Sep 28, 2007

Fuijya & Miyagi at Bowery Ballroom and Claude Vonstroke's Dirtybird party at APT 9/27/07

Arrived at the Bowery just before Fujiya & Miyagi went on a little after 11. They played an excellent, highly danceable show. The crowd was definitely into it, getting down, singing to themselves, etc. and clapping like maniacs. It was nice to see them so well received. They played a lot of songs from Transparent Things, and kept it interesting with some new songs that were on the funkier side. I tried to keep track of the setlist in my head...but it didn't go so well. I know they opened with Ankle Injuries, followed by Collarbone seamlessly transitioning (which was awesome) straight into Photocopier, but then they threw in a couple I had heard at previous shows but whose names I didn't know and it was all over. Another great show by the Brits, but some complained it was a bit short...just about an hour in total. I would have liked to hear a couple of more songs during the encore, but I was fine with it not being a super long show. One thing I noticed about the show...I felt like everyone near me was really a college freshman field trip to the Bowery or something. It was very weird. Check em out at the Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight (which I hear has been transformed into a Bowery Ballroom clone) if you missed out last night. It will be serious fun. I had such a good time I am tempted to go again.

Anyway, after F&M I headed over to the Dirtybird party at APT where Claude Vonstroke was killing it. I have never seen APT so packed! You could barely dance and it was sooooo hot, but still a lot of fun. He was just playing really funky, loud, deep house/techno hybrid shit. It was great. Stayed there until nearly 3 which is why this is not my best post. The next New York Dirtybird is on October 25th with Tanner Ross if you're looking to get down.


Sep 26, 2007

This Weekend

Here's what's going on. Starting Thursday:

Fujiya & Miyagi at Bowery Ballroom. I really like these guys. Seemingly effortless, subtle bang that is harder live than their studio album would indicate.

Followed by this at APT:

For some reason I find it difficult to make myself go to APT straight away, but if I'm already out I'm usually inclined to swing by if something good is going on. Been reading a lot of good stuff about Claude and this party.

Friday F&M are playing again, this time at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Saturday, Meanred holding it down yet again:

I can't wait! The last time Switch was dj-ing in New York (which I think was a while ago) I wasn't really familiar with his stuff. Then in the months following I kept hearing great remixes by him and was kicking myself for not going. To top it off I realized he's also Solid Groove who's responsible for the track "This is Sick" which I have loved for years. So yeah...I'm really looking forward to this show, both for him and Sinden whose stuff I really don't know much of other than Beeper.

Sunday this is going on, but I will be out of town...something in the cosmos is preventing me from seeing the Twilight Sad:


Block Rockin' Beats

Ahhh! In case I haven't alluded to it enough...the Chemical Brothers are my favorite dj's. I got into them my freshman year of college. Up until that point I listened to...dun dun dun...some pop crap that was on the radio, some rock...Sublime, 311, the Chili Peppers; John Mellencamp, and Harry Connick, Jr. Fucking weird, I know. day right at the end of the fall semester hardly anyone was around. Most people had finished their exams and left. I was about to do the same. I swung by my friend Chuck's room to say goodbye, and he was cleaning his bathroom with Star Guitar blasting from the speakers. I asked him what it was. He sent it to me over our speedy 3rd floor file sharing network. When we got back from the break he burned me a copy of Come With Us. My ex-boyfriend Jay got me tickets to see them at Hammerstein in April for Valentine's Day...and it blew my mind. That summer I started listening to more of their old stuff, then the Chems came back in the fall for CMJ...the Audio Bullys, Erlend Oye, Simian Mobile Disco (when it was still the 5 of them), and Cassius were all on the bill with them...and that basically opened the dance music floodgates for me.

