Dec 13, 2007

Super Thursday

If the amount of stuff going on tonight doesn't give you flashbacks to CMJ I don't know what will.

Early show:

Haven't seen anyone on the bill live before, but I'm going for Jordan Dare. Hadn't heard of him before until my friend Paul emailed me about him. He has a great sound - banging and crunchy. Reppin Montreal too!

After that show is where things started to get tricky for me.

I'm going to this:

I've gone on enough tangents here before about how much I love Boys Noize so I'm not going to bore you with another. I hope he plays some stuff off of Oi Oi Oi like he did at I Love Techno.

Here are the other things I'm skipping since they overlap with Boys Noize and/or will have me running around Brooklyn/Manhattan like a lunatic:

Don't know about the other bands, but Nintendo + Baltimore = OCDJ.

It's have the dudes from the Rapture dj-ing, plus David Bruno. If his set is anything like his last one it should be a great time.

Finally, the show I am probably the most pissed about missing:

I love Ulrich Schnauss. His music is really mellow and atmospheric, but in a live setting it somehow works up to a beautiful bang. I know if I go after the Knitting Factory show I will just be in a daze and too worried about cutting it too close for the Boys Noize show to enjoy it.

Anyway...get out there, don't let the weather stop you!


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