into them if you're already somewhat familiar with Tim, but you might like 'em either way.

Anyway...here are some songs he played at the Knitting Factory show, not in order:

I Hope Yer There
Shake em Down (not sure of the actual name of this one)
45 Remedies
It's All Right Here
No Good
In Your Hair
Away from the Snakes

Afterwards I wound up chatting with Tim and Greg for quite a while, and I must say they were both so easy to talk to, and hilarious - seriously one of the most humorous conversations and nice guys.

One of the things that came up was that Tim's playing Bonnaroo...at the same time as another better-known band. I have seen the other band, and they are good...but...go see Tim instead. Tell your friends that are going to Bonnaroo! If you are going...go see Tim. You won't be sorry.

Also, I just checked his myspace and he has quite a number of tour dates scheduled for this summer:

Jun 16 2007
Bonnaroo - Manchester, Tennessee

Jul 12 2007
Union Hall - Brooklyn, New York

Jul 30 2007
Southpaw - Brooklyn, New York

Aug 7 2007
Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, Georgia

Aug 8 2007
The Social - Orlando, Florida

Aug 9 2007
Jack Rabbit's - Jacksonville, Florida

Aug 10 2007
Crowbar - Ybor City, Florida

Aug 11 2007
Culture Room - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Aug 13 2007
Work Play Theatre - Birmingham, Alabama

Aug 15 2007
House of Blues - New Orleans, Louisiana

Aug 17 2007
Walter's on Washington - Houston, Texas

Aug 18 2007
Hailey's - Denton, Texas

Aug 20 2007
Bricktown Ballroom - OK City, Oklahoma

Aug 21 2007
Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Aug 22 2007
Juanita's - Little Rock, Arkansas

Aug 23 2007
Newby's - Memphis, Tennessee

Aug 24 2007
Exit/In - Nashville, Tennessee

Aug 25 2007
The Grey Eagle - Asheville, North Carolina

Aug 26 2007
Starr Hill Music Hall - Charlottesville, Virginia


Mr. Wah-zoooo!!!!

I have been recovering from quite an intense weekend of boozing quite frankly, so I am just now posting about the wonderful Mr. Oizo show at Studio B Saturday night.

My girl Lauren got stranded in town, so I had to drag her out for some old school debauchery at Studio B Saturday night. I don't think she particularly likes or dislikes dance music, but I used to drag her out to open bars and GBH parties repeatedly our senior year and she was a champ about it.

We caught more of In Flagranti than I wanted to...but I didn't know that would be the case until I heard them. Not my cup of tea live, but I liked what I heard on their myspace. Weird.

Anyway...Mr. Oizo hit the decks and it was good Ed Banger shit for the rest of the night. There were a couple of times when I thought I could hear Patrick 122 about to drop, but it didn't actually happen until about 15 minutes later...but when it did....BLISS! It was one of those nights that was so good I can't really recollect specific tracks that were played. It was all a big, good blur. Around 3:15 Lauren had reached her dance threshold unfortunately so as much as it broke my heart we left early. :(

Also, Oizo was smoking a cigarette from the get-go, and throughout the set. So French! It reminded me of the first time (and come to think of it, the only time unfortunately) I saw Cassius and instantly loved Philippe Zdar for his multi-tasking smoking/dj-ing skills.

Anyway...another week of good stuff here in New York...details later.


Jun 9, 2007

the post I did not want to write

I just got home from seeing Kavinsky at Studio B. You might want to note that it is 3:37 am. You also might want to note that he did not go on until 2:20ish. I was only there for just over an hour. I can't tell you how many times I thought of leaving before I actually did.

I am still not entirely sure what happened. First, let me get a few things out there:

1. I absolutely love nothing more than getting out there any night of the week and getting down.

2. I think I love the majority of people on Ed Banger Records at this point.

3. Why is it then, that this evening when Kavinsky spun some of his own great tunes, along with a lot of the Ed Banger catalog, I was not thrilled? I have NO idea. Theoretically I should have been dancing my ass off, and at times, I was, but for the most part...that wasn't the case.

Early on he played D.A.N.C.E. and obviously everyone went completely ape on that...he played some other Justice, Daft Punk, Mr. Oizo...and all of this was good, but overall, something was just missing. I liked soooo much of what he had chosen to put on, but something was stopping me from moving. Nothing seemed to hold it all together...there would be these gaps where I was kind of bored, then he would play a good Ed Banger track, that would make me stay that much longer...but for the most part I was just "eh" about the whole thing, wanting to leave, but feeling like I had to stay just in case he dropped something awesome.

I had been looking forward to this show all week...and something was just missing. I am kind of upset just because it was a bit of a letdown, but in a way it validated a lot of what I thought about DJ-ing...lots of times when I talk to people who aren't really into dance music about DJ-ing they don't really get it. Aren't you just playing someone else's music?

