Mar 30, 2007


I do not even want to think about how whack working tomorrow, aka in 5 hours, is going to be. Just got back...minus the time of dealing with a friend's Bjork crisis...from Ed Banger Night at Hiro. I arrived in time for the Presets...but...despite my efforts...despite the hype...I don't think I like them. They had a few numbers that got my toes tappin', but for the most part, I was just kind of "eh" about the whole thing. I did like the banging-ness of the actual music, but the vocals turned me off...which is the kiss of death. I was very into the Daft Punk breakdown...and things kind of picked up a bit for me from then on, but overall, not part of the regular listening. I am open to second chances though...Studio B Saturday with Datarock (which I am super excited about).

Some other things of note, apparently Cut Copy was in the house...and I saw the Captain and Drop the Lime. Ed Banger crew goes on shortly after the Presets and it is just mayhem...a while into it, I find myself thinking...hey, that guy looks like David Bruno...sure enough, it is! Thanks for the Justice cross among other things that hopefully will pan out. Seriously though...I appreciate it.

So that was pretty cool to begin with, but then...until about 3-something-ish I was just non-stop, on the floor, shakin' it. I was in a trance or something...what was played was very fuzzy...I just know it banged, and that upon certain songs being played, ie Daft Punk's "Face to Face" (which has been stuck in my head/ipod rotation for weeks!, but right before I got to Hiro this evening in particular) I had a minor stroke!

*I remembered this the morning after...they played the Rapture's Whoo Alright Yeah Uh-huh, and Whirpool Productions' From Disco to Disco. Also, I failed to mention the dope-ness of Sebastian whose track Ross Ross Ross I have been unknowingly listening to on a SMD comp for months. Glad he's on the bill for the Daft Punk show at Keyspan. Did you get your tickets this morning?! I also failed to mention the crazy, "We Are Your Friends" remix sing along. So much fun...there was a lot of singing happening that night...happened with the Rapture song too, and It's the Beat...but that might have been on a more localized level, ie me and lioke 10 people near me. Lol.

It was an excellent, excellent night of dancing and dj-ing. They (I say "they" b/c the various members of the Ed Banger crew that were on hand were switching it up the whole time) played a good amount of Boys Noize, which is always good in my book, along with SMD's "It's the Beat" which I have been loving lately. I also have to say, that I went into the evening not really caring for DJ Medhi's stuff that I'd heard before, but left a total fan. He KILLED it. The end.


Mar 28, 2007

Friday night possibility


Mar 27, 2007


I haven't been to APT in years...partially b/c I was commuting for a long time, partially b/c there wasn't anybody I wanted to see that badly there, and partially b/c the staff is kinda dickish...not everybody, some of the bartenders are fine, but overall way too much dickishness and pretension for a place that is nothing to write home about. Now, having said all that, I am going to propose that you go there to see:

A Touch of Class on Friday (the 30th). I saw them at PS1 on a whim, and they rocked. They play really upbeat, fun, danceable stuff, and are not afraid to drop a good pop song in their set which I love.

My Cousin Roy on April 14th. I still haven't been out to see him yet, but he killed it with Jacques Renault at People Don't Dance No More a few weeks ago.


yea-yuhh!! Klaxons afterparty w/ DTL!


Daft Punk tickets on sale Saturday

The tickets for the 8/9 show at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn go on sale Saturday at 11 am. Thanks Brooklynvegan for the heads up. I am stressed out about getting tickets already!


Mar 25, 2007

Tim Fite date

If you missed him at Sin-e on Friday, catch Tim April 26th at Luna Lounge.


DTL interview, Does it Offend You, Yeah? dates

I've been posting a bit about Drop the Lime/Curses lately, and I stumbled upon a great interview with him over at the Captain's blog.

In other dance-related news, Does it Offend You, Yeah? is at Hiro on the 5th. I have heard a hint of their stuff before, and originally gave them a listen b/c I heard they were Daft Punk-ish...I remember thinking, yeah I see that, but obviously not as good as the original. Still good perhaps...a few more listenings and I'll probably go. They also have a secret dj gig on the 31st...somewhere in nyc.

Also, 33Hz are playing Hiro on May 3rd.


