Feb 29, 2008

Arkitip Interviews Pedro "Busy P" Winter

Bottom line: I am doing seriously the fun!


Feb 26, 2008

Third New York Cut Copy Date Announced!

In addition to their already sold out Mercury Lounge show on March 17th, and their nearly sold out Studio B show on March 15th, Cut Copy have just added a third New York date (though it's not for a while):

May 14th (Wednesday) at the Bowery Ballroom. Tickets go on sale here at noon on 2/27 (this Wednesday).

The Mobius Band and T&T (Tim Goldsworthy & Tim Sweeney) are opening. Video for Cut Copy's "Lights and Music" below:


Feb 23, 2008

New Jams: Fardoche

Fardoche's 6-track promo landed in my inbox on Monday and it was quite possibly the best way to start a week. I haven't been able to stop listening to it since. I think Fardoche describes his music best:

"...not clean as electro house nor nasty as French crunchy electro but perhaps a better creative term to name it would be: electro-farmhouse. And to push the analogy further, it would be electro-dilapidated-old-farmhouse style, with all its flaws and faulty features that an old farmhouse can hold next to a dirt road. Dysfunctional, unique and charming."

As far as contemporaries go, I could definitely see Mr. Oizo cruising by Fardoche's farmhouse w/ Flat Eric as well as Sebastien Tellier riding by on his horse. His sound definitely belongs somewhere along the lines of those more creative Frenchies out there - and being from Montreal that's not too far of a stretch.

You can find out more about Fardoche and his electro farm here, and download all 6 of his tunes here. Also, I usually try to pick a favorite track when recommending a new dj or band, but I haven't been able to come up with one yet for Fardoche. I recommend listening to all of them in one go...like a little electro farm EP.


Feb 21, 2008

M83 announce US Tour!

M83 is touring the US in support of their new album "Saturdays = Youth" set for US release on April 15.

The dates

5/20 Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex
5/21 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
5/23 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
5/24 Vancouver, ON - Richards on Richards
5/25 Seattle, WA - Neumos
5/28 Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Club
5/29 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
5/30 Toronto, ON - The Mod Club
5/31 Montreal, QC - Cabaret Music Hall
6/2 Cambridge, MA - Middle East Downstairs
6/3 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
6/4 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
6/6 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
6/7 Washington, DC - Black Cat


Boys Noize to do next "Suck My Deck" comp

Boys Noize has prepared the next Bugged Out Presents "Suck My Deck" mix cd. It comes out on March 17 in the UK. No word on a US release. Probably will have to order the Import. Check the tracklisting:

01 Justice - DANCE (Boys Noize's Teaching How To Dance Accapella)
02 Surkin - Next Of Kin
03 Jackson & His Computer Band - Apeggio
04 Sebastian - Dolomi
05 Modeselektor - Suckerpin
06 Apparat - Cheap Thrills
07 Alter Ego - Beat The Bush
08 Das Glow - Sunburnt
09 DJ Blaqstar – Shake It To the Ground (Claude von Stroke Remix)
10 Shadow Dancer - Poke
11 Shadow Dancer - Cowbois
12 Siriusmo - Mein Neues Fahrrad (Boys Noize Rework)
13 Boys Noize - Lava Lava
14 High Powered Boys – Hoes Get Down
15 Feadz – New Humanoid
16 DIM - Is You (Brodinski Remix)
17 Dj Koze - Don’t Feed The Cat
18 Lil Louis/Marshall Jefferson - Video Crash
19 Laurie Anderson - Oh Superman
20 MMM - Donna
21 Smith n Hack - b2
22 Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Beats / Smith n Hack - b2
23 Boys Noize - DeDeDepella / Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Beats
24 Das Glow - Weiss Gaz
25 Reel 2 Reel - I Like To Move It (Instrumental)
26 Auto Repeat You Can’t Stop (Paul Johnson Remix)
27 housemeister - Inodertodance/ Surkin- Ghetto Obsession (Accapella)
28 Puzique - Thomas
29 Justice - Phantom (Boys Noize's Unreleased Turbine)
30 Boys Noize - Arcade Robot
31 Outlander - The HVamp
32 Ost & Kjex - Hasta Luego Manchego (Martin Horntveth Mix) (Sisi Edit)
33 The Faint - The Passives
34 Romanthony - Wanderer


Tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday


Pretty bummed to be missing this tonight, but not as bummed as I was about missing Moby/Mixhell/Drop the Lime last Thursday. Woke up feeling sick in the middle of the night on Wednesday and have been pretty much out of commission since. Trying to rest up for some seriously awesome stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks, hence the lack of going out and therefore show reviews up on here. Things will be back to normal soon hopefully. I am getting really stir-crazy.

Friday James Zabiela will be at Pacha. Tickets are $20. Crazy.


The last Verboten party was awesome. Looks like another solid booking. You should head there on the earlier side to hear Van spin! Always a fun, highly dance-able set.


Feb 20, 2008

DFA at Moma

So the dude in the green shirt (aka Shit Robot) won't be there, but Holy Ghost (pink) and the Juan Maclean (red) will. And so will T&T. And Justin Miller. And Jacques Renault. And colors!!!!

Wtf am I talking about?

In conjunction with the exhibition Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today, PopRally invites you to bring the color chart to life on the dance floor with an amazing lineup of DJs from DFA Records. Click the link for all the info. It's going to be great.



I'm pretty good about finding out about shows ahead of time. Usually if someone starts talking to me about something coming up I already know about it. And then there are times where I get these phone calls from Eddie which we call "the scoop", where he tells me about a show I had absolutely zero idea about. It first happened last year with a James Zabiela show. Then again with someone else, but I can't remember who, and today he scooped me with this:

Friday, February 29 at Southpaw
T.H. White
special guests
$10 adv / $12 day of show

I dunno if I'm that into Escort to do a whole post on them, but you have to see this video:


Feb 12, 2008

Thursday Night (February 14) Degenerates at Hiro w/ Moby, Mixhell, and Drop the Lime!

These parties have been great. When I first heard about this one I was really excited because Drop the Lime consistently kills it. One of my favorite dj's to see play out. To get a better idea of what I'm talking about here's a pretty recent mix he did. He also recently remixed the single "Alice" off of Moby's new album Last Night, which Mike knows way more about than I do at this point.

Moby's sets at these parties have been consistently good too. You can download a fresh set he spun just 4 days ago in Düsseldorf here. Just to warn you, the mix starts with this German announcer dude shouting. It's kinda startling.

As far as Mixhell go I didn't really know who they were until I downloaded a mix they did for XLR8R a couple of days ago (which I was pointed to by a good blog, Stockholm Beat Connection). It's awesome! Have been looking forward to seeing them since I first listened to the mix.

So...you have been warned. Do not sleep on this party! RSVP. There's also a link there for $5 advance tickets.


Fool's Gold Tour 2 - New York Date!

Yesterday I spied this on A Trak's myspace:

"Apr 10 2008 - Fool’s Gold Tour 2 is coming!! North America, brace yourselves!"

Did some looking around the internets...success!

Check it out:

Thursday April 10th at Hiro:

A Trak, Sinden, and Steve Aoki.

Will post more info as soon as I know about it.


Cut Copy North American Takeover!

From Cut Copy's myspace blog:

"Melbourne, Australia's Cut Copy and Jacksonville's Black Kids have joined forces, and will be heading out together on a cross-continental tour immediately following their appearances at the Coachella Festival.

Cut Copy will be supporting their new LP, "in Ghost Colours," out via Modular on April 8th.

