Dec 28, 2006

Viva Output Records!, Ecstatic Sunshine dates, Sharon Jones w/ the Dap-Kings dates, new Damon McMahon song

When I read that Trevor Jackson's Output Records was done for a few months ago I was rather buggin out b/c well...his shit bangs, but I just discovered that apparently things have been reconsidered and now they're just taking a return at some to my ears! But as if that weren't enough, they are coming out with a double cd/dvd of stuff from Output in March! Yea-yuhh!! Read it (though I pretty much said it all) for your ownself.

Other stuff...dates to be aware of:

2/16 - Ecstatic Sunshine and the Santa Dads at Glasslands. Never made it to their two shows a couple of months ago, so I haven't really determined how much I like em yet.

This next show you don't want to miss:

2/2 - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at Maxwell's. This lady and her gents will have you GETTING DOWN! It is delicious soul funk...I first saw her 2 years ago at Southpaw with a friend of mine who was into her. I had never heard her before. I listen to mainly electronic music and rock and I absolutely loved it. You will dance your ass off and be so happy with your own self!

And the last thing...Damon McMahon has been away working on new stuff...and what I assume to be one of the fruits of his time away is up on his myspace. It's called "Amen Dunes". It sounds very different from all of the songs on "Mansions". It's loud, electric. There are drums and he's kind of yelling/singing...kind of reminds me of the way he sings, "I'vvvvveeeeeee had a long day" on Inouk's "Nudie Suit". Only with Amen Dunes there is so much going on and it's so loud that I can't really tell what he's saying. It's an interesting change. Makes me wonder if it's an indicator of what's to come with the rest of his new stuff. We'll see. I think it's good to hear something new.


Dec 26, 2006

Hollis Browne, Inouk, and the Glass dates

January shows:

Hollis Browne at Arlene's Grocery January 18th. $10 cover, but worth it! Just saw them play an excellent show at Kenny's Castaways last week.

Inouk at Pianos on January 17th.

The Glass at Ruff Club at the Annex on January 26th.


ps- RIP to the Godfather of Soul.


Dec 21, 2006

Upcoming Tim Fite Dates

Tim Fite, master of combining 99-cent samples with sharp, hip-hop meets country (if you can imagine such a thing) style lyrics has a nice little run of shows coming up in nyc soon:

Dec. 23rd, Jewltide 4 at Southpaw along with the LeeVees, Michael Showalter, and a dj set by Balkan Beat Box. Full info can be found on Southpaw's website.

Jan. 6th (my birthday!) at Union Hall with O'Death and Beat the Devil. 8pm, $10.

Jan. 24th at the Knitting Factory (in the tap bar) with Marshall Crenshaw. 8pm, $12.


Dec 19, 2006

Electronic Battle Weapon 8 & 9 downloads, Boys Noize on Bentwave

After several failed efforts at finding the Chemical Brothers’ Electronic Battle Weapon 8 and 9 on ebay (I think Erol Alkan and Justin Roberston are the only ones who have promo vinly copies) I managed to stumble upon mp3 versions here.I also highly recommend listening to 6 and 7 if you haven’t heard ‘em yet.

Another thing I happened to stumble upon was Boys Noize sat in on WNYU’s radio show Bentwave last night. I couldn’t hear a lot of it because I was having a battle with a rather large dust bunny colony and their friends the dirty dishes all of whom have taken residence in my apartment. Luckily it has been archived and you can stream it or download it. It’s very nice! It has some Daft Punk to start and his remix of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus later on. Alex also talks a bit about the various projects he’s been up to and some stuff he’s got lined up for next year.


The Men Behind the Beards (and some of the best electro of '07)!


Buuuusssy P! One of the electro masters of '07, if not the master. So much good stuff came out of his Ed Banger label, including more than half the people in this Best of the Beards post...


Kavinsky...nothing seems to say French bad-ass better than some aviators and a little later than 5 o'clock shadow...and his dope track Testarossa.


Mr. Flash with the long hair, full beard combo...don't let that first slow jam (Eagle Eyez) on his myspace fool ya, he definitely brought it in '07.


Another bearded (and particularly woolly looking in this pic) Ed Banger...Mr. Oizo. He killed it a few years back with Flat Beat, and came back with assorted dopeness in '07, namely Patrick 122, Transsexual, and a bunch of great remixes. New Yorkers were even lucky enough to see him kill it in person at Studio B.


A uni-brow is just a moustache that's lost its way. At least that's my justification for including Boys Noize in this post. He's goddamn 24, started dj-ing at 14, has his own label, and released a great album in 2007. He makes me feel like such a slacker...He also was busy killing it all over the world in 2007, including New York a bunch of times.


Not too familiar with Aoki yet...but had to include that fu-manchu! Plus my sources assure me "his shit bangs as hard as busy p's". Hoping to find out on the 26th of January at Studio B (all the info is on the show list to the right).


Dave 1 and P-Thugg sporting some stache/beard combos and jams that make you think it's '87 not '07, but in the best way possible. Expect insanity when they hit New York again in January.


An extra fuzzy and spectacle free Erol Alkan. He keeps kids dancing with the help of the countless remixes that he did this year. Also just found out while doing this post that Erol is one half of upcoming remix duo Beyond the Wizards Sleeve.


Felix has been around making his own filthy electro tracks since back when electro first came about. He hit New York hard at the beginning of November, and proved he hadn't disappeared with his release Vigo Blaktro and the Movie Disco.


Tommy Sunshine...quite possibly one of the best hair/beard configurations out there. A great remixer, excellent dj, and reppin New York!



Justice...according to them (about 4:40 into the clip), the monkey and the dog.The dog is definitely accurate for Gaspard's bulldog-esque stache/beard combo, but the debate rages on if Xavier's rocking love chops or pork chops...I really don't think I need to say anything about these dudes. If you have been following electronic music at all this year you have to know what's up with them. Ý, not †, not cross was one of the best releases of 2007. They were killing it all over the world this year... notably here in New York last week. Do not get me started on their great, all over the place Essential Mix...


The almost invisible stache(s) of Guns N Bombs. Between their own tracks, the remixes, the mix tapes (1, 2, and 3) '07 was a busy one.

(cred) if I needed an excuse to like Canada any more than I already do...I was somehow living in a pretty MSTRKRFT-free bubble until I saw them wreck Studio B during CMJ. While their album "Looks" came out at the end of 2006, they still brought it in '07 doing a ton of remixes including one of the best of D.A.N.C.E. out there. Also have JFK doing his solo remix thing. Have you heard Mr. Miyagi - Pick Your Poison?!