Mar 24, 2007

Tim Fite at Sin-e

I mistakingly though I felt well enough (I've come down with some flu/cold thing...probably from being rundown from the 2 consecutive Boys Noize & Para One super late nights last week combined w/ St. Patrick's day hijinks) to go to the Brooklynvegan showcase at Sin-e last night. I was super tired after work, but then was feeling better, so I decided to go just for Tim Fite's set. As usual, he did not disappoint. Songs (not in order) included:

No Good Here
Away from the Snakes
Burn it Down and other interactive exercises from the gentleman with itchy legs (including a vision test!)
45 Remedies

He also did a couple of songs from the new album, Over the Counter Culture, which I really like a lot. You can download it for free here. The songs he did were It's All Right Here, which was dope, and also In Your Hair.

I was glad I went, especially since I missed the past few times Tim has played and his is consistently a good, fun show. I wish I did not feel like crap today though! I am not going out tonight, or tomorrow...or anytime before Thursday, b/c I have to be better in time for Ed Banger night on Thursday.

The other good thing about seeing Tim was hearing a bit of Slap You in Public's David Bruno dj...wish I felt up to seeing the other bands and making a night of it. Oh well...another day.


Mar 21, 2007

Fujiya & Miyagi, Fujiya & Miyagi, Fujiya & Miyagi, Fujiya & Miyagi...

Just got home from the Mercury Lounge show this evening: Fujiya & Miyagi w/ an opening set by the New Violators.

Firstly...the new Violators left me feeling violated...I still am not sure what to think. My gut reaction was they are just re-hashing David Bowie, and all sorts of other acts of that period and style (especially the song Runaway...I am totally blanking on the artist and song title, but I have heard that shit before!)...quite frankly, I still have quite the Bowie backlog to listen to, so I really don't need a nice bunch of Norwegians that sound like him on my ipod...also, I could not help thinking they reminded me of the Killers at times. Here is where I feel some point, probably 3/4 through their set they played a song, and I was really into it...I can't remember anything about it other than thinking to myself...hmm, this one's ok...the next couple after were good too, but nothing too crazy. Overall, cheeky fun...but not really necessary for me personally. I feel bad. I like the Norwegians.

Ok, now, Fujiya & Miyagi: awesome!!! You know how their album bangs in a sort of subtle, mellow way? Well, live, the banging is much more banging...and the subtle is a tad more subtle, making for a heightened experience. They played most, if not all, of Transparent Things...which was ace, but then they threw in some new stuff...a few tracks which were purely instrumental and highly dance-able. Unfortunately the crowd did not seem to be taking advantage of this opportunity to get down (which was a bit disappointing b/c of some things I had read about their show on Sunday night), but it's what I've come to expect lately. People need to stop taking themselves so seriously and just get down. In any case...they played a very fun live show that was very well done. They also seemed very appreciative of the crowd and glad to be playing which is always nice.

Now...the bathroom talk: After the show is over I leg it to the bathroom and of course there is a line, exacerbated by the fact that one of the two toilets is out of order. This makes me privy to a conversation among three girls that went something like this:

1: what'd you think of the show?
2: I liked it. I heard the album, but I didn't know what to expect.
3. Yeah, me neither. They were good. They were smaller than I expected.
1. Yeah, I wanted to put them in my pocket.
2. Yeah, they were like mini.
3. They were like little soccer players.
1. You know why they reminded you of soccer players?
3. Why?
1. They're from England.
3. Ohhh, yeah. You're right!

Jesus Christ! Come on! When I go on tangents about hating girls I occasionally get these looks like I am a little out there...I don't think it's b/c I generally don't like girls, I think it's just b/c I get very fired up about it (which I don't get for all that many reasons)...but do you see the shit that comes out of their mouths? I'm not saying guys are perfect, I'm not saying they don't say stupid things...but it is a different kind of stupid, that is way more tolerable and does not make me want to have a sex change operation or punch people in the face.

And now, some low quality camera phone pics!:


Mar 19, 2007

Hollis Browne Record Release party


Shows & mix

I finally found some more info on the Kraak & Smaak show tonight. It's at Rebel (251 West 30th Street at 8th ave), 18+, free, and 5 bands:

7:45 - Alamo Race Track
8:30 - Voicst
9:30 - C-mon & Kypski
10:15 - Kraak & Smaak
11:00 - zZz

I think I've heard of Voicst before and maybe Alamo Race Track...going to try to do some listening at work today.

