Dec 8, 2007

Daft Punk Alive Release party w/ Faux Punk & David Bruno 12/7/07

First of all, the fact that I am writing this post at almost 4:30 am when really all I want to do is go to bed should say something in itself.

Arrived at Studio B about 12:30 (just missing David Bruno dropping Star Guitar!), the line for people w/o tickets was looong, probably as long as it was for Diplo the week before. The line for people with tickets was maybe 10 deep and moved super fast. So it looks like advanced tix is the way to go from now on.

Found my girl Dana immediately and proceeded to get down. Caught the last 15 or so of David Bruno's set. Way more banging and less mellow than usual.

About 1 Faux Punk went on. The played 95% Daft Punk tunes, maybe a handful of non-DP songs. Their set was just really fun because it was one good Daft Punk jam after another. They also went all out with their suits, mimicking the red glow set-up of this past tour.

I have no idea what time it was, maybe 2:30 or so? when Dana bounced and Faux Punk finished their set, leaving David to take to the decks again. He was just killing it, all over the place, but with bang as the common ground. He played a dope remix of DVNO by Justice, Chromeo, SMD - I Got This Down, Pump Up the Jam, and a ton of other stuff there is no hope of me recalling b/c I could not stop getting down. One thing I won't forget is being on my way out of the bathroom and hearing him drop Base 6 by the Chemical Brothers. Seriously one of my favorite Chems tracks ever, which I never thought I would hear out until I got my shit together and learned to dj. Amazing! Dude killed it until the lights came up a bit after 4, and actually was still going when I left...

Overall a dope night with Bruno throwing down one of the most fun, banging sets I've heard this year.

ps- despite numerous efforts the camera phone/studio B lighting combo was not making for any good shots of Faux Punk or Dave behind the decks. Lo siento...


Mark 9:56 PM  

true, pretty tight night.

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