So given the history of how I got into the Chemicals I was psyched to be going to the show with Chuck, Greg, and Chuck's Uncle John like old times. There were also a bunch of people who had never seen the Chems before (H-dizzle from work, his girlfriend, Greg's brother, his friend Brian who bought my extra ticket, and a few other people). I swung home after work to drop off my stuff and eat something, then got to Chuck's at 7. We drove over to Hammerstein with Jon about 20 minutes later, met up in line with Brian, got my dollazzz!, then went in. Got a spot a little less than halfway back, toward the right. The Rub were dj-ing...I had seen Ayres dj solo and he was really good, but all together the Rub just weren't doing it for me. They played some good tracks...the Justice remix of Never Be Alone, Mylo's Drop the Pressure, Switch and Solidgroove's This Is Sick (which I never heard on a big system so that was kind of dope)...but to be fair I was very distracted and excited about the Chemical Brothers and the Rub couldn't lure me in. Anyway...after a bit everyone else we were meeting up with started to trickle in and before we knew it, it was 9:30.

The Rub had just cleared offstage when the background droning noise of No Path to Follow started faintly in the background. Knowing the Brothers were about to hit the stage had everyone losing their shit. Finally they came out, the tension broke with Galvanize. It's probably one of my least favorite studio releases from the Chems, but they left me with a new found appreciation after hearing it at their show. That's one of the things I love about seeing the Chemical Brothers live, they have you loving songs you were never really that fond of, that you'd never thought you'd like.

In total the show was 2 hours which included a 30 minute encore. I honestly can't give you a play by play of what happened even though I remember so much of it. I hadn't seen the Brothers in 2 years and in that time I've been exposed to so much new music, so many great bands and dj's coming through New York City. And I've had a great time doing that. There have been nights where I thought I was going to drop from dancing so much. But. For me, nothing compares to the Chemical Brothers. There's just a very specific feeling I get at their shows that has yet to be repeated with any other dj's or bands. For those two hours I was a different level of happy. I was just getting down and going crazy like I hadn't in the past 2 years. Every song they played made me happier than the one before it, and by the end I fully remembered that this was how I felt every time I saw them prior (this was my 6th time - 4 live shows, 2 dj sets).

If I had to go into specifics, highlights for me were:

Do It Again (again not one of my favorite tracks at first, but it had been growing on me after hearing Busy P drop it hard in a dj set...done live by the Chems it killed, the visuals were great too - blue and red silhouettes of two guys dancing)

It was good to hear them drop the classics like Block Rockin Beats and Hey Boy, Hey Girl that always make the crowd lose it, myself included.

During Temptation/Star Guitar I freaked the fuck out as Star Guitar is my favorite Chemical Brothers song. I freak out whenever they play it live.

Surface to Air was beautiful. It's a beautiful song that subtly builds to a bang. I really loved the live version. The visuals were perfect...again silhouettes of people, this time girls, floating through the air, and also butterflies all in shades of blue.

Ending the show with Chemical Beats was really great because it got me in the mood for old school Chems stuff. I was already in the mood for it already. I have been listening to their early stuff now more than ever and was a bit bummed that I probably wouldn't hear much of it at this show. But the encore was the icing on the cake - Leave Home?! Sunshine Underground?!!? And Das Spiegel (favorite track off of We Are the Night) thrown in for good measure. I couldn't have asked for a better show or a better ending.

Set list thanks to sneakerbeater from the Chemical Brothers forum:

No Path To Follow
Burst Generator
Do it Again
Get Yourself High
Hey Boy, Hey Girl
All Rights Reversed
Krafty Numbers
Out Of Control
Dont Fight Control
Temptation / Star Guitar
Surface To Air
Under The Infuence
We Are The Night
Golden Path
Acid Children
Chemical Beats

Leave Home
Block Rockin Beats
Das Spiegel
The Sunshine Underground

There's a ton of stuff from this show floating around the internets. Great footage on youtube. The first one that comes up that's 20 minutes of footage condensed into 10 is good if you want an overview. This guy recorded and uploaded the whole show broken down into a bunch of parts on youtube , but there's a link here in part 1 to download a high quality version of the full show.