I also just found out that Professor Murder and Shirts and Skins are playing at the Canal Room on the 31st (March). It's $8 if you rsvp, or $10 at the door. Doors at 11.

On my way into work today I listened to some of what I missed at the People Don't Dance No More party on Friday. Some pretty dope disco funk to say the least, topped off with a remix of the Prodigy's Girls (which I coincidentally just added to my ipod yesterday) is the best way I can think of to start your day.


Mar 17, 2007

Boys Noize & Para One at Ruff Club/the Annex

Last night I braved this with about 5 hours of added snowfall to see Boys Noize and Para One yet again! I had really wanted to go to People Don't Dance No More to hear My Cousin Roy, but ya gotta pick the Frenchie and the German who won't be back for a while as opposed to the guy from the BK who you can probably see some time in the next month.

Anyway...after trying to boost the spirits of my roommate (who was having a freak out about various things) by accompanying him to a favorite gay bar, I arrived at the Annex pretty toasted, which only got worse/better depending on how you look at it, as the night went on. I do not have the set highlights like I did from the show at Hiro, but I can tell you this:

1. I met a lot of characters
2. I got down
3. Para One spun before Boys Noize and I was totally able to get into it this time, and his shit was dope!
4. Boys Noize held it down as per usual
5. I ran into Curses!/Drop the Lime before the guys started spinning and talked to him about his set at Hiro the other night. Quite a nice fellow. Gave me a flyer for Trouble & Bass.

I think I am running on about 6 hours of sleep total over the past 2 nights. With the help of my Ray Bans and St. Patrick I am attempting to do a ton of things I have been meaning to do today.


Mar 16, 2007

Reason #2 I am glad I am not at SXSW

The crappy weather has left Boys Noize and Para One stranded here:



Institubes night at Hiro!

Reason #1 to have not gone to SXSW:

Institubes Records night at Hiro

Got there a little after 11, just in time for Curses! aka Drop the Lime. After many missed opportunities to hear him play (he's from NY and DJ's quite a bit around here, all the Trouble & Bass parties, etc.), I was kicking myself. He was not fucking around. I have never seen anyone so busy behind the decks, and what came out was thick, chunky, thumpy, bassy sounds. The definition of banging. But he did not stop there...he sang over some of the tracks, and he was getting down during the entire set. I can't stress enough how much better sets seem to me if the DJ is enjoying himself and gettin down. Ended with another song w/ live vocals, and a guy playing saxophone. Can't wait to catch this guy again. His EP is coming out on Institubes in April and there's a good interview w/ him over at Trash Menagerie.

Someone played a short set after Curses!, but I'm not sure who it was. It was pretty good. There were a few moments during the set where it would get kind of quiet and shoe gazey, and then he would bring the bass back in and just bang it out.

Next was Boys Noize...he started his set w/ the Gossip's Standing in the Way of Control...which honestly I am sick of at this point, but you can't help but dance to it, so it was a good way to start the set. His entire set was dope. Didn't stop dancing the whole time...highlights for me included a bunch of stuff I've heard from his other live sets...Frau, Every Day I Love You Less and Less, TV Off, Thriller, Prime Time Of Your Life (which SMD also dropped the other night at Studio B which I forgot to mention), and yes, he dropped Pump Up the Jam and the crowd ate it up. He also dropped Prodigy's Breathe which was crazy. It was an excellent, blink of an eye dj was so good the time flew by. Oh! He had this shirt that had an equalizer on it that was synched up w/ what he was is the reason someone invented the camera phone:


He really played a solid, highly danceable, fun set. I love when DJ's shamelessly drop pop songs & old school jams like that mixed in with new stuff.

Here is where the trouble started for me. When Boys Noize finished his set, Para One was up next, but I couldn't shift gears and get into it. I saw both Boys Noize and Para One when I went to Montreal in September, and enjoyed both of them, but on different nights. I couldn't make the jump from Boys Noize's more fun, diverse banging to Para One's more techy, knob-twisting stuff...and I had to be in to work at 9 this morning (the man, always keepin' you down!) so I reluctantly left early. He was playing his usual good Para One stuff, I just couldn't get myself into it.

