Aug 31, 2007



Just read a post on Pitchfork about Justice's "expanded" world tour, when I noticed a little asterisk next to the New York date (among others)...and what does it say next to the asterisk but...

* with Midnight Juggernauts

That show just got twice as dope! If you got that free itunes download a few weeks ago of "Road to Recovery" you definitely know what I am talking about...

ps - currently seeking replacements/supplements to "dope" and "banging"


Passions and Data at Hiro

Arrived at Hiro around 12:30 or so right behind Alan Astor which was kind of funny b/c my friend Dana from work asked me about him the other day. Wound up talking to him for a second about his work with Curses because the door guy gave him my ticket by mistake. Speaking of Curses! Don't miss that show tonight!

Anyway...Passions started pretty much right after I got there. I swear, everyone in the Trouble & Bass crew can really throw down. Passions' set really blew me away. It was just what I've been missing on the dancefloor lately. He played a lot of stuff I didn't know, which was good...nice to not hear the same 10 tracks that have been dropping in every dj set I've caught recently. One of the tracks I recognized was Renegade Master by Wildchild, excellent to hear it being played out! Passions played some of his own stuff too including his remix of Teenagers' Homecoming, and his remix of Nine Inch Nails' Head Like a Hole...dope! I really like his style of dj-ing a lot too. He's super aggressive, just going at it - it's like he's at war with all his equipment. He'll do this thing where he kind of mellows out a song and then brings it back but 10 times the normal amount, and not in the typical way you take all the bass out of a song and then drop's almost like he takes the whole song out except for one itty bitty thing and then brings it all back...but back and on steroids. The man at work:

After a very brief segue way by Alex English, Data started his set. He started with a dope remix of Chromeo's Tenderoni and really held it together on the dancefloor for his entire set. I was really glad I decided to go out to see him because he reminded me of one of the things I really like about dj-ing. He played a lot of songs I'm tired of hearing out at this point...but his timing and the way he dropped them made it not matter. It was like they were brand new songs. I thought some of the highlights of his set were From Disco to Disco by Whirlpool Productions, followed by a quick sample from Prodigy's Girls into Data's Aerius Light. Ridiculous! Other dopeness - Justice's remix of We Are Your Friends followed by Stardust's Music Sounds Better with You. He also dropped Sebastian's remix of Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name Of...I don't really like Rage Against the Machine...but that remix is great! So anyway...bottom line is Passions and Data both played really great sets. An excellent start to what will hopefully be a bangin weekend!


Aug 29, 2007

Cassius tour US in 2008!/ CMJ 2002

A little bird just told me that Cassius

is planning a big US tour for next year!

I have secretly been hoping this would happen ever since I saw their latest album (15 Again) on the horizon last summer.

For those of you not familiar with them, Cassius is 2 dudes - Boombass and Philippe Zdar. I'm not sure how to describe their sound. It's really French (but not like Ed Banger French, though Busy P is their manager), but in a more upbeat, peppy, housey, feel good way. Haha...I just read this on their myspace: "
"2 french friends makin music for living better". It's true...

The first and last time I saw Cassius was during CMJ of 2002 (back when I didn't know what CMJ was). I had just started listening to electronic/dance music that spring...mainly a lot of Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. I didn't fully realize it at the time, but that show really influenced a lot of what I listened to immediately afterwards, a lot of which I still listen to now.

It was CMJ so there were a billion "openers". We arrived just as the Audio Bullys were finishing up, catching just their last song or two (remember that song, We Don't Care?), followed by a horribly awkward Erlend Oye. I really felt bad for poor Erlend, especially in retrospect. The Audio Bullys had just done what I had gathered was a very lively set and Erlend was up there playing songs from his solo album "Unrest" which had just come out (it's very mellow, electronic, a bit of a retro feel at times). And by playing I mean introducing each of them in his soft Norwegian voice, putting the needle on the record and then singing. He got booed. So sad. I didn't particularly like or dislike his set...I mainly felt bad for him, but Unrest wound up being in heavy rotation for me that winter and spring.

