May 19, 2007

Friday evening's events

I left a lovely post-work BBQ in Astoria to head back to my place and then over to Studio B to catch the Glass and Professor Murder.

The Glass had audio problems from the get-go. The first song was a bit rough. Then they played Won't Bother Me, Come Alive, Mad At You, and a couple of other songs off the new record. They were quite good barring that first song, but definitely not optimal conditions to see them under. I swear, every time I go to to Studio B lately there is some Asian girl rolling right near me. It's hellish.

There was a bit of a break in between during which whomever was dj-ing dropped Soulwax's "It's the E-talking", followed by Green Velvet's "Shake and Pop" which worked quite well. Not too long thereafter, P-murder went on. They played a short set...probably around 45 minutes...they played a new song or two, a couple of oldies, but goodies, but they also left out a lot of stuff. They did play some stuff from the Caps & Jones mixtape though. The Asian girl who was rolling near me wound up on stage with her compatriot..some random girl. They distracted me. I'm sure they distracted the band. It was quite hellish. Not my best P-murder experience...but definitely not their fault. Michael Bell was having some throat issues, but did not puss out like some other peeps...*cough* Brandon Flowers *cough*.

Somewhere around 1:00 I got the hell out of there and wound up at the Annex. I assume the Peoples Champion was spinning b/c I knew it wasn't Curses. His name was quite appropriate...this guy was dropping every dope remix blogged about in the past month. There was Justice...there was Klaxons...there was getting down. Around 2 Curses! took the decks and just bassed it up. I was having an awesome time gettin down for a while before I spotted DB. Moments later he reappeared with a huge handful of glowsticks which were dispensed accordingly. Everyone was gettin' down. It was dope. Curses! second to last track was brand new and bass-tastic. The perfect end to a lovely night of banging, or rather, getting deep (:P - you know if that's for you)...I ran into my friend Van just as Curses was ending his set, and we danced into the wee hours together to some fine mixing from Miss Superstar. You can catch her and Van & Pussycat (the resident DJ's) on Tuesday at Mr. Black, and the following week, catch my boy Van and Pussycat along with Drop the Lime, the Captain, and Star Eyes! Yea-yuhh!

Beeeedtiiiiime bitches! Gotta rest up for:


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