Despite the weather shift back to slushy coldness, I am going to try to make it to People Don't Dance No More at Element tonight...I really want to check out My Cousin Roy. I've been diggin his tune Bobbi's Back which you can hear over at his myspace, or download from Occam's Razor along with some other disco-ey gems


Mar 13, 2007

Hollis Browne interview

Debonair Magazine interviewed one of my favorite new bands - Hollis Browne. I honestly cannot post enough about them. Such a nice bunch of guys making good music. Check it out.


Mar 11, 2007

Simian Muthafuckin Mobile Disco!

I, just now, got back from being sonically devastated at Studio B by Simian Mobile Disco...they started at 2, and their set ended at 5...but I dunno if it was actually 3 hours or if the clock on my cellphone just jumped ahead b/c of daylight any event...their set fuckin banged. I did not stop dancing the whole time. It was definitely the best show I've been to this year, and possibly one of the best dj sets I've ever experienced.

Here were my personal highlights, possibly even in the order that they happened, but with large chunks of songs missing in between:

Started with their mix of the Klaxons' Magick
Dropped It's the Beat - I went fuckin bananas
Dropped Boys Noize remix of Frau - see above for reaction
Chemical Brothers' Electronic Battle Weapon 9!!! I died!
Aphex Twin's Windowlicker!
Standing in the Way of Control (glad to hear, but not as psychotic about it as I was with all the others mentioned here)
Hustler! Dope!
They played "Happy to Be in America" from Westside Story at the end...which I found funny b/c I almost bought that record a couple of months ago.

I am exhausted in the most delightful way. Thank you James and Jas!


Mar 10, 2007

Dynamite Arrows, Professor Murder, Matt & Kim

Just got home from the Bowery. In short:

1. The Dynamite Arrows reminded me vaguely of a younger, less good version of the Dropkick Murphys. In a more generalized way...they reminded me of loud, kind of thrashy music you hear in the background of skateboard videos...I guess there is a time and a place for them...I am just unlikely to come across it anytime soon. At another time in my life (the skateboarding portion for example) I might have been much more into them, but not so much now.

2. On to P-murder! The reason I bought tickets to this show! Their performance was excellent. The first time I saw them was about a month ago at Hiro, and they were good then, but tonight blew that performance out of the water. They had great energy. I was dancing the whole time (which is more than I can say for the the beginning especially, but they started to warm up toward the end). They kicked off the evening with Champion, followed by a new song which was really awesome...very dubby/dancehall-ish...possibly called "it could be worse"?...that's how part of the chorus went if I remember correctly. After those two songs I was going to make an effort to remember the set list, but it was futile...I know they played the following, but not necessarily in this order: Camron's New Color (possibly named after a beanie baby?), Free Stress Test, the Mountain, Swingzilla, That's How They Getcha, and possibly another new one. The band seemed really into it, especially Jesse and Mike (keyboardist & vocalist...and also both play tons of other things), though I could be biased b/c I was closer to their side of the stage than the others. In any case, they played a really good show.

3. Random hilarious moment I forgot about: I was listening to some horrible conversation some people in a band were having with some girl who works for a magazine...and it was just utterly painful. About 30 seconds after I thought to myself "I wish Professor Murder would go on just so I could stop eavesdropping" I heard some dude say to his friend "...yeah, I need to take my headphones off on the subway and start listening to people more"...maybe you had to be there.

4. Matt & Kim...initially they started and it was thick synthy bliss...reminded me of Daft Punk (I still can't believe they're coming here btw!!!) a bit and I got really excited b/c I had been reading all about them, but hadn't been that impressed with anything I heard. But then shortly thereafter the song seemed to lose its steam...and it wasn't just that way for one song...I stayed for probably 5 or 6 of them, and when each of them started I would be into it, but then it just kind of fizzled for me. I did enjoy Matt's commentary though. They seem very down to earth and humble, and he seems like a very nice guy. I also liked his, "this next song is a Slayer song" comment...I have been having a disproportionate amount of Slayer references lately. to bed, whirlwind trip home to the burbs for my nephew's bday, then back here for SMD!!!!


