Oct 19, 2007

I Heart CMJ party, SMD at Music Hall of Williamsburg, SMD dj set at Studio B 10/18/07

The best idea I've ever had: taking the day off from work tomorrow.

This evening, running on 3 hours of sleep I did the following:

went to the I Heart CMJ party. I heard Black Ghosts were supposed to go on at 9ish. I learned after being there for a while that 9ish meant 11. Whack! I got some free booze so I can't complain.

Also, the Salmagundi Art Club is a really interesting space. It's like a townhouse with these huge rooms that are furnished nicely, but very traditional style. There is art everywhere. Downstairs I think there may be some type of restaurant set-up. There were all these people in their 40's and up down there just hanging out, watching all these drunk 20 somethings stumble to the bathroom. I think they were all actually members of the club. The place definitely had a cool, old New York vibe.

Headed to the Music Hall of Williamsburg from there. It was my first time at the venue. I liked it. The bathroom was huge and really nice and modern (ahh, it's my job talking!). Same "sneak to the front" entrances as Bowery Ballroom but overall the place is about half the size.

Had a great time seeing SMD throw down with Chuck, Greg, and Silvadough and was also pleased to have played some role in H-dizzle and his girl losing their SMD virginity. Their set was great. All the usual suspects from the album, but they definitely messed around with things more than the last 2 times I saw them. There were definitely points where I forgot what song they initially had started messing around with. They are the baby Chemical Brothers, I swear. They did this super sneak up on you transition into It's the Beat which I caught early. Those types of transitions were one of the things that really blew my mind during my first few Chemical Brothers shows. The way they ended their was very Chemicals-esque too...all the equipment just humming. It was great.

There was a ridiculous conversation on the way out about bands throwing drumsticks and guitar pics out into the crowd at the end of shows. Chuck & Greg thought SMD should throw knobs and patch cables. Hilarious...and it would be pretty cool.

I chatted with Henrik & Cass outside for a while, then walked to Studio B, which is much further than it seems on Google Maps, but still...not horrible. New Young Pony Club was more than mid-set when I got there. I totally missed Muscles :( but I kind of expected that. NYPC was pretty good. They actually sounded really good when I walked in. Poppy...but the band was totally holding it down with their skills (nunchuck, etc.). At some point I even got the "this is like watching one of those old school Madonna, B52's, assorted pop icon clips from before anyone realized they were going to blow up" feeling. Very energetic and danceable.

2:30 SMD started their dj set, only it was just Jas spinning. James was there hanging out, but as I mentioned, he's still all laid up in this harness/splint thing for his collarbone so I guess he was resting after the intense show. In any case Jas held it down! He played a lot of interesting stuff I can't name for ya in addition to some remixes of Hustler and It's the Beat and the Chemical Brothers' Salmon Dance. It was serious fun.

I'm so looking forward to sleeping in until 11! getting something to eat and hitting that Apple Store with my boys to catch the bang that is SMD yet again!

MSTRKRFT tomorrow night, Busy P & the Black Ghosts Saturday, Justice&Midnight Juggernauts Saturday night, Fixed party w/ Erol Alkan and "special guests* (use your head!) later Saturday night. This CMJ week has been merciless...in the best way possible.

Also, I forgot to mention, James Fucking Friedman dj'ed before SMD and I was totally digging it...some spacey, modern disco tunes...and one of the first songs he played was this song off of Erlend Oye's DJ Kicks comp (which is excellent by the way, especially at the onset of spring, and a great cd for laying out in the summer and anytime really). I think it's a song called "Luckycharm" by Ada, but I'm not sure. Cellphone pics!:

James Fucking Friedman:

James Fucking Anthony Shaw (Jas from SMD, dj set - too crazy to get any pics during their live show):


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