Sebastien Tellier...another Frenchie with a serious beard-(hair)do combo. I'm still waiting for that track Sexual Sportswear to grow on me, but I absolutely loved all that crazy, weird, discoey stuff that he did with Mr. Oizo and Sebastian on the Steak soundtrack. His new album Sexuality should be out in February of next year with production by the non-bearded robot from Daft Punk, Guy Manuel.


Simian Mobile Disco...if you guessed this one right that's pretty amazing considering those thumbnails weren't beards at all, but James and Jas' hair turned upside down. Come on...if James' hair was a beard it would be pretty awesome...not as good as their excellent album (one of the best of this year if you ask me) Attack Decay Sustain Release, or their amazing live show, or their great dj sets...but it would be up there.


So Me, taking it back to the Wizard of Oz, rocking the cowardly lion beard in this pic. In all seriousness though...So Me is a renaissance man, or close to it. He had Americans dealing with horrible exchange rates and scrambling to import all the dope t-shirts he designed. Also responsible for all the great Ed Banger album covers, and his own jams. He also kind of made Kanye eat his own (dumb) words at the VMA's, now that he's asked So Me to direct his video for The Good Life.


Thomas Bangalter along with his non-bearded Robot friend attempted to take over the world in their big pyramid with the Alive 2007 tour. I think most would agree they succeeded. There's always the Alive 2007 album to prove it...or the tons of other live sets all over the internet. Personally I like the versions without the Brooklyn hipster commentary.


Crookers...pretty sure they are the only Italians on this list. Their remix made me love the Chemical Brothers' Salmon Dance (which I previously hated). I have to give big ups to Ryan at Electric Zoo for raving about them (and fidget house) for months and months before I wised up. I was just about to type "now if only someone could get them to New York"...then I read on their myspace: June, 21 2008 - "Crookers @ Studio B". Yesss!


The Black Ghosts...I think DJ Touche's handlebars count as enough facial for both he and Simon Lord to be included in this post. One of my favorite bands of this year. Simon's vocals take you back to the old Simian days, but the beats are way more dance floor friendly. They also do remixes.

Supercycle...they get the "most serious about facial hair" award. That's how they got into this post in the first place. They randomly added me on myspace back when this post was changing from a joke into a serious (yeah right) possibility. I very rarely listen to random bands on myspace b/c 9 times out of 10 they are horrible, but Supercycle's default pic was a diagram of different staches, and their tracks happened to be pretty awesome. They are from Canada and they kill it. Don't get me started on Andy's stache...

And that's it for 2007's Best of the Beards. This crazy post could not have happened without Busy Paul who came up with the idea, helped search for beard pics, was part of the intense beard scrutinizing process that went down last Monday, and cropped the photos. Many thanks.

He has an email list of electro events in New York that you should sign up for if that's your cup of tea. If you like the blog, you'll probably like his list since our taste is REALLY similar (music twins in da house!). If you want to sign up just shoot me an email (showtrotta at and I will forward it to him.

Also...for those of you who are challenged in the facial hair department:

moustache bandanas
self adhesive moustaches
bearded caps

Wishing you a hairy and healthy '08 :P


Dec 15, 2006

Ed Banger Records joins w/ Vice, Comp & Tour to come

The French label, Ed Banger Records (home to Justice, Zongamin, a bunch of others) just signed a deal with Vice to distribute in the US. What looks to be a nice little comp (Ed Rec Vol. 1) is in the make:

01 Mr. Flash - "Radar Rider"
02 Uffie - "Pop the Glock"
03 Krazy Baldhead - "Crazy Mothafuckas"
04 Vicarious Bliss - "Theme from Vicarious Bliss"
05 Zongamin - "Bongo Song" (Jackos remix)
06 DJ Mehdi - "I Am Somebody" (Paris version)
07 Sebastian - "Dolami"
08 Justice - "Waters of Nazareth"
09 Busy P - "Chop Suey"
10 Krazy Baldhead - "Revolution" (ParaOne remix)
11 Sebastian - "H.A.L."
12 Vicarious Bliss - "Theme from Vicarious Bliss" (Justice remix)

There are a whole bunch of parties scheduled in Europe, Canada, and:

03/29 New York, NY - Hiro Ballroom w/ Justice, Sebastian, DJ Mehdi, Busy P, and Alex English

Info from Pitchfork. There's also more info there, including the rest of the tour dates.


Dec 9, 2006

More info on Chemical Brothers new release

Just got back from the Hollis Browne show at Midway. Will post a review tomorrow.

After the show I was talking to my friend Chuck (the manager of Hollis Browne) who is the one who turned me on to the Chemical Brothers and electronic music in general. He informed me that Pete Tong was playing two of the new Chemical Brothers tracks on Radio 1 tonight- Electronic Battle Weapon 8 and 9, which if things go as usual, will be released as b-sides. You can stream that show here. The site uses Real audio. Unfortunately you can't just scroll forward to the chems' tracks,but you can get through to them using buttons that skip ahead in increments of 5 and 15 minutes. Electronic Battle Weapon 8 starts a little before 20:20 and ends around 20:25. Once it's done you can get away with skipping ahead 5 minutes, but if you go for 10 you will be too far ahead and will miss the beginning of Electronic Battle Weapon 9, so just sit tight. There also is a link on the page to the track listing in case things get confusing.

My initial reactions:

Electronic Battle Weapon 8 - sounds like an old school Chemical Brothers track...going way back...reminds me of "Chemical Beats" with a lot of classic club anthem stuff layered over it at times. A little weird, but good. Need to give it another listen. Definitely a lot of good elements though.

Electronic Battle Weapon 9 - loved it from the beginning. It reminds me of a re-worked version of "Star Guitar". As it is I love "Star Guitar" and I couldn't imagine them doing anything to it to make me like it more...but I definitely hear it in Battle Weapon 9. It sounds totally different. There is a lot of other stuff going on, but in the best way possible. I'm not going to try to break it down because I have no technical knowledge and wouldn't know where to begin to explain it, but from the most basic standpoint: IT BANGS.

I really hope these are an indication of what's to come on the new album. I really love the Chemical Brothers, but must say something just didn't click with me with "Push the Button". When I saw them in Central Park last year all the songs from "Push the Button" really played out well live, but I hardly ever find myself reaching for that album. When I do, I enjoy it more than I remember, but not like their other albums...I would get stuck on those for days and days at a time.