If my memory serves me correctly Cassius went on next. They did a full out dance your ass off from the get-go set. I remember being in awe the whole time - watching Philippe behind the decks, doing magic while chain smoking for the entire set. I could see the smoke coming up from the turntables when he would set the cigarette down for a few seconds - ah, I had forgotten how close we were to the stage. All the while he was on the decks, Boombass was doing god knows what, twisting knobs, pressing buttons, sampling, etc. I had never really seen anyone dj before. The only other show I had been to at that point was seeing the Chemical Brothers in April of that year, from pretty far away, so I mainly experienced the visuals and the music, didn't really see much of Tom or Ed themselves or what they were doing. So it was completely mind-blowing to see these 2 guys just going at it with all this equipment, making this bouncy, lively music come out. You didn't have a choice, you were dancing. Right around this time "Sound of Violence" was their new single. It featured Steve Edwards on vocals. It was one of the last tracks they dropped...only Steve Edwards was actually there and sang it. Dope! Can't wait until these guys come back here!

The last opener was Simian Mobile Disco back before it was just James and Jas, but rather James, Jas, Alex, and Simon all from Simian... It's all a bit hazy but everyone was kind of around the laptops, but then ultimately a few would stray away and start wiling out (I remember Simon just chugging away the whole time) while mainly James and Jas killed it with a mix of various jams...some old, some new, some remixes of their own songs...good stuff.

And then...the Chemicals went on and it was over. I had seen them in April but I had just started listening to them then, wasn't all that familiar with their stuff, mainly just "Come with Us". This time around we were up front, right against the guard rail, and I had been listening to them for almost a year at that point. It was the full on Chemicals experience where I first really appreciated it and was able to take it all in. It was great. I remember feeling so happy during and immediately following it...and whenever I thought about in during the next few weeks. I'm still exactly the same way when it comes to seeing the Chems live. It's been almost 2 years since I last saw them and now it is just 23 days away! and I get to see 'em twice! And there are a whole bunch of awesome shows between now and then!


Aug 28, 2007


So this is going to be one of those crazy weeks where there is something good happening several days in row.

Starting Thursday:

Data and Passions. I've actually only heard one of Data's songs (Aerius Light), but I like it enough to go see him just based on it's nice to hear someone new. Passions (not the Passions as the flyer implies) is doing a live set which hopefully will be as awesome as the last time I saw him.

Then on Friday...Paris Terror Club!

I am so looking forward to this.

Para One is great. I've seen him 3 times, the last of which was excellent...just super electronic, crunchy, tweaky stuff. Gorilla vs. Bear had an interesting post about him recently regarding the new French film he scored - Naissance des Pieuvres.

I am psyched to see Surkin too. He's got some good remixes floating around...and I'm still annoyed I had to miss him when he was at Studio B in April the night too much was going on (Trevor Jackson at APT, Kaos at Element).

Curses! another project of Luca Venezia's aka Drop the Lime. If you read this blog with any regularity you know what I think of this guy. Even though Curses! and DTL are the same guy, and I have seen him in each respect...he kills it in totally different ways. As Drop the Lime he's straight up Curses! it's more of a live experience...dope beats, some of which he sings over. It's a great show. Don't sleep!

Looking forward to catching DJ Orgasmic again after seeing him at Hiro a few months ago...I hope to hear Travailler again at maximum volume.

Saturday will be spent recovering from all of that in order to go to this:

I slept on all the Dafter Party action, so hopefully catching Busy P will make me feel less bad about it. Also, it's an excellent excuse for me to run around my apartment saying "Anthony guess who's coming to NY this weekend?! Buzzy P (but in a French dude voice)!".

Also excited to catch DJ T...just giving his stuff a first listen now, but like most of the guys on Get Physical I am already diggin it.

Sunday night...usually calm...this Sunday...Busy P and Neil Aline at APT! I have a love/hate relationship with APT, but I really want to see Pedro spin in such a small space...and for APT's basement to turn into the crowded dance sweatbox it so desperately wants to be.

Monday I will drop dead...I temporarily forgot Monday is labor day. That's awesome. I will either be recovering in my apartment...or recovering in the Saratoga air, hopefully winning some dollazz on the ponies.

Tuesday, if you are still standing and haven't had enough Busy P (I personally am curious to see Mark Ronson spin):

Get busy...


Aug 27, 2007

After the Jump Festival

Saturday I volunteered at the After the Jump Festival. The day show actually wound up being inside which was probably better since it was sooo hot out. I wound up having a good time, met a lot of people, saw a lot of bands - none of which I'd ever heard before. None of them were really stuff I would regularly listen to, but they all put on very energetic performances and seemed to be having a good time.

