Dec 19, 2007

Ed Banger Records News

Looks like some exciting stuff coming in '08 from the Ed Banger crew:

Looking forward to the Busy P US tour, the new Mr. Oizo album...but the scarf left me wondering who DSL was. Turns out they are some new French hip-hoppers on Ed Banger. They have some pretty sweet tracks on their myspace. I like "Les gelules du Dr. Banner". They obviously remind me of TTC a little in that they are both French hip-hop groups, but DSL's beats have a very different sound. They seem to be a bit faster, a bit more complex too - more layers of sound than TTC. I'm not saying that they're better! Nice to have some new French hip-hop to listen to though...speaking of which - Downloaded this really good podcast of French hip-hop from XLR8R about a month ago that I'd been meaning to post about. Just noticed one of the tracks is by DSL. Hah. Well there ya go...


gregdona 12:17 PM  

Ah! Exciting! Uffie album (she's doing a U.S. tour, too), Oizo disc, Busy P tour, new hip-hop, Justice tour, etc. Crapping my pants!

showtrotta 4:41 PM  

I'm not a big fan of Uffie but I am so excited about everything else, especially the Oizo album and seeing Busy P again!

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