Mar 9, 2007


I didn't want to get my hopes up and post about the rumored Daft Punk North American Tour...but now I just read on Pitchfork!!! If they posted it, it has to be true? right? I hope? Please!!!!!!!


Kraak & Smaak

I got an email today from Giant Step about their SXSW line-up...I kind of wish I had gotten my act together and planned on going. I've been dying to go on a little trip, but oh well. Most of the groups playing there are swinging by New York anyway...including Kraak & Smaak, who I haven't gotten fully into. I think I got their track "Keep Me Home" as a free download during CMJ, and I really liked it, but never got around to looking them up. I've been listening to what's on their myspace just now...and it's kind of funky, soulful electro. I really like it...reminds me of Ralph Myerz (which I just happened to listen to on my way into work this mornning), but hopped up on something. So the good news is, they are playing at that new-ish club, Rebel, in the west 30''s on Tuesday the 19th, which gives me a nice excuse to not obsessively drag myself up to Barnard to see Fujiya & Miyagi when I already have a ticket to their show the next day.

Check 'em out!


Mar 8, 2007

odds and ends

I think already mentioned that Hollis Browne have a new EP coming out, but now you can listen to one of the tracks from it on their myspace.

I just read that Sin-e is closing :(, but Brooklynvegan is having a show during its last days. Tim Fite! will be there! He's the only one I really know out of the line-up. I've seen Shy Child once before, but it was a while ago...pretty much was indifferent. But it looks like a fun show anyway, and David Bruno is dj-ing!

I also just read over at BV that CMJ will be at the Puck Building this year, instead of Lincoln Center, and multiple venues at NYU...not sure how I feel about this. A lot about NYU bothers me that is mostly personal b/c I am a disgruntled alumnus. My second thought upon reading this was...didn't I just go to CMJ? The time! It flies!

This morning I was listening to a dj mix I downloaded a while back...and I really enjoyed it, but I am starting to have a gripe with all the mixes I am downloading: they all sound the same!!! Obviously not exactly the same...I also realize I am drawn to a certain type of electronic music, so it makes sense for certain styles and beats to be consistent throughout but: SMD's "Hustler" is not the only song on earth. I love SMD to death, and I love that song, but it has been in at least 75% of the dj mixes I have heard lately, if not more...along with...a lot of Justice. I know there is that banger everyone loves and is raving about, that you just have to include in the mix...but really, do you? Is there no other song in your extensive record collection that you feel has just been waiting to be thrown into a mix?! I'm sure there is :P I am not nearly as heated about this as it might seem, probably b/c I like Justice and SMD, and everyone else whose stuff I hear in mix after was just an observation.


Mar 5, 2007

Wednesday night wash / Serious Fun Friday, stuff to do this week & upcoming

Last Wednesday I attempted, but failed to see Tim Fite at Union Hall. I was running late, and it was one of those rare instances where the bands were actually playing according to the when I got there around 9:15 Tim was already done playing. I stayed for a drink and some of the next guy's (Woolly Leaves I think?) acoustic set, then headed to the LES. It wasn't a total loss though...I discovered that Union Hall is pretty easy to get to, and it looks like a really fun place to hang out, with the fireplaces and all that.

The second unfortunate part of my Wednesday evening was...because I went out to see Tim, I missed seeing Inouk at the Annex. I swung by anyway though and payed the $8 cover b/c I had I had to try to salvage the evening in some way. I had listened to some of the other bands' stuff the night before and they seemed pretty decent. I arrived just before Apollo Sunshine started. First impression was that I liked them...kind of psychadelic/folksy, yet rocking. Not sure if I would be into them regularly though, need to do some further listening. The band that went on after them was called "Band of Thieves", and even though I only could stick around for 3 or 4 of their songs I really liked them. The singer vaguely reminded me of Steven Tyler in the best way possible. Seriously though...they had a really good energy about them. They were just straight up rocking...they had a very classic/Detroit rock sound. They reminded me of the sound of the Sights w/ the charisma of Steven Tyler/Aerosmith or something.

I spent Thursday working (yeah! 9 to 5!!)/recovering from Wednesday night, and then finally it was Friday. I met up with my friend Kristin to see her friend's band, Julius C, at the Bitter End...but like most venues they were running about an hour behind, so I had to leave before they went on so I could make it to Studio B in time to see Radio 4. That however didn't quite happen...

