Mar 30, 2007


I do not even want to think about how whack working tomorrow, aka in 5 hours, is going to be. Just got back...minus the time of dealing with a friend's Bjork crisis...from Ed Banger Night at Hiro. I arrived in time for the Presets...but...despite my efforts...despite the hype...I don't think I like them. They had a few numbers that got my toes tappin', but for the most part, I was just kind of "eh" about the whole thing. I did like the banging-ness of the actual music, but the vocals turned me off...which is the kiss of death. I was very into the Daft Punk breakdown...and things kind of picked up a bit for me from then on, but overall, not part of the regular listening. I am open to second chances though...Studio B Saturday with Datarock (which I am super excited about).

Some other things of note, apparently Cut Copy was in the house...and I saw the Captain and Drop the Lime. Ed Banger crew goes on shortly after the Presets and it is just mayhem...a while into it, I find myself thinking...hey, that guy looks like David Bruno...sure enough, it is! Thanks for the Justice cross among other things that hopefully will pan out. Seriously though...I appreciate it.

So that was pretty cool to begin with, but then...until about 3-something-ish I was just non-stop, on the floor, shakin' it. I was in a trance or something...what was played was very fuzzy...I just know it banged, and that upon certain songs being played, ie Daft Punk's "Face to Face" (which has been stuck in my head/ipod rotation for weeks!, but right before I got to Hiro this evening in particular) I had a minor stroke!

*I remembered this the morning after...they played the Rapture's Whoo Alright Yeah Uh-huh, and Whirpool Productions' From Disco to Disco. Also, I failed to mention the dope-ness of Sebastian whose track Ross Ross Ross I have been unknowingly listening to on a SMD comp for months. Glad he's on the bill for the Daft Punk show at Keyspan. Did you get your tickets this morning?! I also failed to mention the crazy, "We Are Your Friends" remix sing along. So much fun...there was a lot of singing happening that night...happened with the Rapture song too, and It's the Beat...but that might have been on a more localized level, ie me and lioke 10 people near me. Lol.

It was an excellent, excellent night of dancing and dj-ing. They (I say "they" b/c the various members of the Ed Banger crew that were on hand were switching it up the whole time) played a good amount of Boys Noize, which is always good in my book, along with SMD's "It's the Beat" which I have been loving lately. I also have to say, that I went into the evening not really caring for DJ Medhi's stuff that I'd heard before, but left a total fan. He KILLED it. The end.


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