Yes and no. I always think you can give two people the same 10 tracks to play...one can make them sound like shit and one can make them sound like the most amazing thing you ever heard and that is one of the main things I like about DJ-ing. I am not saying Kavinksy destroyed the Ed Banger catalog...when he played songs I liked I was glad and I got down, but I could not help but think back to all of the really amazing shows I've been to over the past few months- Simian Mobile Disco, Boys Noize, the Ed Banger takeover at Hiro (with Busy P, Justice, Sebastian, and DJ Mehdi) and how amazing they were...how the thought of leaving early never entered my mind at those shows (despite having work the next day in most cases).

I'm going to give Kavinsky the benefit of the doubt...maybe it was just me. I had been out celebrating a friend's bday from about 9:30-12:30 before getting to Brooklyn, which is not the norm. I also have been quite tired this week. I guess the Daft Punk show will be the test...


Jun 7, 2007

Radio 4 at the Highline Ballroom

Went to my first show at the Highline Ballroom last night. It was Radio 4 and Jesse Malin. It was a whole big John Varvatos/Spin Magazine benefit for Free Arts NYC. I agree with Music Snobbery (and have to say I appreciated the heads up) that the Highline Ballroom is fine as a performance space, a nice big room, but kind of pretentious. Definitely has more of a nightclub feel. Drinks are ridiculous...$10 for a Makers and Coke (which actually is a dollar cheaper than Hiro) and $7 for a Bud! The bartenders were pretty good though, the ones at Hiro can be a bit cunty. The crowd was a bit hellish, but I am blaming the fact that it was a benefit, ie. the couple that were in line in front of me were having a whole "Oh, we didn't want to have a late night, but then when we heard good music, fashion, VIP, open bar, we had to come out!". Riiight. It was all a bit schmoozy. Whatever.

Radio 4 played a really good show. I have seen them...a countless number of times. They played all upbeat songs, spanning a few of their albums...I was actually hoping they would throw in Ascension Street or something more mellow so I that I could tear myself away to get another drink, but no luck. Here is some of what they played, not in order:

Enemies Like This
Absolute Affirmation
Dance to the Underground
As Far As the Eye Can See
Too Much to Ask For
This is Not a Test
Party Crashers (can't remember if it was this or something else from "Stealing of a Nation"...possibly State of Alert, cut me some slack, I slept a whopping 4 hours last night)
Calling All Enthusiasts
Start A Fire

I'm probably missing a few.

and a new song! "Relentlessly Turbulent"! It's quite good. Dave has a lot more vocals on it than in previous songs. It has a good bass line and beat and is really catchy. It sounds quite different than any of their other stuff. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album, but that is quite a way off.

Back to the weird crowd that I wasn't wild about...as hellish they were at times, I have to say, they did seem very receptive to the band. They got a lot of applause and a decent amount of people were getting down and having a good time.

I stuck around for some of Jesse Malin's set. I honestly had no idea who he was. Looked him up on wikipedia just now...still not really sure what his deal is. Not my cup of tea personally, but I had to stick around to remedy accidentally text messaging Anthony Roman instead of Anthony my roommate "Hello lover. Where are you?". Hahaha. Awkward but I am really amused after the fact.


Jun 5, 2007


Friday night...Curses! or Kavinsky...or mad dashes between the two?

Also, some interesting Curses!/DTL stuff:

Interview over at Soundtracks for Them

Are People Real radio DJ set, June 7th.


Jun 4, 2007


At some point today 6 of the tees (designed by So Me)from the Justice video for D.A.N.C.E. will be released on Sold Out. They come in packs of 2 for 50 Euros. Unfortunately I doubt they do all the dope stuff that they do in the video, but they still look pretty awesome. Not my favorites, but these are the 6 being released today, with more designs on the way soon:

(photo thanks to High Snobiety)

Also, I think most people have seen the video for D.A.N.C.E. by now, but the version I first saw was not the final cut apparently, and when I stumbled upon the final version a few weeks ago I didn't like as much as the the one I first saw. See below:

Version I saw originally:

Final version:

Also, that lovely Ed Banger Milk Crate tee:

has been floating about lately. Turntable Lab used to have it in their online shop, but it must've sold out. Dunno about instore though. You can still order it directly though.



There is a ridiculous amount of good stuff happening this week in nyc. Starting tomorrow:

these guys:

at the Highline Ballroom Wednesday night. (Photo by Piper Ferguson)

The always zany and always awesome Tim Fite at the Knitting Factory on Thursday.

The serious shit: double Ed Banger's

Friday, the ghost DJ:

Saturday...Mr. Oizoooooo!

