Dec 23, 2007

New Years Eve 2007/2008

Is anyone else really disappointed by the options for NYE in New York this year?

It's not that there's nothing going on here, it's just that I feel like what is going on is stuff that could be happening any other weekend here. There are no super duper NYE line-ups here like there are in other cities, the two most notable examples:


and Montreal:

Here is what I would consider doing here:

The Wurst, Rongest New Year's Ever with Doug Lee, My Cousin Roy, DJ Spun and Liv Spencer from Still Going at APT.

10p - late / open bar and classic New York hors d’oeuvres from 10p – 1a for $100 / $25 after 1a for general entry / email to reserve space / (disco, house, classic techno, and other celebratory stuff)

I love My Cousin Roy, but I don't love the idea of devoting my entire New Years Eve to APT.

Then there's this:

I would be happy with this if it weren't New Years Eve. I've been to all of Moby's Degenerates parties so far and only at the last one did I even start to think that it was getting a little repetitive. I love Jacques Renault and just started getting into Holy Ghost...but still...not sure if this is how I wanna spend NYE.

Those were pretty much the only two things I was considering until this landed in my inbox yesterday...

Brodinski jumped out at me as one of those dj's I've been meaning to check out, but hadn't gotten around to...and I happened to stumble upon this set he did earlier this month. I'm only a half an hour into it, and it's pretty great.

Still don't know what to do...


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