Dec 9, 2007


Right now, Tiefschwarz is dj-ing at Studio B, and it looks something like this:

Ok, maybe not that bad, but tonight confirmed Studio B is definitely taking some kind of hellish dirty jerz turn. I am hoping it is just temporary.

A little before 2, Tiefschwarz went on, nothing crazy. They dropped a very subtle version of Daft Punk's Teachers after a while which had me buggin out a little. Teachers is the song I ALWAYS want to hear played out somewhere that still has yet to got my hopes up, but I liked what they did with it. Unfortunately, with that my expectations jumped, and they proceeded to play some kind of progressive nightmare that I could not get into. Left a bit after 3.


I know you need a bad night every now and then so you appreciate all the good shit that comes through New York (which is actually a lie I tell myself so that I am less pissed when I have a shitty night), but does it have to be a night when so much oher potentially good shit is goin down? I'm really just pissed that Tief was so bad, and that I missed Peer Pressure because of it.

Thank goodness for Boys Noize on Thursday...


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