I was making excellent time...hopped on the E w/ no wait, same for the L, waited a little bit for the G, but still would have been on time, that is if I hadn't gotten on the G in the wrong direction. I swear, for some reason Brooklyn and I just don't get along. I wound up hopping in a cab, and driving around for about a half an hour b/c neither the driver nor I had a clue how to get there. Eventually we made it though.

I heard Radio 4 playing "This is Not a Test" while I waited briefly to get in. I learned later that it was only their 4th or 5th song, so it wasn't too bad. With the way Studio B is laid out I was still able to get a great view of the show too. I can't even think of what songs they played b/c I was so tense from being lost/ took me a while and a couple of beers to relax, but once I did I really enjoyed the show.

They had started playing a lot of songs off of Gotham right after I got there, then did a few more mellow songs - Ascension Street, then played some really upbeat stuff at the end. The highlight for me was As Far as the Eye Can See...which is probably my favorite song of theirs at the moment. It's up on their myspace. Starts out with a nice fat bass line, and just gets better from there.

I was able to meet everybody in the band afterwards and they really are a great bunch of guys. I had an awesome time chatting with them and meeting new people. I missed most of the Teddybears set, but it sounded pretty banging and the crowd seemed to love em. The few times I peeked out they really seemed into their performance - drastically different from what some reviews from a few months back had to say.

I went out to listen to the dj's - the Bangers that went on after them for a bit, peeked over the booth to see how they were doing what they were doing. I was pretty shocked to see they were spinning vinyl even though I keep seeing it a lot. I somehow got this idea in my head that everyone uses computers and cd turntables nowadays, but more and more I am seeing the opposite. They played some good stuff - a lot of stuff I've been hearing out lately...Daft Punk, Justice, Fedde Le Grande (Put Your Hands Up for Detroit!!!)...and then while I was at the bar...they dropped a remix of Twist and Shout...and I had a small stroke...just over a year ago I said to myself one day, when I learn how to DJ I am going to do a fucking awesome remix of Twist and Shout. While I was semi-annoyed that I had been beaten to the punch, I was intrigued and proceeded to try to talk to the Bangers about it. The one guy who I talked to wasn't the one who played it, and the one who played it was still DJ-ing. After watching for a while I headed to the bar, and about 5 minutes later I ran into the half of the Bangers who had dropped it, and while he was the one who played the remix, it was actually done by Diplo. So I will have to check that out. While I'm disappointed someone remixed it before I had the chance to, I am glad someone had the sense to do it, such a dope song to remix, and I can't imagine the shit one catches for remixing the Beatles.

Anyway...I had an awesome night despite my navigational problems. I really like Studio B. Nice sized dance floor, never waited at the bar. And also a nice crowd that just seemed to be there to have a good time and dance/hang out with their friends. Also so happy to be working with such a nice group of guys.

IMHO, good shows this week:

Friday - Professor Murder at Bowery Ballroom (opening along with Dynamite Arrows, for Matt and Kim...neither of whom I've really had a chance to check out yet, but I had such a good time seeing P-murder at Hiro a couple of months ago I couldn't resist).

Saturday - Simian M.F.-ing!!! Mobile Disco at Studio B. I saw these guys kill it at CMJ in 2002, when the whole original Simian bunch was involved, and they were awesome then. The memories of those two nights combined with their new stuff I've heard has me so excited for Saturday's show. X-wife is also playing. I haven't heard them before, but I think I read something about them recently that made me think I might like them...I might be thinking of Crystal Castles though, who were originally also on the bill, but had to cancel due to visa issues.

To tide you over until the weekend, I recommend going to Happy Ending on Wednesday. The few times I've been there I've had a great time, and now David Bruno from Slap You in Public has a 2x/month residency there.

Also, I feel it is worth mentioning that in addition to the two nights of banging that will be the Institubes and Ed Banger Records nights at Hiro this month, there are some other great acts making their way there too:

April 12 - Kaiser Chiefs after-party w/ Klaxons dj-ing

April 19 - ATOC (A Touch of Class) Records night

May 17 - GBH 9 year anniversary w/ Fedde Le Grande



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