FRI 4/25 INDIO, CA Coachella Festival
SAT 4/26 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Mezzanine (with Simian Mobile Disco)
MON 4/28 PORTLAND, OR Doug Fir Lounge
TUE 4/29 VANCOUVER, BC Richards On Richards
WED 4/30 SEATTLE, WA Neumo's
FRI 5/2 SALT LAKE CITY, UT Urban Lounge
SAT 5/3 DENVER, CO Larimer Lounge
MON 5/5 OMAHA, NE Waiting Room
TUE 5/6 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 7th Street Entry
WED 5/7 CHICAGO, IL The Abbey Pub
THU 5/8 DETROIT, MI Magic Stick
FRI 5/9 TORONTO, ON Lee's Palace
SAT 5/10 MONTREAL, PQ Cabaret Musee Juste Pour Rine
MON 5/12 BOSTON, MA Paradise

Cut Copy will be here in New York in a month. The Mercury Lounge show on March 17th sold out ridiculously fast and there are only about 100 tickets left for the Studio B show on Saturday March 15th. Do not sleep on this! Get em here.

I've never seen Cut Copy before and only recently started getting into them, but you can just tell they are going to be awesome. A few reasons:

1. Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Joakim Remix)
2. Cut Copy - Lights And Music
3. Cut Copy - Lights And Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)
4. Cut Copy - Saturdays
5. Their "So Cosmic" mix that has been floating around is great. Tim Hoey of Cut Copy talks to Spinner about the new album, and also breaks down the mix, song by song. You can also grab the mix there if you haven't already.
6. The last time I heard David Bruno so excited about a band it was Soulwax Nite Versions last spring. I went to see them based solely on his recommendation and freaked out over them.


Feb 11, 2008

Jonathan K's Bootay Shakin Birthday Blowout (aka everyone and their mother) at Studio B

I had been looking forward to seeing Busy P dj again ever since I was first blown away by his set at the Moustaches Wild party in September. Mike, Paul, and I were so hyped for this party it was ridiculous...I actually had a crazy-ass dream about it the night before. Anyway...

Met Mike and Josh at the B around midnight...someone was dj-ing...nothing too exciting. The place was already pretty packed. Busy Paul and George showed up about an hour after that. The big scandal of the night was Spank Rock canceling at the last minute. I honestly don't think I've ever heard a Spank Rock track. Maybe a remix here or there. So I didn't really care. The other thing people were bugging out about was the addition of the GZA to the bill at the last minute.

My freshman year of college my friend Chuck got me into the Wu Tang...but then it didn't really last. I never got super duper into them, but always was kind of aware of what they were up to and liked most of what they put out over the years. That being said...the GZA killed it and everyone went bananas. It was honestly one of the best parts of the night and was so much fun.

After that Tippy went on. I thought she handled going on after the GZA very well. That is a very hellish act to have to follow, but she managed to pull it off. I haven't see her perform since about a year and a half ago...she basically took her already energetic stage persona and upped the energy even further. The crowd seemed very into it. I can't really go into more detail than that about her performance because right at the beginning of her set we spotted Busy P and began our mission to meet him. Lol. He was kind of crouched toward the back of the stage trying to discretely prepare for his set. Somehow Paul got his attention long enough for him to come over and shake hands. Mission accomplished for Busy Paul. Unfortunately he scurried away before I could talk to him about my Busy Pumpkin. :(

After Tippy's short set Busy P started and we all pretty much lost our minds and were dancing like maniacs for the first 30 minutes or so. I don't remember that much of what he played off hand (other than the Chemical Brothers "Do It Again" and Crookers' remix of the Chems' "Salmon Dance", some Justice, DJ Mehdi's Signatune, Soulwax remix of Klaxons' Gravity's Rainbow, etc.) but overall it was a weird little experience.

Like I said, when it started off we were going nuts. Busy P started off really strong, but at some point he started switching off w/ So Me and that's where the problems began. Everyone's favorite t-shirt designer was trainwrecking pretty badly and frequently. You could see Busy P kind of cringing, trying not to do anything...but then ultimately ending up reaching over and twisting knobs in an effort to rescue the set. We were all kinda bugged out by this..."So Bad" and "So Sucky" were definitely thrown around.

