Aug 19, 2007

The World's Made Up of This and That

Saw Electroma at midnight on Friday. I have to say having a late night at Hiro, followed by work, and 4 episodes or so of West Wing did not leave me in the most receptive state for 10 minute spans of silent robots driving a Ferrari through the desert. I did not doze off though! I got what was going on but at the same time left the theater feeling a bit mindfucked. It took me a day for it to all kind of sink in before I could even really form any conclusion about it. I appreciated the work and creativity that went into it. I would like to see it again after seeing all these other films my friend Eddie told me they paid homage to in Electroma. I'm glad I went.

Saturday I did my default early Saturday evening activity...went to PS1. Got there about 7 and the dj was kicking. Some good older disco, moving toward some great more modern stuff...none of which I knew. It was good, dirty, let's go do it after this party's over disco. It was like that until about the last half hour...then it got a bit diva housey. And then there was this endless build up that kept seeming like it was going to break and almost would, but would then just start over and build more. I couldn't take it. I left, walked to the grocery store which was closed, and then it sounded like it had picked up again and gotten pretty bangin as I walked home. Oh well. C'est la vie. Also...I don't know who the dj was! I'm pretty certain it was one of these 3:

DJ Spun
Ben Cook (aka Stranger)
Eric Duncan (Rub n Tug)

They're the only 3 dj's on the bill for yesterday. I emailed someone at PS1 about it-

So Eleanor from PS1 got back to me really quickly, but I kept forgetting to post it. Apparently DJ Spun went on at 7, and from 8 to 9 Ben Cook, Eric Duncan, and DJ Spun were all on the decks. So the bang wasn't coming from any one person specifically.

And while I'm on really should check it out if you haven't already. There are only 2 Warm Up parties left! I have no idea about any of the artists playing those 2 days, but when the music's bad I usually just have a beer or two and look at the "art". I use quotes b/c a lot of modern art and I don't get along, but when I looked around the first floor a week or so ago some of it was actually good. Also brace yourself for the crowd...hipsters, art snobs, dumb bitches in stilettos who step on your foot while they spazz out pouring a cup of Coke for their boyfriend (don't ask). If you move up to the front though people are usually getting down pretty viciously if you're into that. And if you're more of a stand/sit around/talk with your friends person it's pretty spacious toward the back and there are these hammock chair installations and food and stuff like that. It's a nice way to spend some time outside, get down, hang out on a Saturday.

And now I will kiss any credibility goodbye with my overly simplified review of the Daft Punk show at Keyspan 2 weeks ago. I had a good time. When I think back to the show there were definitely moments were I was losing my shit. But there were other moments where I was just kind of eh and looking forward to what was next. I didn't have best view of the visuals, but what I did catch was pretty cool. I loved looking up and seeing two robots grooving in the booth. BUT...I did not personally find this to be a life-changing, most awesome, top ten shows I've been to experience. I also wished they had played more older stuff from Homework, like Teachers...I would have died happily if they played Teachers...and just more oldish stuff in general (Digital Love) instead of so much of their newer stuff from Human After Steam Machine. I have to admit hearing it live did give me a new love for Robot Rock though. Also, I thought it was a bit too similar to their Coachella set from last year which I unfortunately had listened to earlier in the week. But...I have to say, I downloaded the live set from the BK show that is floating around the internet...and after getting over my urges to kill the two girls talking throughout way too much of it, I totally got into it and was having flashbacks, getting excited, and getting goosebumps listening to the who knows.


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