Dec 22, 2007


I'm off from work until January 2nd! and luckily things are pretty tame in New York so I don't feel too torn about being up north at my parents indefinitely. My bro & sister in-law are having a baby any hour now so I have been holding it down at the rents house waiting for a phone call because who wants to sit in a hospital waiting room agonizing for 4 hours?

This has left me with plenty of time to scour the internets during which I discovered:

Monday, January 21st - Blogger's Delight hosted by La Decadanse with Numero#, Sports, and more.

I am soooo excited to see Numero# because I missed them when I was up in Montreal this summer. Note to self *buy tickets to shows before seeing the Simpsons movie*. Numero# are probably best described as French electro-pop. Their song "Hit Pop" was all over the radio up there. It is quite possibly the perfect light summer electro jam. Don't sleep on this show. It's free and what else are you doing on a Monday night?! Nothing.

And this is quite a ways down the road, but if 2008 moves anything like 2007 did March will be here in like 3 days, which is awesome because:

March 27 - Cut presents the Institubes tour featuring Para One, Curses, Surkin, Bobmo and the Trouble & Bass dj's at Studio B.

Things are looking good for '08.


Mary Ann 11:02 PM  

glad you're coming out to the show! it's gonna be a good one.

showtrotta 11:27 PM  

Yeah it looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun. Can't wait to see Numero# live and check out Sports...

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