Aug 31, 2007

Passions and Data at Hiro

Arrived at Hiro around 12:30 or so right behind Alan Astor which was kind of funny b/c my friend Dana from work asked me about him the other day. Wound up talking to him for a second about his work with Curses because the door guy gave him my ticket by mistake. Speaking of Curses! Don't miss that show tonight!

Anyway...Passions started pretty much right after I got there. I swear, everyone in the Trouble & Bass crew can really throw down. Passions' set really blew me away. It was just what I've been missing on the dancefloor lately. He played a lot of stuff I didn't know, which was good...nice to not hear the same 10 tracks that have been dropping in every dj set I've caught recently. One of the tracks I recognized was Renegade Master by Wildchild, excellent to hear it being played out! Passions played some of his own stuff too including his remix of Teenagers' Homecoming, and his remix of Nine Inch Nails' Head Like a Hole...dope! I really like his style of dj-ing a lot too. He's super aggressive, just going at it - it's like he's at war with all his equipment. He'll do this thing where he kind of mellows out a song and then brings it back but 10 times the normal amount, and not in the typical way you take all the bass out of a song and then drop's almost like he takes the whole song out except for one itty bitty thing and then brings it all back...but back and on steroids. The man at work:

After a very brief segue way by Alex English, Data started his set. He started with a dope remix of Chromeo's Tenderoni and really held it together on the dancefloor for his entire set. I was really glad I decided to go out to see him because he reminded me of one of the things I really like about dj-ing. He played a lot of songs I'm tired of hearing out at this point...but his timing and the way he dropped them made it not matter. It was like they were brand new songs. I thought some of the highlights of his set were From Disco to Disco by Whirlpool Productions, followed by a quick sample from Prodigy's Girls into Data's Aerius Light. Ridiculous! Other dopeness - Justice's remix of We Are Your Friends followed by Stardust's Music Sounds Better with You. He also dropped Sebastian's remix of Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name Of...I don't really like Rage Against the Machine...but that remix is great! So anyway...bottom line is Passions and Data both played really great sets. An excellent start to what will hopefully be a bangin weekend!


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