Also, some more info on the new album courtesy of Wikipedia of all places:

"In the beginning of June 2006, Ed Simons announced on the forum that the band are indeed working on a new album, codenamed 'Chemical 6, and although no release date has been confirmed, some speculate it will see a summer 2007 release. Typically an announcement is made on the band's website two to three months in advance of the release of a new album."

Alright...I need to get to bed. Hollis Browne was very good. Unfortunately they are temporarily being overshadowed by my excitement over all the Chemical Brothers happenings. Tomorrow they will have their moment though.

Also big ups to anyone else who dragged their ass out there tonight. It was fucking freezing, or as Charles would say "madd brick".


Dec 8, 2006

new albums for '07!

From Astralwerks' What is What newsletter:

"In the first half of 07 we are excited to announce a wave of amazing new albums from favorites Air and The Chemical Brothers, Willy Mason, and an astonishing new Sondre Lerche album. "

Music to my ears! A few days ago I found myself wishing the Chems would release a new album. Yea-yuhh!!!

There's no info up on the Astralwerks site about any of the new release yet, except for Sondre's. I think you can stream the new single, "Phantom Punch" there. The new album is supposed have much more of a rock sound. I saw Sondre play a show earlier this year at the Bowery Ballroom. He played a 32 song set, and a lot of it was the new stuff which he went on to record just a few days after the show. I must say they were really good. Still a hint of the good ol' Sondre pop sound, but really much more edgy than his previous stuff. I must go to eat something before heading to the Hollis Browne show.


Dec 6, 2006

the Juan Maclean dj dates / Hollis Browne show

I don't know when the cut off for RSVP-ing is, but tonight the Juan Maclean is dj-ing an Astralwerks party at the wired store. More info on that here.

If you can't make it he's also dj-ing this Saturday at the White Room in Williamsburg. Flavorpill has all the info. New Young Pony Club and Thieves Like Us are also's the Modular Monthly party btw.

Also, Hollis Browne is playing another show this Friday at Club Midway in the East Village. It's only $5! Check 'em out!

They are also playing a show on the 21st if you can't make this one.


Nov 30, 2006

Inouk @ Pianos show review (11/29/06), Boys Noize news, Radio 4 news

Last night I arrived at Pianos around 8. It was my first time seeing a show there and I really liked it - just a nice, small room in the back. Not a bad spot in the house.

Inouk was supposed to go on at 8:30, but Unlikely Cowboy was just going on when I got things were about a half an hour behind. Unlikely Cowboy was decent...they had a very upbeat country/rock thing going. I wasn't really into them though, but they were good for the time being.

By the time they were done I was really looking forward to Inouk so (of course!) they changed the order of the bands. Salazar went on next. From the moment the lead singer did some warm-up vocals for sound check I knew I was doomed. The dude's voice was too high and shrilly for me personally. The band itself was ok/good. There were a few songs that were nice and tight, you could tell they had worked on them a lot and had really nailed it. Some others were just kind of eh. Overall I liked the songs that the bassist sang much better, but then when I actually listened to the lyrics they were a bit cheesy at times. Overall Salazar was fine. I probably wouldn't seek them out again just because of the vocalist's voice rubbing me the wrong way...could possibly have potential though otherwise. about 10 Inouk went on. I can honestly say that I like them now. I just consider them a completely different band than the old Inouk...which makes me feel a bit bothered when I read things like this, "...we've never sounded this good or had this much great material before." on their blog. I understand being in a band, not playing for a while, then starting to play and record again and getting all excited about the band growing and progressing, but I just think it's kind of whack to say it like that given the circumstance of Damon no longer being in the band. It could just be a harmless comment that I am reading way too much into, but it really got under my skin because I think "No Danger" was such a great album that they shouldn't discount and that they can't compare to their new stuff because it is completely different.

Sorry for that little rant...

Anyway...the show was very good. This was the best so far of the 3 I've been to since Inouk reformed. Everything just sounds more together, like everyone knows what they're doing. They sounded good before, but everything is just nice and more clean sounding now. I know they played "Grandpa's Rib", "Carefree", and "In Due Time". Those are the only 3 songs on their myspace page, and they haven't said any of the song titles at shows...which makes writing a review a bit difficult. "Carefree" is still my favorite. It reminds me of the old Inouk a bit, but removed from that I really like it...I like the lyrics and the pace and think it's a really good, fun, upbeat song. It was stuck in my head all day today. I like "Grandpa's Rib" too, though the "prove it" background vocals bother me a bit. Kind of wish they weren't there, but the song would probably need something else then. I'm a bit back and forth with "In Due Time". Sometimes I like it, other times I'm not in the mood. I'm really picking things apart here though. Overall I like Inouk's new songs. The ones whose names I don't know were good as well. They did not play "Miller" (an old Inouk song that was only performed a few times) this time. So in conclusion...Inouk played a good show. It was a lot of fun, very upbeat. The band seems to be having a good time too and their sound is really coming together.

A couple of New York shows to look out for:

Known about this for a while but wanted to wait for full details.

December 16th at at Studio B (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
FIXED party w/ BOYS NOIZE (Germany), CRYSTAL CASTLES (Toronto) live, and FOREIGN ISLANDS (NYC) live!! Plus residents JDH & Dave P $10 at door, $7 advance tix @ Other Music

More info here as it gets closer to the event.

Out of the line-up, I've only seen Boys Noize. Great dj, really fun to dance to. I saw him up in Montreal back in September. I had never heard any of his stuff before. I went to see him with a friend and we had a great time. He really mixes it all up well. He played Justice's remix of Simian's "We are Your Friends" as soon as we got there which immediately put him on my good side. Threw in some Daft Punk (can't remember which track off the top of my head, but it wasn't one of the usuals that are beaten to death on the dancefloor, i.e. "Around the World"), a remix of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" which I think is actually his next single coming out. He dropped Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" while I was in line for the bathroom. He'll keep you on your feet and you will have a great time. Go!

After one too many crappy New Years Eves I was really excited when I read that Radio 4 will be headlining a show at Mercury Lounge. The Oxford Collapse is also playing, along with others TBA.


Nov 28, 2006

Hollis Browne show

Hollis Browne is playing at Kenny's Castaways on Thursday December 21st. They have a nice, classic rock type of sound. I've never seen them live before and everytime I listen to their stuff I kick myself for missing them so many times. Here's the full line-up for that night:

11:00 - Thomas Lunch
10:00 - Real Be Easys
9:00 - Hollis Browne
8:00 - Freedom Haters
7:00 - Coleman & Leigh


Nov 27, 2006

Kitsune comp/Michael Alig article

Looks like what could be a good comp from Kitsune, out today!