Toward the end it turned into one of those "let's just play some random fun pop and rock songs" sets which I might've appreciated more had So Me not just jacked up a decent set by Busy P. Overall though...it wasn't the best set I've heard from Busy P. He owns and runs such a great label, but he was dropping tunes from 6 months ago. I'm not saying he has to drop all new stuff all the time. I have heard sets that have a lot of stuff that isn't super new in them that are amazing. This just wasn't one of them. Good, but not what I expect from Busy P. Definitely not as good as his set in September.

So, overall a fun night. A good but not great set from Busy P, that would've been better without So Me.

Mike and Paul took a ton of pictures that night. I went through all of them and put a bunch here:

Jonathan K's Bootay Shakin Birthday Blowout


Feb 10, 2008

Chemical Brothers win Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album

Just found out that the Chemical Brothers won a Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album. I could not be happier for them. They were there at the beginning of electronic music and they are still relevant today. We Are the Night is really a great album. Here were the other nominees:

† - Justice

Sound Of Silver - LCD Soundsystem

We Are Pilots - Shiny Toy Guns

Elements Of Life - Tiësto

Congrats Tom and Ed!!!


The Teenagers at Hiro 1/31/08

Arrived at Hiro super early in an attempt to avoid the crowd of 1,300 people that RSVP'd. Unfortunately it was already snaking around the block. So Busy Paul and I had to do the necessary evil of skipping the line.

Drank some free funky beer and shot the breeze to some nice background electro jams. About 12 Mike and Andrew find us. We decide to head upstairs for the show. The Teenagers opened with "Starlett Johansson", which I still hate just as much live. They played a bunch of songs which I assume are from their new album...but something just wasn't there. They're just an ok electro-rock band. I like their song "Homecoming", but based on their performance I feel no need to see them live again. I think we all kind of felt the same way. At some point we just stopped paying attention b/c it wasn't entertaining and we were just drinking and chatting. One of my favorite parts of the night was when I turned to Mike towards the end of the Teenagers set and said (in my best faux Fraaanshhh accent) "Thees is going to be our last song. Eeet's called 'Homecoming'"...and as soon as they finished the song they were playing...the singer actually said exactly that. Hilarious.

Once the Teenagers were done someone started dj-ing (it wasn't one of the Teenagers, we never actually saw them dj before we left) and was actually pretty awesome. But I don't think any of us knew who it was. Big ups to Busy Paul for asking someone who it was! It was this dude, Red Foxx. It wound up being a fun night of hanging out...but music-wise, not thrilled by the Teenagers at all.


Trevor Jackson at Love 2/7/08

When I found out that Trevor Jackson was coming to town I got soooo excited. I've been familiar with (and have loved) a lot of his own tracks and remixes for a while. I'd seen him dj twice before when he was here last spring and both of those sets were very good, funky, highly danceable electro.

I proceeded to drag everyone and their mother aka Mike, Paul, George, Dana, Shennan and a bunch of their friends out to see him...and it was really, REALLY bad. Got there about midnight...the guy dj-ing was playing some really minimal stuff. Not good. 1ish Trevor goes on and the minimal hell stops (temporarily). Things get more upbeat and there's definitely a shift - you could tell the dj had changed. Things were going fine for like 20 minutes...and then slowly we were back in minimal, boring land. Just super stripped down, very non-exciting, super underwhelming stuff. In a matter of maybe 30 minutes he had cleared the floor. Super frustrating b/c 1. I know he can do way better than that. 2. If you're dj-ing and you just cleared a floor which was full of people dancing to "music" that was a step up from the noises a fax machine makes...obviously something bad has happened. Perhaps you should adjust your song selections ever so slightly.

So now...in an effort to regain any lost credibility I am going to do a "Trevor Jackson is not a shitty dj though his set Thursday night might have made you think otherwise" mix. Maybe I will post it here.


