Mar 11, 2007

Simian Muthafuckin Mobile Disco!

I, just now, got back from being sonically devastated at Studio B by Simian Mobile Disco...they started at 2, and their set ended at 5...but I dunno if it was actually 3 hours or if the clock on my cellphone just jumped ahead b/c of daylight any event...their set fuckin banged. I did not stop dancing the whole time. It was definitely the best show I've been to this year, and possibly one of the best dj sets I've ever experienced.

Here were my personal highlights, possibly even in the order that they happened, but with large chunks of songs missing in between:

Started with their mix of the Klaxons' Magick
Dropped It's the Beat - I went fuckin bananas
Dropped Boys Noize remix of Frau - see above for reaction
Chemical Brothers' Electronic Battle Weapon 9!!! I died!
Aphex Twin's Windowlicker!
Standing in the Way of Control (glad to hear, but not as psychotic about it as I was with all the others mentioned here)
Hustler! Dope!
They played "Happy to Be in America" from Westside Story at the end...which I found funny b/c I almost bought that record a couple of months ago.

I am exhausted in the most delightful way. Thank you James and Jas!


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