Simian Mobile Disco, Boyz Noize, Alex Gopher, Whitest Boy Alive...yea-yuhh!

Also, NY Magazine interviewed Michael Alig...haven't had time to read the whole thing yet, but what I read so far was interesting. Spotted that on BrooklynVegan.


Nov 26, 2006

TK Webb, Laketrout, Camelface


I have recently re-discovered TK Webb. I first saw him at a show at Office Ops on 4th of July called Boswijck...a bunch of other bands played...I only saw him, Zachary Cale, and Damon McMahon before I left to go to a bbq. I made a note to check him out more after that, but just remembered now. He plays nice folksy rock...I predict that listening to him will help me to not play out Damon McMahon's "Mansions" album. He's playing a show at Glasslands's actually his record release party. It's at 9pm on December 3rd.

Also...I am having a whole conflict about the band Lake Trout. I saw them open for Radio 4 a couple of years ago...kind of took note of them. They did not knock my socks off, but they were ok. So I've noticed they will be playing New York soon-ish and figured I'd give them a second listen. I listened to the first two songs on their myspace page and was all ready to rule out going to their show, but then I listened to the third song, "Riddle"...and I kind of liked it and hated it at the same time...because it reminded me of Radiohead's "The Bends", but also Coldplay (which I hate!) I'm still on the fence about going to see them at Mercury Lounge on Dec. 15th.

Then I was checking out another band I forgot about but meant to check out, and I came across this and could not stop laughing.


Nov 23, 2006

Rub a dub dub

According to Radio 4's blog, they will be playing a 2 hour dub/reggae dj set on Nov. 27th (this coming monday) at Double Happiness. They're on from 11-1.


Nov 20, 2006

recommendation and a question

This morning I am the only one present at the workplace so far. When this occurs, I like to put on music that is on the electronic side of the spectrum. You employer, kind and excellent as he is in most areas, has musical preferences that I cannot stand. I have gotten SICK OF THE BEATLES because those are pretty much the ONLY cd's he has that I enjoy. So...I am hoping that by refraining from exposing him and my other coworker (whose musical taste I also do not like) to electronic music which they probably will not like, things will somehow come full circle, and I will not be forced to endure the "Train" album, or the Garden State soundtrack, or Coldplay anymore. It hasn't worked yet, but I have's dwindling, but it's there.

So this morning, while nobody is here but me (and Louis the pug) I am listening to the robot-themed banging known as James Zabiela's Utilities- disc one(computed). I highly recommend it. The album is a two disc comp. Disc one is made using computers and various more modern technologies. Disc two is recorded using traditional methods. I think anyone who listened to them both (even blindly) would argue disc one is far just bangs. Disc two is not's just kind of ehh. When I put it on, I forget that it's on. It just fades into the background which at times is good. Sometimes you need some background music, but I don't think that is something James would like to hear, or what he intended. In any case...check it out. Disc one is worth buying it alone, and you can put on disc two while you're cooking dinner or something.

Totally unrelated:
I saw "the Science of Sleep" last night. Did anyone else find that Stephanie reminded them of Feist??


Nov 19, 2006

Updated Inouk show info

So here are the full details on the Inouk shows I posted about last time:

11/29 at Pianos
7:30 doors, $8 cover

10:30 - Spanking Charlene
9:30 - Salazar
8:30 - Inouk
7:30 - Unlikely Cowboy
6:30 - Joseph King

12/21 at Mercury Lounge

10:30 - the Red Romance
9:30 - Inouk
8:30 - Daylight's For the Birds


Nov 15, 2006

New Inouk shows

Quickie post from work, more info later...

11/29 at Pianos, 8:30 set, $8

12/21 at Mercury Lounge, 9:30 set, $10


Nov 12, 2006

Ecstatic Sunshine / Kid Koala

I read about this band called Ecstatic Sunshine on Flavorpill. It's just two guys that play the guitar. No lyrics!!! Ah! I listened to their stuff and still am not 100% sure about em...I am shocked that they held my interest with just guitar. I am curious to see how I would fare at one of their shows...conveniently they are playing at:

Cake Shop (instore, Free!) - 11/16 (this Thursday) at 6pm.

Northsix (that same night!) - 8pm doors, 9pm show (not sure who goes on when), opening for Make Believe, Limbs is also opening.

Syrup Room - 11/25 (next Saturday), 8pm with Dirty Projectors and Beautiful Weekend.

Also, more as a reminder for myself:

This Friday (11/17) - Kid Koala at Northsix.


Nov 9, 2006

Plant Music Compilation & Release Party Friday/Tim Fite show next week

On November 14th, Dominique Keegan (the Glass, Sound of Young NY, Plant Music) is releasing a compilation cd under his label Plant Music. Looks to be a nice electro-rock mix. Here's a review of it from Earplug. Also, tomorrow is the record release party at the Annex with Dominique dj-ing. Click for flyer.

Also, so as to live vicariously, allow me to remind you of other options for Friday night:

Damon McMahon at Mercury Lounge
Tim Fite at Union Hall

Tim is also playing at Mercury Lounge next Wednesday (the 15th) at 8:30 along with:

Heartless Bastards @ 10:30
Catfish Haven @ 9:30
Real Ones @ 7:30

Haven't heard any of em before.


Nov 6, 2006

Speaking of David Byrne

I just noticed he has an art exhibit that has been running for a few weeks and will be finishing on November 25th at the Pace/MacGill Gallery. It's called "Furnishing the Self - Upholstering the Soul"...and well, not to get too into it, but it's kind of a commentary on chairs.

More info here


Why I like David Byrne

Reason #37


Nov 5, 2006

Tim Fite @ R&R, Inouk at Union Pool

I had a good time at CMJ this year...and lord knows I did not do as much running around to see bands as a lot of people probably did, but in any case...I am beat. And is my final CMJ show review:

Last night I braved R&R for yet a second time, to see Tim Fite. I listened to all the other bands that were playing before I left my apartment, concluded that they were all really bad California-ey synth pop, metal, or generic hell, and decided before I even got there to leave immediately after Tim Fite. It was probably the best decision I have made lately.

He and his brother Greg played an excellent show. It was the usual Tim Fite insanity which for those of you who are not familiar with him, consists of some live guitar, some samples from albums costing $1 or less, and some slides with short stories and interactive audience exercises. It is quite the experience...which in all honesty, I was totally freaked out by it the first time I saw him perform (opening for Tarantula A.D. at Tonic earlier this year). But then I listened to some of his album "Gone Aint Gone", and saw him again at the Spiegeltent and absolutely loved it.