Sunday the Radio 4 guys are DJ-ing at a bar in Jersey City, that I think is outdoors on a beach, which sounds tempting...except for the going to NJ part...after 2 nights of Ed Banging, but you never know.


Jun 3, 2007


Just got back from the Datarock/Passions/Low Budget/Trouble & Bass night at Studio B...I had an excellent time, though there were definitely highs and lows.

I arrived, I guess about 15-20 minutes into Passions' live set, which was dope. He was just tearing it up...twisting knobs, tweaking everything possible, taking out the bass, and then dropping it. It was awesome. However! hardly anyone was dancing! There was a bunch of people going nuts in the front...and everyone else was kind of just standing around, or dancing very mildly in place...meanwhile Passions is busting out some serious shit. Despite the Shark's efforts over the PA it didn't really start to pick up until it got towards the end of his set.

Passions whole set was awesome, but some highlights for me were the very unexpected "My Moon, My Man" remix...it was like the Boys Noize remix (which I love) with an extra heap of bass. One of the other tracks he dropped that was excellent was his remix of the Teenagers' Homecoming, which you can get at Palms Out Remix Sunday. The few times it's come up on my ipod so far I was kind of indifferent, but after hearing, recognizing, and loving it tonight I need to check it again.

After Passions, the Captain played a short, but tight little set. Princess Superstar's "Licky", Sinden's "Beeper", and I think the point where everyone went bananas...Mr. Oizo's "Patrick 122". That track is sick. I've been loving it since I first heard it from Them Jeans, but hearing it played in somebody's set took it to a new level of dope. Can't wait to hear the man himself drop it at Studio B next weekend. You must have heard about that by now...if not it'll be in my post tomorrow about the insanity that is next week here in NYC. But anyway...back to the Captain...he delivered!

Next was Datarock...I saw them a couple of months ago at Studio B. My main motive for going to Studio B tonight was to see Passions and the Cut crew, not Datarock. The review of the last time I saw them holds true for tonight. Cheeky Norwegian pop...rocking, occasionally banging...but not one of the bands I have to see when they are in town.

Don't get me wrong, they were energetic and put on a good show. I just don't like em that much live. My love for them is where their songs are remixed and thrown into dj sets. Anyway...I took the time they were on stage to take a breather, grab a beer, and listened to them more passively as I moved around the club. Whereas the last time I saw them, there was the moment of irony when I saw a guy who looked like Duckie from "Pretty in Pink", and they then proceeded to play a song about Molly Ringwald, tonight's irony came when they sang "Sex Me Up" (a song I originally mistook for some random David Byrne I hadn't yet heard when my ipod was on shuffle), and I was thinking to myself that at certain times the Talking Heads' influence on their sound is quite apparent...the next song they announce is called True Stories. Quite amusing.

Somewhere between 2 and 2:30 Datarock finished. Oh! I forgot to mention that while I was getting down to the Captain's fine set, Datarock proceeded to walk right past me to get to the stage...which was way more amusing than it should have been because of the tracksuits. It is even funnier than that picture indicates because there are 4 or 5 of them, not just two...all in matching track suits. And this is coming from someone who loves tracksuits (I have a serious Adidas problem)...

So...2somethingish Low Budget gets on the decks and I am in love. At first he has some weirdo remix of the Rapture's "Whoo Alright Yeah Uh-huh" on. The vocals were not the normal vocals. It sounded like a different voice altogether, but I was glad just to hear the song. I should probably say before I go any further...I went into this set without ever having heard any of Low Budget's stuff before. Shortly after W.A.Y.U.H., he played Apache, always a crowd pleaser. Then...the key to my heart...Simian, We Are Your Friends remix...I yell along every time. I am in a state of bliss afterward, and then I pray my ears are not deceiving me when I detect LB is about to drop Soulwax's remix of Klaxons' Gravity's Rainbow! Dope! At this point I was so happy. In my head I am thinking, "Yay! A new favorite dj!"...then I make a pit stop, I hear him play a remix of Robot Rock...and then after a bit it gets all rap and hip-hoppy. Don't get me wrong...I like both, but in small doses. It was like that until I left with only a few breaks (the Rapture's House of Jealous Lovers, Blue Monday...the goddamn PB&J Whistling Song!)...shortly after that, the PB&J that is, I figured there was to be no going back to the more electronic/dance side, so I bounced the 20 minutes before close, and avoided the scurry for a car home.

So overall...thumbs up to the Captain for the dope set, the Shark for getting everyone hyped, Passions for the bass. Loved the first half of Low Budget's set, and appreciated Datarock's cheeky-ness. The end. 5AM...bedtiiiime!!!! Oh! I almost forgot. Passions's guest DJ'd on the Fader's show (the Let Out) Friday night on East Village Radio, which you can listen to here.


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