Dec 4, 2007

Masters of the Universe II at Studio B with Diplo 11.30.07

Friday night I skipped We Tigers at Luna Lounge because I was beat from the night before, but I did drag myself out for Masters of the Universe II.

Arrived at Studio B a little after midnight on Friday. First, some back story - I somehow, with all the stuff I listen to, never really heard or got into Diplo. I really didn't care about him being on the bill. I wanted to see the Trouble & Bass dj's, and catch Surkin kill it for a second night in a row, and was just hoping Diplo would be good, along with everybody else on the bill that night. Also, I stopped buying advance tickets to things at Studio B because their door has been so disorganized lately that you wind up waiting just as long as the people who didn't buy tickets ahead of time.

Of course, Friday was the wrong night for that because everyone and their mother came out for Diplo. The line was long. It was cold. I wound up waiting on it for 2 hours. It sucked. To a certain extent it was my own fault. But damn. Also, I didn't realize it was going to take that long otherwise I never would have waited. I wound up missing the Trouble & Bass dj's, Surkin, and everyone else I wanted to see, except for Diplo! Haha.

I was happy just to be inside once that finally happened around 2. There was a line for coat check that I was not about to wait on. A line for the bathroom that was long but quick, and a crowded bar that took longer than I would have liked. I've never seen it like that at Studio B though. I am hoping it was just a fluke thing because it really is one of the best spots to get down right now.

Anyway, got a drink, found my girl Dana, Diplo dropped the Chemical Brothers' Saturate, we got down and I was in a better mood. Diplo's set was good, nice and long, kept it going until 4:30! But...I do not think he is the dj god everyone is making him out to be. Sorry. Also, sorry for the lack of info about his actual set - I honestly was just glad to be inside and dancing, and wasn't trying to remember tracks or anything like that.

I also just remembered this, hours after I first wrote this post. Right when I found Dana I looked over and swear I saw Surkin right there, getting down. A few hours later this dude I repeatedly see at Hiro pretty much every time I go there calls me on it. We start talking about Surkin's set there the night before (which we both were at). I go get a beer, and when I come back Surkin is there getting down right near the dude (Jason), so I tell him that it's Surkin, and he's like , oh no way and goes to complement him on his set from the night before. Only it's not Surkin!...but it looked like him so much. There was no doubt in my mind. So literally a minute after Jason informs me of what just happened the actual Surkin walks by us, about 5 feet away from the Surkin twin. It was insanity. I was bugging out. So then Jason got to give his little schpiel to the real Surkin and I felt way less bad about misdirecting him. Haha.


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