At this show he didn't really play anything new to the best of my knowledge...I gather he might be saving it up for his show at Union Hall this coming Friday. It was a good show nonetheless. He played "Away from the Snakes", "Forty Five Remedies", and "No Good Here" among others. Highlights for me were a slideshow story about a rat named Juice, and a Tim's opening comment, "Hello, I'm Tim Fite and this is my brother Greg. We're here to pay for our CMJ badges the only way we know how...singing." He also walked around on some of the little tables that were there, kept picking at things that were stuck to the ceiling, shook a girl in the front's head vigorously while singing, and stood on the table while twirling two people that were in the audience around like ballerinas.

I really can't think of how to describe Tim's music if you haven't heard him before. So you should probably just check out his myspace . His website also will give a better overall impression of what to expect at one of his his show Friday at Union Hall. Just try to realize the humor in it all instead of being freaked out by it and you will probably really enjoy yourself.

And that is the end of CMJ for me.

But I could not take a break! I went to Union Pool to see Inouk again. I HAD to hear them again. It was really driving me nuts yesterday as I was writing my review of the Astralwerks showcase, that I couldn't tell if I was just hating on them because I was frustrated that Damon is not in the band anymore or who knows what.

My conclusions are as follows: I like them. They still sound different than a lot of what's out there...just not as different as they did before. My main issue with the whole situation is still the same as it was yesterday though: they are a different band. I think they sound so different than they did before that they are doing themselves a disservice by going by the same name. Seriously...I think a lot of people who were familiar with Inouk a couple of years ago would not think it was them if you played most of their new songs for them...they might recognize Alex's voice and say, isn't that the guy from Inouk? is he in a new band? Maybe I am taking it a bit to far, but I really do not think so.

Also...their song "Carefree" is now stuck in my head. Also, Union Pool is a nice little space...the front room/bar has a very local, neighborhoody feel. The back yard and fire pit area is a nice feature, and the back bar room where the bands performed has a really warm, intimate's painted a dark marroon, there is a goldenish border that frames the stage, there's a big painting on one of the walls. Very nice.


Nov 4, 2006

Digitalism, the Juan Maclean @ Hiro/Astralwerks Showcase

Ok, continuing from where I left off. I left in the middle of the Cinematics set at R&R to head over to Hiro. Upon arriving there is some blonde chick singing some cracked out songs in front of a screen with some kooky things projected on it. I later learned it was Princess Superstar.

Thankfully she was on her second to last song when I got there. Shortly after, Digitalism started spinning. They were alright. There were a few moments when I thought they were when they played Cassius' "Toop Toop"...but actually in retrospect I think that might have just been whoever was spinning in between. I thought their stuff was a little repetitive...I like things mixed up a bit more. It was a lot of sampling and looping and knob twisting. I got bored with it and I got sick of getting knocked into by drunk girls so I moved to a new location on the dancefloor and looked over to my left only to see my friend Van . So that was an awesome surpise.

Not too long after running into Van, Digitalism finished their set. Then Alex spun for a little bit before the Juan Maclean began his set. Let me just say...I saw the Juan Maclean, the entire live act, at PS1 this summer and did not really like it. Then I haphazardly saw them again when I was passing by Union Square and Time Out New York was having some event in the park. I liked them a little more that time. That song "Give Me Every Little Thing" grew on me after a while. Juan dj-ing solo is a totally different thing. Liked him a lot more from the get-go. He played a really diverse mix of "Apache" by Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band mixed really well with this other song whose name I don't know. He played "Give Me Every Little Thing". It reminded me of Fatboy Slim in that he played just a ton of different stuff. So yeah...good job Juan Maclean. I left at about 4, was in bed by 4:30 and up at 7:10. I worked all day Friday, grabbed some dinner then headed down to the Canal Room for the Astralwerks showcase.

Inouk was first. Just to give the context of the situation:

Inouk was on Say Hey Records. In fall of 2004 they got a deal with Astralwerks . The first time I saw them was actually at the Astralwerks showcase at CMJ that year. Then I saw them a bunch of times in the late winter, and then shows, no news, nothing. October of last year I saw Damon and Alex McMahon (brothers, and vocalists/guitarists/organist from Inouk) play a show together at Sin-e and they said they were coming out with a record on Astralwerks together. Then nothing for a while. Then I discovered that there was some type of disagreement between Damon and Alex and they had gone their separate ways musically...Alex was in a band called "Mercy the Contours" and Damon put out a solo album, "Mansions" on Astralwerks in July.

When I read that Inouk had reformed a few weeks ago I assumed that meant all the original band members. I discovered that it's all the original band members -Damon, + Ezra Oklan. That being said...

I think they sound like a completely different band. I heard the old Inouk on maybe two songs of their entire set. One of which was "Miller", a song I heard them perform right after they had just finished writing it at a show at the Bowery Ballroom in early 2005. The songs have a totally different feel to them. Inouk originally had a hint of guitar that would remind you of country was the perfect amount, now it's not there. It also feels like there is a lot less acoustic guitar. There are also no vocals from Damon which was a big part of their old sound. The bassist does some background vocals, but other than that it is all Alex and all of this together makes them sound like a totally different band.

Basically I would have felt much better about the whole thing if they had just given themselves a new name. I am not sure what the verdict is. I didn't not like them. I also think I was in shock at how different they sounded, so I think I need a second listen, which might happen tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 5th) seeing as how they are playing a free show at Union Pool (484 Union Avenue, corner of Union & Meeker) along with some other bands:


Also, Inouk have a myspace page now, where you can listen to one of their songs, "Carefree"...which kind of reminds me of the old Inouk...with the country-ish guitars and all...and the fast pace reminds me of one of their old songs "Victory at Sea".

And that concludes my Inouk tangent, back to CMJ...

Damon went on after Inouk. He played a lot of new songs. He played the new song I had heard him play at the Rocks in Your Head show, and upon hearing it the second time it got my seal of approval. Damon actually played almost entirely new songs...the only songs he played that were on his album were "Elizabeth Taylor" and "Not a Slave". He also played a song called "Motel Blues" by Jeanne Kuhns that was very good.

The Litte Ones were next. First impression...I like them a lot better live. Very energetic. For some reason I found myself thinking "they remind me of the Beach Boys", but I don't even think I know the Beach Boys well enough to say that. In any case they were good, just not my cup of tea.

I also liked the Small Sins a lot better live. They were very lively as well. I also enjoyed their extensive and vigorous maraca and tambourine use. I probably will end up giving them a few more listens. Not sure if they are something I would listen to all the time though, but we'll see.


