Nov 30, 2007

33Hz, Teki Latex, and Surkin at Hiro 11/29/07

Arrived at Hiro a bit before midnight. 33Hz went on just before 12:30. They definitely have a very retro sound, throwin back to Prince, MJ, etc. Their playing is also very tight and clean. Yet for some reason, barring a handful of dudes in the front, nobody was getting down. It seemed like most people were just talking and not even paying attention. Whack. They were very good, not something I would listen to all the time, but good. Things of note:

When the screen came down for their background visuals it said "visuals by poltergeist" so I thought that was whoever did the visuals'name...but actually, the visuals were scenes from the movie Poltergeist, messed around with and repeating, etc. It was awesome. Haha.

At some point they totally sampled Sinden's Beeper and played along with it which rocked.

Teki came out toward the end of their set and 33Hz served as the backing band for live versions of Disco Dance With You and Travailler at which point I freaked out and totally felt bad for my friend Eddie who was stuck at work and would have been equally freaking out if he were there.

After 33Hz, Teki dj-ed. I don't remember much of what he played, but it was very good. A lot of highly danceable jams mixed with a pop classic here and there. He also played some of his own and TTC's stuff and sang over it which was dope. He did Telephone which was excellent and he ended his set with Travailler (again) but really did it right. He came out from behind the booth and got in the middle of the crowd. It was a lot of fun. Also got a moment to chat with Teki later that evening and he mentioned that he had just started dj-ing. Could've fooled me. Definitely a well-rounded, really fun set.

Surkin went on right after Teki and he absolutely KILLED IT! which was awesome enough, but then you realize he's like 20 years old and tearing it up. Seriously, the dude was just furiously turning knobs the whole time, still was when I left at 3:30. He played a lot of good electro, good crunchy stuff - opened with Boys Noize and things stayed at a constant bang for the whole set. Also, the crowd got progressively better as the night went on. A lot of the people who were just there to be out had gone which left a pretty big group of people just fiercely getting down. I haven't seen it so (relatively) crowded at 2:30 at Hiro.

Here are some pictures:

Teki Latex and Surkin at Hiro

Surkin's at Studio B tonight along with a ton of other people. Don't sleep!


lepouns 8:00 AM  

I love those guys! Teki is the man and Surkin & 33Hz make so good music!

showtrotta 8:04 AM  

Me too! They were all really good that night!

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