Also, has audio of the entire show. The volume's a bit low, but it does the trick.

Photos from the McCarren Pool show and more photos from the McCarren show. I found these a while after posting my review of the Hammerstein show, and realized I never posted a review of the McCarren show - in short, it was not as good as Hammerstein, but due to a variety of extraneous factors - crowd, venue, volume, timing, etc., not the Chems' themselves. A lot of those photos are very good though so I wanted to put the links somewhere so I would have them and also to share them.


Feel Better James!

From Simian Mobile Disco's blog:

SMD regret to announce that the Leeds Cockpit Live show has been postponed.
Unfortunately James Ford broke his collar bone whilst on tour in the USA.
Its difficult for him to travel (and use his arm!). Other dates are
unaffected for now but please check back for further announcements regarding
SMD touring/djing. Once again, SMD are sorry they won't be in Leeds tonight
but the date will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Ouch. That sounds hellish. Get well soon James!


Sep 23, 2007

Boys Noize and Pink Skull at Studio B - 9/14/07

After the Underworld show in Central Park I was pretty tired, but Boys Noize was dj-ing at Studio B. He's one of my favorite dj's. I went home, ate something, hopped on the G to Studio B. I tried to get there early so I could catch Pink Skull (at David Bruno's urging!), but I only was able to see them peform 2 songs even though it was only 12:15. The 2 songs I got to hear were pretty awesome though. A very energetic bunch of guys, making some highly danceable stuff with a very live quality to it (there's a drummer and guitarist, and a guy on turntables). Definitely would have liked to hear more, but c'est la vie.

JDH & Dave P spun for a bit after that, then Boys Noize started up around 1 or so. Now it could have just been me...but I did not have a good time! One of my favorite dj's, who's had me losing my shit on multiple occasions...and I did not have a good time. At all. I just could not get into it. Here are some factors that I believe may have contributed:

1. I have trouble shifting gears from one type of music to another sometimes. Perhaps the jump from Underworld to Boys Noize was too much (but then why was I able to get into Pink Skull?).

2. I was tired.

3. The dancefloor was REALLY packed. Some girl flailed and hit me in the eye. Then some hippy chick came over and was B.O.-ing up the space. So I moved away and then some guy was either trying to dance with me, or just was being forced way too close to me by the number of people on the dancefloor.

4. Perhaps I have seen Boys Noize too many times in the past year (this being my 5th), and I hate to say it, but I found his set to be a bit predictable. I would recognize the song he was playing and found myself thinking now he's going to drop the Bloc Party remix, or Michael Jackson, or Pump Up the Jam...which would have been fine if it happened once or twice...but it happened a lot.

As much as I hated to do it, I was tired and I skipped out early on his set. I'm hoping it was just a fluke incident, and more me than him. Hopefully he will be back here a bit further down the road, on a night when I haven't already gone to one big dance show.


Underworld in Central Park - 9/14/07

When I heard Underworld was playing Central Park (months and months ago) I bought a ticket right away. I was only familiar with their big songs that everybody knows, but they were some of the first guys out there making electronic music and I knew it was something I shouldn't miss. Despite my best efforts to get through their whole catalog before the show came around, I was only able to get in a few listens of dubnobasswithmyheadman and the Pearl's Girl EP. Honestly it didn't matter...I knew less than half of what they played, but the show was great anyway.

When I heard the bass thumping as I wandered through the park I got the same weird Alice in Raverland feeling I had when I saw the Chemical Brothers there 2 years ago. I arrived a little after 6, found Chuck and Greg pretty quickly and we secured a good spot, dead center, maybe a little further than halfway back. James Holden was dj-ing in the meantime...decent, nothing mind-blowing or anything.

Underworld hit the stage at 7:30 and it was a non-stop good time. There was a very good vibe from the crowd. I have never seen so many different types of people with such a wide range of ages at a show, all having a good time. Every time I looked around me people were either getting down, or had their eyes closed and looked to be having a religious experience. The actual music was banging. They played a lot of their more well-known hits and some stuff off of their new album (Oblivion With Bells, out in the US on October 16th). Setlist below thanks to URB.