Locksley was one of the first bands to go on and their show was very lively. Ra Ra Riot also really went all out - towards the end of their set they were really on. They started to sound very Police-ish. One of the last songs they played "St. Peters Day Festival" was written by their drummer who recently passed away. It was a very poignant moment when they mentioned it in the beginning, and a lot of emotion came through as they played the song even though it was an upbeat, loud one. The last band that went on was Spectrum. They were very atmospheric and shoegazey. Initially they reminded me of Ulrich Schnauss a bit (which I was glad about since I will be missing both of his NY shows since they fall on the same days as the Chemical Brothers). Overall though they are a bit different than Ulrich...their lyrics are more prominent, but they definitely have a similar sound in terms of the music.

I left Studio B around 8:30 to stop home, eat something, change, before heading back for the night show...but I never made it back. I Wound up having dinner and drinks with my roommate and our friend Mark...and then I was pretty much down for the count - I had been at Studio B since 11 and was pretty beat. Oh well...c'est la vie...I had a really good time during the day. There was a pretty good turnout. Everything seemed to run very smoothly and people seemed to have a good time. From what I've read the night show was pretty awesome and a lot of money was raised for NYC school music programs which was what it was all about. I missed Riot in Belgium...but I'm glad it all went as well as it did and that I got to help out with an event for such a good cause.


Aug 25, 2007


This is going on:

Been meaning to post about it for a while now, but work has been super busy and I have just been crashing as soon as I get home.

It should be fun. The day shows are free. It's supposed to be 93 degrees tomorrow (an appropriate temperature for August, not like that BS earlier this week).

The night show is not free, but all the profits go to supporting music education in NYC. I'm looking forward to it because all the bands playing
(both day and night) are ones I've heard a lot about, but have somehow never actually heard.

The Music Slut's last post seems to cover everything you need to know about who's playing, what time, etc. along with a bunch of interviews with the bands.


Aug 19, 2007

The World's Made Up of This and That

Saw Electroma at midnight on Friday. I have to say having a late night at Hiro, followed by work, and 4 episodes or so of West Wing did not leave me in the most receptive state for 10 minute spans of silent robots driving a Ferrari through the desert. I did not doze off though! I got what was going on but at the same time left the theater feeling a bit mindfucked. It took me a day for it to all kind of sink in before I could even really form any conclusion about it. I appreciated the work and creativity that went into it. I would like to see it again after seeing all these other films my friend Eddie told me they paid homage to in Electroma. I'm glad I went.

Saturday I did my default early Saturday evening activity...went to PS1. Got there about 7 and the dj was kicking. Some good older disco, moving toward some great more modern stuff...none of which I knew. It was good, dirty, let's go do it after this party's over disco. It was like that until about the last half hour...then it got a bit diva housey. And then there was this endless build up that kept seeming like it was going to break and almost would, but would then just start over and build more. I couldn't take it. I left, walked to the grocery store which was closed, and then it sounded like it had picked up again and gotten pretty bangin as I walked home. Oh well. C'est la vie. Also...I don't know who the dj was! I'm pretty certain it was one of these 3:

DJ Spun
Ben Cook (aka Stranger)
Eric Duncan (Rub n Tug)

They're the only 3 dj's on the bill for yesterday. I emailed someone at PS1 about it-

So Eleanor from PS1 got back to me really quickly, but I kept forgetting to post it. Apparently DJ Spun went on at 7, and from 8 to 9 Ben Cook, Eric Duncan, and DJ Spun were all on the decks. So the bang wasn't coming from any one person specifically.

And while I'm on really should check it out if you haven't already. There are only 2 Warm Up parties left! I have no idea about any of the artists playing those 2 days, but when the music's bad I usually just have a beer or two and look at the "art". I use quotes b/c a lot of modern art and I don't get along, but when I looked around the first floor a week or so ago some of it was actually good. Also brace yourself for the crowd...hipsters, art snobs, dumb bitches in stilettos who step on your foot while they spazz out pouring a cup of Coke for their boyfriend (don't ask). If you move up to the front though people are usually getting down pretty viciously if you're into that. And if you're more of a stand/sit around/talk with your friends person it's pretty spacious toward the back and there are these hammock chair installations and food and stuff like that. It's a nice way to spend some time outside, get down, hang out on a Saturday.

