Dec 17, 2007

Radio 4 news!

via their website:

"Yes its been a while but we have news. In January 2008 Radio 4 will be entering the studio with their new favorite production team,The Brothers, (!!!, Professor Murder) and recording a brand new batch of songs. Some of these songs will be released on RCRDLBL soon after. Also, on January 25 the band will play their first NYC show in some time at Studio B in Brooklyn. DJs and a full lineup will be announced shortly...Elsewhere work on the Antonino Dambrosio/Tim Robbins film, Let Fury Have the Hour, is continuing and the band will be providing most of the music for that film which is due at the end of 2008.... Anthony Roman's collaboration with British dance act X-Press 2 has been released on Tommy Boy records here in the US. The album is called Makeshift Feelgood...

Happy Holidays kids."


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