1. Luetin
2. New Train
3. Crocodile
4. Pearl’s Girl
5. Biro the Leggy
6. Two Months Off
7. Rowla
8. Glam Bucket
9. Rez / Cowgirl
10. Born Slippy Nuxx
11. King of Snake
12. Jumbo

Their set flowed extremely well. There were parts that had everyone moving, then they would mellow it out a bit with a slower track, but then come back again with the perfect banger. It was really a great, well-rounded, fun show. It was also awesome to hear them play their own stuff, loud and live, especially songs I knew like Rez, Cowgirl, and Born Slippy.

I thought the whole show really had an old school feeling. Most of their songs that I knew were from my early days getting into dance music, so it reminded me of that time in my life and alot of the other stuff I was listening to then (Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, etc). Having the show in the park gave it a very free, outdoor party vibe. I've never seen so many people so happy at a show. The weather was perfect. The skies were clear. There were some nice, old school Atari visuals and big light up balloons. From where we were, the stage, the whole space, was framed by trees with these lights shining through, and music banging all around us (though it definitely could have been louder) was very surreal.

I really didn't have any expectations for the show because I wasn't that familiar with Underworld's music. If anything I was trying not to get too excited because I didn't want to feel let down if I wasn't that into it. I can gladly say seeing Underworld live was a great experience and probably one of the most fun, carefree, good feeling shows I've been to in a long time.

Some great photos here and here, and a very interesting review from someone who knows way more about Underworld than I do, Tony.


Sep 20, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Extended - Modular Monthly, Wurst Monthly, Worst Saturday

For some reason despite all the madness that was going on here over labor day weekend, I felt the need to keep going well into the next week.

I didn't think I would make it out Thursday night after spending most of Wednesday recovering (at work) after getting literally just a couple of hours of sleep after the Yo Yo NYC party. But somehow I wound up heading down to the Modular Party at 200 Orchard to check out the Bang Gang. I had been reading and hearing so much about them...only trouble is...I am not sure if I ever actually saw them dj. Hah. This is ridiculous. Some guys were dj-ing when I got there... probably somewhere between 12 and 1. They were good. Playing a lot of stuff I've been hearing out quite often, but in good way that made it same new and danceable. Then at some point it switched to JDH & Dave P - also good. Then I left to go to the bar and was waiting for a while and when I got back the floor had cleared quite a bit and there was just one guy I didn't recognize dj-ing. I was kind of underwhelmed at this point, so I left to head over to the Wurst monthly at APT.

I got there a little before 2. I think it was My Cousin Roy spinning but I didn't really get a good look behind the decks because I was too busy dancing along with half of the downstairs of APT. Every time I go there I have such a different experience. Either you're up to your neck in bitchy pretension and everyone's too self-involved to dance, or it's very laidback and the crowd is shitty and just not dancing, or as was the case that night: the crowd was great, not pretentious, and was relentlessly getting down. There was modern disco being played that you could not not get down to. Stayed 'til it closed!

Went to work Friday with the plan of watching West Wing and crashing on the couch the second I got home in the hopes of falling asleep and waking up in time to either go to People Don't Dance No More or Fun. Problem #1: my roommate took the season of West Wing I was up to home with him for the weekend. Problem #2: I fell asleep on the couch, realized this around 9, rolled over kept sleeping, didn't wake up again until 2:45...and sadly that was that.

