Dec 5, 2007

Ween at Terminal 5, 12/1/07

Saturday night I went to see Ween at Terminal 5 with my brother, his brother in-law, and his friend Rob.

Firstly, that walk all the way over to Terminal 5 from Columbus Circle sucks, but it sucks even more when it's cold out.

Anyway...we got a good spot a few people away from the barrier because my brother is probably equally if not more psychotic about getting good spots at shows than I am. It was cool to see a show at Terminal 5 from that close for a change since I had been pretty far away for both of the Justice shows. Ween went on at about 8:30 and played until around 11. The show was very good. All the dudes are very talented. I really enjoyed the songs that I recognized a lot. And there were some I didn't recognize that were good too - a few more mellow songs, they really do it all. I don't really listen to Ween all that much, but I saw them in Atlantic City with my brother and his wife 2 years ago and it was an awesome show. They're also one of thew few bands that my brother and I both like so it was fun to go to a show with him for the first time in a while. Also, Ween's drummer is amazing. He did an endless solo during the encore that rocked. I definitely would have appreciated it (and the entire show) more if I hadn't been waiting in line for 2 hours the night before for Masters of the Universe II at Studio B. I was so exhausted. My brother even turned around and busted me letting out a big yawn. The horror! Haha. It was a fun show anyway. I hit in the head...with...a glowstick. All the dance and electro shows I go to and that's never happened...I go see Ween, hit in the head with a glowstick. Ridiculous.

Setlist thx to the breezy (the starred ones I thought were particularly awesome):

Take me away
transdermal celebration*
Bannans and blow
learin' to love
spinal menengitis got me down
happy colored marbles*
my own barehands
buckingham green
mutilated lips

Acoustic set:
tried & true
birthday boy
help me scrape the mucas off my brain
i don't want it

Roses are free
push the l'il daisies*
sorry charlie
woman and man
stroker ace
dr rock
powder blue
papa zit
big jilm*
fat lenny

never squeal*


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