Nov 3, 2006

Simian vs. Justice vs. Kanye?!

"Kanye West a Sore Loser at MTV awards
Nov 3, 1:13 PM EST

The Associated Press

COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Rap star Kanye West was named Best Hip Hop artist, but still came off as a sore loser at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

West apparently was so disappointed at not winning for Best Video that he crashed the stage Thursday in Copenhagen when the award was being presented to Justice and Simian for "We Are Your Friends." "

Read the entire article here .



Hello...posting from work, running on less than 3 hours sleep. Went to the showcase at R&R last night, and the MSTRKRFT/Digitalism/Juan Maclean party at Hiro. I'll post about 'em tomorrow seeing as how I am heading to the Astralwerks showcase after work tonight and then promptly passing out.


Nov 2, 2006

DJ Wool @ Diesel, Ulrich Schnauss News

Saturday, from 1-4pm DJ Wool (from the Glass) will be dj-ing at the Diesel store on Union Square. Some other peeps will be dj-ing there these next few days too. Click here to see the flyer.

Also, much to my delight I discovered from a myspace bulletin that Ulrich Schnauss will be coming out with a new album next year:

"ALBUM NEWS: -------
Yes, a new album is on its way. A select few people have heard unfinished versions, and were forced to check into mental asylums with big smiles across their faces. It's THAT good.

It should be out early next year (first quarter). More details to follow."


Nov 1, 2006

NY Night Train @ Rocks in Your Head

I just got back from the New York Night Train showcase about an hour ago. It was a pleasant experience. I had never been to Rocks in Your Head (in Brooklyn). As I rounded the corner I could hear music...loud. Both Rocks in Your Head and the cafe next door (I think it's called Oslo) have these huge, floor to ceiling metal and glass doors. Rocks in Your Head's were open with the bands performing essentially in the storefront, with everyone watching standing or sitting on the sidewalk. So that was an interesting little set up. Nice to get some air since it's not that cold...yet.

Anyway...I missed the first band, possibly the second since I don't get out of work until 5:30ish. I'm not sure who I missed because I literally heard the last 30 seconds of someone's set as I was walking up to the store at about 6:15.

Luckily I was able to catch Grand Mal. I hadn't heard any of their stuff until last night when I was trying to figure out which shows to go to. I listened to the songs on their myspace last night and really liked them.

I have been listening to a lot of music for this year's CMJ since there aren't that many bands I am dying to see, and quite honestly I haven't been impressed. A lot of these bands that everyone is raving about...I've checked out their stuff and a lot of it just seems kind of eh...or they sound like a band I listened to 10 minutes earlier...or I just don't like em.

Grand Mal however did not sound like any of the bands I had been checking out. Just nice rock...nothing gimmicky about it. The lead singer's voice is a little vaguely Dylan-ish every now and then, but then he'll start really singing and the band will kick in and rock. Their set was good...a little more mellow than I expected at times, but on the other hand there were a few numbers where the band was really into it. The other thing I noticed was the singer seemed to be singing a bit on the soft side, especially compared to what I had listened to before. Maybe it was the set-up? Who knows? Overall though I thought they were pretty rocking.

Damon McMahon was the next act. I really enjoyed his set as usual. He played two new(er) songs that are not on the album, that I heard him play this summer when he was at the Knitting Factory. Then he played a song by ________? I want to say Gene Kelly, but I really can't remember. He also played another song (one of his own) that I don't think I've ever heard him do before which was interesting. Need another listen or two to get a better feel for it. He closed with Elizabeth Taylor and Not a Slave.

Though there isn't technically a single for the album, Elizabeth Taylor would probably be it. It was the first song up on Damon's myspace page and the only one for a while, which is about as close to a single as you can get without actually having one. Everytime I listen to Mansions (Damon's album) I try to deny that Elizabeth Taylor is my favorite song...but then I get up to that track and something about it gets me everytime. I still won't say it's my favorite because the entire album is so good...but that's somethin.

So of course, live Elizabeth Taylor was excellent. It starts out so calmly, going through the story, and then by the end you have Damon's voice just pushing out those lyrics with all this feeling behind it. It is an awesome experience. Not a Slave kind of does that too, but in a different way. It's a little more quirky (I mean that in a good way) in the beginning, then goes through the story, then just builds to a great end...which was a great way to end the set.

Also, I feel I should mention that Damon played electric instead of acoustic guitar which was an interesting change. All the other times I've seen Damon play it's been acoustic with the exception of one time at Tonic where he had a whole band behind him (which I thought was a bit weird). Apparently though, not counting tonight that's the norm. I actually didn't even notice the difference that much just sounded louder and a little more, well, didn't hear every string which was fine. I think I might have focused on the vocals more because of it, but didn't realize any of this until afterwards.

Before his set I chatted with Damon for a little bit and apparently what I read the other day is true...Inouk exists again...but he is not a part of it anymore. So the Astralwerks showcase on Friday night should be interesting since Inouk go on first, followed by Damon. Also, I personally can't picture Inouk without Damon. While I think Inouk has a very unique sound in terms of their instruments, I feel that a big part of their sound came from the combination of both Alex and Damon's voices. So it's hard for me picture Inouk without Damon. I'm trying to keep an open mind about Friday's show. The band is really good, so maybe a different vocalist won't matter that much, especially if he's good too. Also, I'm wondering how much old Inouk stuff they will play. Should be interesting.

Hopewell was next. They are another new band for me. I liked them...I wasn't crazy about them though. I think I need to see them again to form a better opinion. The two songs I recognized were Monolith and Calcutta. They played a song towards the end of their set that sound very different from the rest that I really liked. Unfortunately that's all I can remember about it. Overall I liked the band, but the singer's voice was kind of getting to me, and I'm not sure why, but that will pretty much make or break me liking a band.

There was one more band after that...but the standing outside, plus me not dressing warmly enough, plus working all day took its toll on me, so I called it a night after that.

All in all it was a lovely low key music, old crazy cmj crowds!!


Oct 31, 2006

updated set times

Here are some updated set times for shows I had posted about earlier according to an email Astralwerks just sent out:

11/1 - Damon McMahon's set at Rocks in Your Head is at 9pm

11/2 - The Juan Maclean's dj set at Hiro is at 11pm

11/3 - Astralwerks Showcase schedule:
Inouk - 7pm
Damon McMahon - 7:45
The Little Ones - 8:45
Small Sins - 9:45



If you are all show-ed out from CMJ, this could be a nice relaxing way to spend your weekend, and dollazz:
The WFMU Record and CD Fair

It's $6 admission, or you can pay $20 to get in early on Friday and get free admission for Saturday and Sunday. The link has all the details.