Unfortunately things were downhill from there in terms of nightlife that weekend. I made an impulse decision to buy a ticket to see Patrick from M.A.N.D.Y. dj while I was making breakfast Saturday morning. Stuff on M.A.N.D.Y.'s myspace was decent, and they're on Get Physical as is DJ T who blew me away at Moustaches Wild the week before. I thought it would be good to try something new. WRONG! At least in this case. First of all the ticketfast ticket said Shelter was on 39th and 5th. It was not. It was on Varick near Vandam. I was running late to begin with so I took a cab which actually wasn't that bad $-wise. I got there...and it was like the Holland Tunnel off ramp dumped directly into this place. I really am not a big fuckhead snob about crowds. I usually just try to ignore them if they bother me and have a good time anyway...but this was like tight shirt, gelled hair, muscley Guido-esque dudes and girls with fake nails. Can't fault them for the big hair, haha. Seriously though it was a bloodbath, but I could have dealt with it if the music wasn't horrible. It was like deep scary house...but not good deep hellish house that people who don't listen to electronic/dance music think of when you tell them you like dance music. At first it was really bad, then after about 15 minutes the dj's switched and it got slightly better. I tried to wait it out and give it a chance, but I just thought it was bad and had to get outta there. I wound up sticking around for only an hour altogether. Found out that the second guy who had gone on was Patrick from M.A.N.D.Y....disappointing, but you need a night like that every now and then to keep all the really good stuff in perspective I guess.


Sep 19, 2007

Yo Yo NYC - Busy P at Love 9/4/07

Pardon me for playing catch up here but there has been so much happening I haven't been able to keep up. Way back on labor day weekend there was that awesome Moustaches Wild party at Studio B. Busy P's set was so solid that night I had to go back for more so I hit the Yo Yo NYC party at Love with Eddie (who mistakingly slept on the party Saturday night). Got there at 11:30 or so. The place was already packed. I'd never been there before, but it lived up to the psychadelic blue light cave with a monster soundsystem descriptions I had read in the past. The soundsystem was really excellent...whoever was dj-ing when we got there was playing stuff you never though you'd want to hear, but it was vibrating through your body loud, but crystal clear - everything sounded good. The vibe at the party was really good. Everyone was having serious fun and getting down. I think the 40's may have helped too.

Probably 30 minutes or so into getting there the Trackademicks crew started their set. I hadn't heard of them before, but the day of the party I kept getting various emails about it from which I learned they are part of the San Francisco "hyphy" movement, which frankly cracked me up. When I went to Montreal a few months ago Eddie and I met this guy Ian through a mutual friend who proceeded to explain what hyphy was when we gave him blank looks when he mentioned it. His explanation went a lot like this (to be read in super thick French accent): Hyphy, it's like the new hippy. When I went out to Caleefornia everyone was just having such a good time. It's like if I die tomorrow everything will be ok because everything is beautiful, life is beautiful, it's just hyphy! See that guy over there (look over to see a bunch of dudes jumping on the hood of a car), that guy's hyphy."

Riight. We thought the dude was kind of out there and were kind of glad we were out of the loop on that one. But then somehow or another I realized that it was an actual whole hip hop movement out of S.F. and I jokingly printed this out from wikipedia before we embarked on our little adventure at Love. After having a good laugh we embraced the term "thizzle" as our own, as an alternative to hurl "...i.e. I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold it together tonight, I might thizzle all over the place". Serious fun.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for the whole hyphy experience. It was kind of fun for the first few songs, but then it all started to sound the same. So we took a little detour down Macdougal, and headed back to Love around 1, right at the beginning of Busy P's set. It's all a bit fuzzy since it was a couple of weeks ago...but he was playing good stuff, expected, but good - Justice, Daft Punk, and alot of other stuff.

I had a good time, but I thought it lacked something compared to the set he played at Moustaches Wild. It might have been what he was playing or it might have been the crowd. He played some of the same stuff as he did at Studio B that night, but it wasn't having the same effect. Case in point the Chemical Brothers' Do It Again which had everyone losing their shit and shouting along Saturday night, got only a lukewarm response from the crowd at Love, so much so that Pedro stopped fading the song out because nobody was shouting "Do it again". Other songs that had gotten great reactions at Studio B (Dizzy Rascal's Pussyhole) also didn't go over as well for some reason. There were definitely other moments and other songs that had the crowd going...but I just can't remember them specifically, and found Pedro's set from Saturday to be more consistently awesome. Towards the end things took a very hip-hop ish turn and for me it was just kind of winding down (but the crowd seemed into it). I think overall the crowd was more hip-hop than electronic oriented and that's what made the crowd vs. my reaction to the two different parties and dj sets so different. Overall it was a good experience, but just not the unstoppable dance experience of three nights prior.