Joakim and his Ectoplasmic Band, Robot Blair, Andy Butler, and the Juan Maclean at Studio B 2/9/08

Arrived at the B around midnight, kicking it old school, sans-triangle...but wound up running into this guy Joel I met at one of the Degenerates parties at Hiro. Robot Blair was dj-ing when I arrived. A good, mellow set. He played a few songs that I was pleasantly surprised to hear, i.e. the Ernest St. Laurent Moonfish remix of Remind Me by Royksopp. Overall a little more mellow than I personally like...I didn't feel like I could dance to it, but there were plenty of people on the floor who were.

Right around 1 Joakim and his Ectoplasmic band went on. They opened with one of their more weird instrumental tracks, and then went into "I Wish You Were Gone" (one of my favorite tracks off of his album "Monsters and Silly Songs"). They played until about 1. I would say they probably played the majority of that album.

It was a good show, but not great. I would've liked them to be a little more energetic. At the beginning of "I Wish You Were Gone" the song starts off kind of quiet w/ some drumming and stuff in the background but then there's this point about a minute into the song where the drums and guitar both fully come in - and I felt like they didn't really hit it live. They just kind of played through it. They definitely could've been louder. I actually had to look twice to make sure they had an actual drummer because it didn't sound live to me. Things got a bit better the more they played "Lonely Hearts" and "Rocket Pearl" stood out. But still, overall, kind of a take it or leave it show.

I really like their album though. Been listening to it since the beginning of last week. There are some tracks that are more lyric focused and have more of an electro-rock pop appeal, but a lot of the album is more weird (good weird) atmospheric electronic stuff. The album overall has a very beautiful emotional quality to it. You get a sense of a story/theme coming across...not just a bunch of songs.

Anyway...after that Andy Butler and the Juan Maclean were each on the decks for a bit. Both of them were playing some *dun dun dun* good disco which has increasingly been coming up in conversation lately, as has been the song Hold On by Holy Ghost which someone thankfully dropped last night. Honestly, both of their sets were really really good, dance-able, non-cheesy, disco sets. I really was pleasantly surprised as the main reason I went out was to see Joakim, and the Juan Maclean & Andy Butler were more of an afterthought, which I have to say is mainly due to being kind of underwhelmed the last few times I've seen Juan dj. His set last night really was awesome though. Also...I feel I should note that I have been hating on the new Hercules and Love Affair track "Blind" that all the blogs have been foaming at the mouth over...but last night on the big system it really came alive and sounded great. And now I can't for the life of me get it out of my head.

So, to recap:

1. Joakim - live, not so exciting, but a good album.
2. Juan Maclean & Andy Butler tore it up til the lights came up.
3. Disco is good. Even Grover knows what's up:

4. So is "Blind".

The end.


Feb 9, 2008


Joakim and his Ectoplasmic band make electro-disco-rock-ish tunes, some of which bang more subtly than others. Haven't seen him live before...


Feb 8, 2008


You should go. It will be fun. Akman is a good dj. Don't forget to RSVP. Ok. Bye.


LA Riots at Le Royale next Friday

In addition to their shows coming up w/ the MSTRKRFT tour LA Riots are dj-ing next Friday at Le Royale along w/ Lazaro Casanova. Still pissed about the Holy Fuck at Le Royale debacle, might not even go, but...I needed an excuse to post a link to the banging little mix they did for Discobelle.


Ladytron US and Canada Tour Dates

Ladytron is doing a US tour (along w/ a couple of stops in Canada). Datarock is opening.

US Dates:

Sat, 05/24/08
Showbox at the Market - Seattle, WA

Thu, 05/29/08
The Music Box at the Fonda - Hollywood, CA

Fri, 05/30/08
The Music Box at the Fonda - Hollywood, CA

Mon, 06/16/08
The Pageant - St Louis, MO

Wed, 06/18/08
Saint Andrews Hall - Detroit, MI

Wed, 06/25/08
Terminal 5 -New York, NY - Tickets go on sale here today at noon.