Inouk, sans Damon?

I just found Inouk's myspace page, and it appears that Damon McMahon, who was originally in Inouk, is not listed as a band member, and Ezra Oklan who was not previously in the band, is listed. Pardon me, but...WTF?!?!


Oct 30, 2006


Because of a stupid pork loin and sheer forgetfulness...I am not at the Damon McMahon show at Fat Baby right now. With all the CMJ stuff going on and trying to figure out which shows to go to, I totally forgot about that show tonight. Also, had I not started cooking a pork roast (that was supposed to take 40 minutes to cook, but actually took almost 2 and a half hours...and whether or not it is done is still debatable) I would have been done eating sooner and would have checked the blog in time to get myself down to the LES. I probably still might have been able to make it, but I don't know who was going on first, and if I went through all that trouble and missed Damon's set anyway I would have been even more annoyed than I am now. I actually feel much better now that I have shared all of this nonsense with you.

In less personal crisis related news:

The New York Night Train show I had posted about earlier is a free in-store performance at Rocks in Your Head record store in Brooklyn...I thought Rocks in Your Head was a band when I originally posted that. Oops! are the set times:

4pm - Vogager One
5pm - the Jealous Girlfriends
6pm - Damon McMahon
7pm - Grand Mal
8pm - Hopewell

Also, the CMJ shows that I am actually attending:

10/31 - probably none! Originally I wanted to go to either the showcase at Sin-e or the one at Fontana's, but they are invite/badge only. Sharon Jones is playing Hammerstein but tickets are kind of a lot of dollazz...the other act is Medeski, Martin, and Wood which I have no interest in seeing, so I feel like I am better off waiting for Sharon to play another show. My most solid possibility for tomorrow is to repeatedly check ticketweb in case they release any more tickets for the Cardigans at the Knitting Factory.

11/1 - possibly the showcase at Pianos...still checking out some other options though. Might try to run over to that New York Night Train showcase after work.

11/2 - I am definitely going to R&R to see The Sights. I saw them open for the Caesars at Southpaw 2 years ago. I had listened to some of their stuff beforehand and didn't really like it, but then when I saw them live I was blown away. They really just rock...good, classic, rock and roll. Might head to Hiro afterwards to catch MSTRKRFT or Galapagos to catch them and ATOC.

11/3 - Astralwerks showcase at Canal excited for this show. The tickets have been bought for weeks.

11/4 - Tim Fite is playing R&R, but I am tempted to just skip it and visit my family for the rest of the weekend since I haven't been home in a while and don't think I'll be able to make it next weekend. Plus his set is only 45 minutes. I've kind of wimped out on the Justice at Studio B plan...though I really love that remix. Wasn't really wild about their other the whole Brooklyn aversion.

Alright...sorry this has been so cracky. I'm exhausted.


Oct 25, 2006

Two totally unrelated things

Radio 4 will be opening for the Bravery on their east coast tour!

28 Boston MA - Avalon
29 New York NY - Webster Hall
30 Philadelphia PA - Trocadero

1 Washington DC - Rock'n'Roll Hotel
2 Raleigh NC - The Lincoln
4 Charleston SC - Music Farm
5 Atlanta GA - Roxy
6 Orlando FL - Firestone

I got the dates from a bulletin Radio 4 sent out on myspace. The dates aren't on their page yet, but I imagine they will be soon. In the meantime you can listen to some of the new b-sides from their new single "Packing Things Up On the Scene" there.

The 2nd thing is:

Tim Fite is playing Union Hall, Nov. 10th, that will be a 2nd show I will be missing because of Mario Queen of the Circus. Yes, he's THAT good. Here is some more info on that.



ATOC (A Touch of Class) has a few dj dates coming up! I went to see them at PS1 (you can actually download a part of that set, the link is on their myspace) this summer on a whim and they had everybody dancing. They really mix it up well- a lot of new electro stuff, with some classic dance tracks, a hint of pop disco at just the right time. Definitely check em out!

Anyway, here are the dates:
Nov 2 - MODULAR MONTHLY NYC (CMJ) at Galapagos Art Space (70 N 6th St in the BK)
MSTRKRFT (dj set)
Pixeltan (live)
Van She (live)
SoftLightes (live)
A Touch of Class (dj set)
DJ Ajax
Modular DJs
$5 w/ RSVP. $8 w/out.

RSVP/more info

The other date is Oct. 30th - the Rapture afterparty at 205 Bar Sorry for the lack of info on that one, that's all I got for now.

ps- apparently the blog layout is only jacked up when you view it using IE. When I got home from work last night I pulled it up on Firefox and it looks fine. So yeah...need to look into that.


Oct 24, 2006

shake it don't break it

I forgot to mention in last night's post...the Glass are also playing the last show of their monthly residency at Pianos prior to their DJ sets at Hiro on Thursday. 8:30 doors, $8. (Girls Don't Cry, the Fake Accents, and Beat the Devil are also playing.)


I like other bands too, I swear

just none of them are coming to New York anytime soon.

More Damon McMahon dates:
Oct. 30 - Journal Magazine show with Damon McMahon, Psychic Ills, Crystal Stilts, and Mark Bourthwick at Fat Baby . Not sure about the cost yet.

Nov. 1 - New York Night Train showcase featuring: Hopewell, Grand Mal, Damon McMahon, Jealous Girlfriends, Voyager 1 - Rocks in Your Head - FREE (it's in the BK at 133 Roebling between Metropolitan and North 5th Street). Also...there is no mention if this is a free out of the goodness of someone's heart show, or "free" b/c you have a CMJ pass show. I will try to find out more later.

Also...I thought the blog layout was done with last night, but this morning I looked at it with IE and something weird is going on with the template. It looks like complete's all centered and there is no sidebar. It is just whack. I am hoping it is just some momentary Blogger glitch because all I thought I really changed last night were colors. So yeah...sorry if you are using IE and it looks busted. I will fix it later tonight if it's still like that.


Oct 23, 2006

Shake, Damon, and laugh!

Stumbled upon a few noteworthy happenings:

This Thursday, October 26th @ Hiro:
The Glass After-Show Party and DJ Set featuring Dominique Keegan, and DJ Wool. Both from the Glass...haven't heard DJ Wool, but Dominique bangs (yes, I used the term in bangin'...get used to it). He spins highly danceable tunes leaning towards the rock side- he was playing remixes of Simian's "We are Your Friends" when I saw him 2 years ago. Plus the lovely DJ Omri (he plays a lot of stuff...a bit of everything). The best part: Free!