It's the Beat - SMD at the Gramercy Theater

We (Eddie, Chuck, Greg, me) arrived around 10 in the middle of JDH & Dave P's set. I see them a lot between their monthly Fixed parties and supporting other acts...I kind of take them for granted. One of the reasons I wanted to start dj-ing in the first place, way back when, was because the opening dj's I would see were just SO horrible. I couldn't help but think I could do better if I just knew how to work turntables and a mixer. JDH & Dave P are way better than the vast majority of openers I've seen over the past 5 years, but I'm always so pumped for the headliner that I kind of just wait through their set. I usually note a few standout tracks here and there (like the ridiculous remix of the Chemical Brothers' Salmon Dance that they played) but don't usually get down even though I like most of what they play. Chuck and Greg were pretty into them though which kind of got me thinking that I short change them a bit. They're actually good djs.

Anyway...after a bit of banging from JDH & Dave P, Invisible Conga People went on. Shockingly a lot of people around us seemed to think they were Simian Mobile Disco...maybe because one of the guys' hair was a bit like James from SMD's?...I have no idea. One would think if you had enough sense to buy tickets to the show you would at least realize what a far cry Invisible Conga People's sound was from SMD's. Invisible Conga People...I don't know if I would say they were bad, but they were not what the crowd needed. JDH & Dave P had everyone happy and dancing...and then the two dudes from Invisible Conga People came on with some really mellow electronic, droney, lullaby shoegazey stuff. It didn't make sense for that place and time. They finally stopped close to 11.

JDH & Dave P got everyone moving again (which I think everyone was eager to do after Invisible Conga People). By the time they finished and got all their stuff cleared out, it was midnight when SMD hit the stage. And they hit it hard for about an hour straight. Out of my little crew I had dragged out with me I was the only one who had caught their show at Studio B a few months ago. I had tried to convey the loud analog explosion that was about to happen, but apparently I didn't do a good enough job. We all emerged from the show pretty fucked. The little bleeps and blips they opened with from Sleep Deprivation gave no indication of what was to come, but I knew once the bass and beats hit they wouldn't stop. Jas and James covered most of what's on Attack Decay Sustain Release including Hustler, It's the Beat, and Tits & Acid. I'm sure they also hit some of the lesser known tracks on the album, I just can't i.d. them upon hearing yet. They also threw in the excellent non-album track Animal House and their remix of the Klaxons' Magick. There was a super quick break during which everyone went crazy, and SMD returned the favor delivering the excellent "I Believe" along with a lot of on the fly bang to close out an awesome show.

We had all intentions of hitting the after party for what I'm sure was an amazing dj set, but after sitting there dumbfounded after the intense hour of bang SMD brought I think we made a wise decision in deciding not to go. I feel like I have been over extending myself lately, trying to do everything resulting in a shittying up of otherwise awesome evenings. I felt especially better about skipping SMD's dj set when I saw this yesterday:


Sep 14, 2007

Dance, dance, dance...

Ahhh...still recovering from all the madness that happened here last week (reviews to come). I of course caught some sort of death cold/allergy in the meantime that I thought had gone away, but going to happy hour Wednesday probably wasn't the best idea. So now it's back, worse than before. I missed all the French blogger/dj madness that went on at Hiro last night so that I could go to bed at 10 pm...yes, 10 preparation for this evening's activities:

Really looking forward to this. The weather is awesome today. The dudes are legendary. Should be a great show.