Mon, 06/30/08
Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA

Canada Dates:

Tue, 05/20/08
The Starlite Room - Edmonton, AB

Wed, 05/21/08
The Warehouse - Calgary, AB

Ticket info for all the dates here. There's also a show at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Sunday, 6/8/08, but it's listed separately for some reason. Ticket info for that one here


Feb 7, 2008

Trevor Jackson at Love tonight!

This is sure to be a great night of electro/disco weirdness. I can't wait. Caught Trevor last spring during a time of particularly good parties in New York. Definitely looking forward to seeing him again. If you're not familiar with him he's been doing awesome remixes for everyone and their mother since the mid 90's. Started his own label, Output Records, in 1996 which is now officially all jacked up - via Trevor's myspace:

"hello there, just wanted everyone to know that i did compile the I HATE MUSIC output compilation, but have NOTHING to do with the new remixes thats are being released, i'm not happy with them, they didn't need to be done, and don't have my support. OUTPUT IS DEAD, & don't let anyone tell you otherwise. the back catalogue will happily always be available, but there will be no new releases on the label ever!, the process label and its artists have nothing to do with me, i'm currently spending my time doing things more worthwhile."

Anyway...speaking of Output's back catalog, I highly recommend Channel 2: A Compilation of Output Recordings. Even though it's nearly 4 years old and you've probably heard some of what's on it, it just bangs beautifully. Tracklist:

1. Malibu - Rita Hurtzberg
2. Doop - Manhead
3. Crazy Love - Colder
4. Me and Madonna - Blackstrobe & Zongamin
5. Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsystem
6. Unconditional Discipline of the Bastard Prince - Volga Select
7. Difference - DK7
8. Olio [Full Length Version] - The Rapture
9. Distance - Grand National, Grand National, Grand National
10. Make It Happen [Zongamin Remix] - Playgroup
11. Don't Stop
12. Odb on the Run - Dempsey
13. Ice Skating Girl
14. Non-Revival Alarm - Circlesquare
15. There Are Great Monsters Going Past

Advance tickets ($10) for tonight here. Also, if you zoom in on the flyer, there are $4 well drinks until midnight.


Feb 6, 2008

Simian Mobile Disco "Live from Soho" EP

Simian Mobile Disco recently (yesterday) released their "Live from Soho" EP on iTunes, part of Apple's series of recorded in-store performances done at the Soho Apple Store. This recording was taken from their CMJ performance in October. I haven't listened to it yet, but can attest that it is awesome, since I was there back in October.


01 - Sleep Deprivation
02 - Animal House
03 - The Go! Team: Ladyflash (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)
04 - It's the Beat
05 - System
06 - Hustler
07 - Tits & Acid
08 - Scott

Get it from iTunes here.


Feb 5, 2008

Kavinsky and SebastiAn to play Studio B!

Peeps in the New York area on April 19th are in for the good stuff!

These two:

Kavinsky and SebastiAn hit Studio B April 19th. I'll post more details as I have them.

ps - If you haven't heard it, here is a great set SebastiAn did for Italy's Pig Magazine for their 5th birthday party last April. Still awesome even almost a year later.


Feb 2, 2008



Busy P Kicks!

My roommate makes fun of me because I am pretty much only willing to argue about 2 things - music and sneakers. Now I can do both at the same time - the Nike Air Force 1 x Busy P "Pedro In Paris":

More info here and here.


Feb 1, 2008

Studio B tonight...

Hopefully you've known about this for long enough that you didn't forget *cough*Busy Paul*cough* to get a ticket:

Advanced tickets are sold out. Get yourself there early if you are gonna try to get one at the door. I expect once inside, it will be kinda like this:

I am going to spend the rest of today trying not to bounce off the walls with excitement. Bussssy P!!!!!


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