Also at Hiro and also free, Nov. 2:
Digitalism Live
Juan Maclean dj set
Princess Superstar live
Alex English and guests.

Not going to go through all the "bigger" names in there, but I will mention that Alex dj's at a lot of the GBH parties, so if you can't make it that night definitely try to catch him some other time. He spins a lot of electronic, some rock. It all bangs. I happened to catch him as the closing dj one late Thursday night and I actually liked what he was playing better than the headliner.

Click here and scroll down a bit for the flyer and more info.

In less shake what yo momma gave ya-friendly news:
Nov. 10 - Damon McMahon (and others) @ Mercury Lounge (9:30)
Unfortunately I will probably miss that show because I will be going to the Ars Nova to see Clarke McFarlane, perhaps better known as "Mario, Queen of the Circus" after an entirely too long period of him being MIA.

How does this relate to music you might ask? Well...about a year and a half ago a friend and I saw "Mario" performing in the fountain in Washington Square Park. He is essentially a comedian, juggler, acrobat, etc. He had an off Broadway show called Planet Banana at the Ars Nova last spring. It made me and some friends laugh our asses off. I wound up going to see the show 3 times. There were a ton of pop classics, many performed by a live band, woven into the play. The guy also does a great juggling act while lip synching Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust". If that doesn't make you want to go see him, I don't know what will. Also, I should mention I have no idea what exactly he will be doing that night. In any case, between him and Damon, you should be able to find something good to do with your Friday night.


Oct 21, 2006

It's official

It's official...from the Astralwerks' What is What weekly newsletter:

We're also gearing up for CMJ! Our party will be Friday, November 3 at the Canal Room, 7pm. We'll have the reformed Inouk, the dashing Damon McMahon, Scissor Sister-approved Small Sins and our newest signing The Little Ones playing amongst the usual college illuminati and cold beverages.



Oct 20, 2006

Inouk back together?!?!

I did not think this day would ever come...but it appears my friends, that back together! At least for one night!

Friday 11/3 at Canal Room (according to the CMJ website):
Inouk - 7:00 pm
Small Sins - 7:45 pm
Little Ones - 8:30 pm
Damon MacMahon - 9:30 pm

It is not some stupid website error, mistakingly still associating Damon McMahon with Inouk and not acknowledging him as a solo act, as I had originally assumed.

I do not care for the Small Sins or Little Ones...maybe they will be better live? Maybe I haven't listened to them enough to form an honest opinion? Who cares?!?! Inouk and Damon (both together and separately) are going to be awesome!

You can buy your muthaf-ing ticket here and attend one of the few good CMJ shows this year.


Oct 12, 2006

CMJ Picks

Finally...I have been meaning to start an "official" music blog for a while.

Some matters:

I was just looking through the CMJ line-up at Ohmyrockness and thinking none of the shows looked particularly thrilling. I remember back in 2002 (before I even knew what CMJ was) I saw the Audio Bullys, Erlend Oye, Simian, Cassius, and the Chemical Brothers at a CMJ show at the Hammerstein Ballroom and it was just fucking amazing. But anyway...just when I had given up hope I spotted Damon McMahon's (and Inouk's? probably just an error, though I can hope can't I?) show at the Canal Room on 11/2.

I will definitely go to that show. I've been to a lot of Damon's shows since I moved back to New York (after chatting with him at a few of them in a row I think he may have become concerned that I am stalking him...really I just think he is extremely talented) and there hasn't been a bad one yet. His lyrics are unique and his voice is very emotive. Some good acoustic guitar too...just what's been missing from music lately. One of my favorite "new" artists of 2006.

Some other CMJ possibilites for me (which could require me to be in 47 places at once):

10/31 - The Cardigans (acoustic) at Knitting Factory (I hear it could be ugly though, from a friend of mine who is huge Cardigans fan no less).

10/31 - Nanuchka at Mo Pitkins (based solely on the fact that my friend Van likes them and we like the same stuff sometimes).

10/31 - Mickey Avalon at Sin-e. Just read an article on him in this month's issue of Nylon and apparently he spits some serious filth.

Young Love is also playing there. Personally...not my cup of tea...saw them open for Radio 4. I have no problem with the band...the singer just seems like a misplaced hipstered out boy band guy thrown into a electro-rock band. He seems too clean cut, and his voice is too nice. It just all kinda makes my head hurt. Not to mention their damn single "Discotheque" is still stuck in my head.

Ima Robot is also playing...I read something about them in Nylon too...and I remember noting them, just not sure if it was for a good or bad reason (it was 7 in the morning and I was running on 4 hours sleep at the time).

10/31 - Shit Disco and Home Video at the Annex - I am always intrigued and both optimistic and skeptical when bands put "disco" in their names. Also, I remember checking out Home Video's myspace when they were playing at Hiro last month and feeling kind of eh, could be good, could be bad about them.

11/1- Professor Murder at Pianos - I have been reading good things about them all over the internet for the past few months. They opened for Radio 4 a few months ago at the Bowery Ballroom and I intentionally missed it b/c I checked out their myspace page beforehand and it wasn't really appealing to me. But then Anthony Roman (lead singer of Radio 4) said they were awesome...and then I read it maybe I should give 'em a second listen.

11/1 - another based solely on name - Crack and Smack at the Delancey. Oh and the Pinkertones...I have no opinion on them, but there is some dj, a duo I think, that has a name involving pink that I missed during the summer that I was pissed about b/c they looked good and I can't remember what they actually were called, but everytime I see the Pinkertones listed I think it's them...and it's not. Suggestions??

11/2 - Heard CSS are good...the Bowery show is sold out. Saw the Oxford Collapse open for...I think Radio 4 at Bowery a couple of years ago and they were pretty maybe now they are REALLY good. Too bad it's sold out already.

11/2 - MSTRKRFT - I hear from a reliable source that they bang. Not a Brooklyn fan...always a subway issue, but it is only in Williamsburg (Galapogos) so it shouldn't be too hard to get there.

11/2 - La Rocca is playing at Pianos and I feel I'd be remiss if I did not say they sound like...Coldplay...who needs another Coldplay? Not me...the singer seemed like a nice fellow though. He gave nice little prefaces for all the songs...which I appreciate. Also, he had an aceent, which as much as I hate to admit it...earns you bonus points with me.

11/3 - Architecture in Helsinki - recommended a while ago, been meaning to check em out. At Irving btw.

11/4 - Justice at Studio B...fuck yes! Have you heard their remix of Simian's "we are your friends" ?


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