Followed by this:

Boys Noize is always awesome

Followed by another night of double madness tomorrow:

Simian Mobile Disco live show at the Gramercy Theater! followed by:

I've seen them dj and their live show and neither left anything to be desired. If you're not convinced watch some youtube then buy your ticket!


Sep 6, 2007

No rest for the weary






Free if you RSVP



Sep 4, 2007

Another New York Justice date

Due to popular demand a second Justice show has been added at Terminal 5 for October 22nd. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon.


Sep 2, 2007

Moustaches Wild at Studio B!

I literally just walked in the door (wrote most of this at about 4:30 am) from Mustaches Wild. It was one of the best shows I have been to this year. Seriously.

I have to say...I have never really personally believed in love at first sight. But then I saw DJ T. He had me from the second he put his first record on. It was just blissful beats and no BS. For the most part, like 95%...all his own shit. None of which I'd heard (save if any of it was on his myspace) until just then. It was just pure and simple banging. It was like...take any awesome dance track floating around today and strip it down, take out all the extra bullshit (crunchy and delicious as it may be) and just distill it down to it's original state. This dude was just dropping these crystal clear, awesome beats. I was ready to get down on one knee. Seriously. DJ T, if you are reading...set the date my friend. DJ T was not the reason I went out tonight. I went out to see Busy P. I had a feeling I might be into DJ T's sound from what I heard on his myspace and because I've tended to like the guys on Get Physical thus far. When I was full fledgedly getting down to his set I had a feeling it was going to be one of those nights. And it was...and then some. DJ T spun from about 1 until 2:45. I did not stop moving the whole time. Shamelessly getting down. It was excellent. Hearing someone play mostly their own shit for almost 2 hours, stuff that sounds like none of the stuff I have been listening to for months. It was exactly the vacation I needed from all of my blog recommended jams, though I love many of them...they are getting played out.

At 2:45 I was so happy you could have told me Busy P wasn't coming and I would have gone home without a care in the world. That's how good I thought DJ T's set was. But anyway...Busy P finally got on the decks at about a quarter to 3. He played so much was one of those instances where I should have been taking notes, but couldn't because it was so good. It was one of those dj sets where every track played had everybody losing their shit. It was great. These are some standouts:

Pussyhole - Dizzy Rascal
Killing in the Name Of - Rage Against the Machine (Sebastian's remix)
Window Licker - Aphex Twin
Do It Again - Chemical Brothers (I had just gotten in an unusually long line for the restroom when I recognized the beginning of the song and proceeded to run back to the dance floor. It was awesome. That's not my favorite track on We Are the Night, but Pedro did it up right. He kept fading out the "Do It Again" so everyone was yelling it instead. Fucking awesome!
Alot of Justice including: Stress, Phantom (not sure if it was part 1 or 2), D.A.N.C.E. (not sure whose remix)
Daft Punk - possibly Aerodynamic but not 100% sure
Rapture - Olio
Mr. Oizo - Transsexual
Stronger - a really awesome, slowed down remix (btw, that A-trak remix floating around...not too found of it. I don't think that track needs any speeding up)

Busy P's set was another example of it's not what you play, it's how you play it. I have definitely heard a lot of the songs he played, played out in clubs a lot of times in the past few months. Tonight he breathed new life into them. It was one of the best dj sets I've experienced this year. During it I was reminded of the first few dj sets I'd ever seen in person (Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim)...I had this feeling inside that I'd experience during the first few sets I ever saw where everything was just new and stirring up my insides, almost giving me chills - it's a combination of something inside, being in awe and disbelief, all the while being unable to stop moving while in a state of complete happiness.

It was a great, great evening. Way too many camera phone pics:


DJ T + Busy P = TP!

Busy P!

And it was all made even more awesome because it was free thanks to Mas.

Also...Happy Birthday to Turntable Lab's Unemployed Lloyd who I somehow identified amidst all the dancing and chaos. If you don't have to clean you apartment like I do today you could go to this:


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