And now I will kiss any credibility goodbye with my overly simplified review of the Daft Punk show at Keyspan 2 weeks ago. I had a good time. When I think back to the show there were definitely moments were I was losing my shit. But there were other moments where I was just kind of eh and looking forward to what was next. I didn't have best view of the visuals, but what I did catch was pretty cool. I loved looking up and seeing two robots grooving in the booth. BUT...I did not personally find this to be a life-changing, most awesome, top ten shows I've been to experience. I also wished they had played more older stuff from Homework, like Teachers...I would have died happily if they played Teachers...and just more oldish stuff in general (Digital Love) instead of so much of their newer stuff from Human After Steam Machine. I have to admit hearing it live did give me a new love for Robot Rock though. Also, I thought it was a bit too similar to their Coachella set from last year which I unfortunately had listened to earlier in the week. But...I have to say, I downloaded the live set from the BK show that is floating around the internet...and after getting over my urges to kill the two girls talking throughout way too much of it, I totally got into it and was having flashbacks, getting excited, and getting goosebumps listening to the who knows.


Aug 17, 2007

Drop the Lime at Hiro

So last night I did this:

I skipped Inner Party System b/c I went to their myspace and they sounded like the Killers. Arrived right before Drop the Lime went on. He killed it as usual. There is so much I like about seeing Drop the Lime spin:

1. Lots of bass
2. His sets always bang
3. I don't know most of what he spins
4. Out of what he spins, the stuff I do recognize is usually great and underplayed - case in point, the Switch remix of the Black Ghosts' "Face" and Party Crashers Unite - Put Your Hands Up 4 New York both of which he played last night.
5. He plays a lot of old stuff and a lot of new stuff and a lot of different styles and it somehow all works great.

So was an hour and a half of bliss and getting down last night. I can't say it enough - the next time he's around go see DTL! (ps - if you're in New York, the next time around will be August 31st at the Fixed Party/Institubes Paris Terror Club tour under his other name - Curses! (which bangs in a totally different, excellent way) along w/ Para One (live), Surkin, and DJ Orgasmic at Studio B. What a stacked bill! Should be an awesome night.

Also, speaking of Institubes...Midnight Juggernauts' song "Road to Recovery" is a free download on iTunes this week and it bangs! I had forgotten I downloaded it and when it came up on my "recently added" playlist I definitely took note. Get it while you can. It's a good one.

Some shitty camera pics of the man at work from last night:

After Drop the Lime, Johnny from Guns'n'Bombs dj-ed. I had listened to a mixtape of theirs earlier in the day and was looking forward to seeing Johnny dj, but from the get-go I just wasn't feeling it. He started off with a Kavinsky track which was fine except...this is New York. Kavinsky himself was just here last week. I personally would like to see dj's dig a little deeper. Yes, most of the Ed Banger catalog is really good, and banging and gets people moving...I love it. But...there are other labels...and other songs/artists not on the map as strongly right now that could be played. There are songs that need to be remixed a billion times other than D.A.N.C.E. Don't get me wrong...I'm the first to get down when I hear a good Ed Banger tune dropped in a set...but starting the set out with one just rubbed me the wrong way. He followed it with Princess Superstar's "Licky" another track I really like...but I'm getting tired of hearing the same 10 songs all the time. I stayed for probably a half hour of Johnny's set, then left.

Have a good weekend peeps. Not sure what's going on. Catching Electroma tonight. Buying some Justice tickets at noon.


Aug 8, 2007


Today, more particularly, this morning was HELLISH! It took me over 2 hours to get to work, but Daft Punk is tomorrow...and now...I just got info on this in an email!

Chemical Brothers & Ladytron at McCarren Pool! the day after the Hammerstein show. I could cry.


Aug 3, 2007


Caught these 2 guys last night at Hiro (Cuizinier & DJ Orgasmic). Had serious fun gettin down with my boy Eddie, his sister, & their friend Rachel. We hit the floor hard, but shockingly it was first to Shout Out Out Out Out. I thought they were just one of those bands I kept reading about so often that they couldn't be good. But they got down to business - a good electronic, live band with a lot of energy and highly danceable. Makes tonight's decision even harder (check the flyer below).

and also Dave's disco bike party which looks like a lot of fun (you get in free if you rock some biker apparel), though I have yet to hear Prince Language...

So anyway...after some filler tracks while they were still kind of setting up, I'm going to say Orgasmic officially opened his set with Travailler which had Eddie and I losing our shit. I don't remember the next few songs he played, but they were good and kept us going. Then he kind of hit a bit of a lull where they were a bit too slow, but shortly after that Cuizinier did his thing and got everyone going again. One track I never heard before sampled Tina Turner's "Simply the Best", and they had everyone shouting "the best" over and over. It was pretty dope.

Anyway...time for me to travailler (to work), and if you haven't yet, check out the video. Some have never been the same...


Aug 1, 2007


Rolled up in NYC on Sunday night after a blissfully banging 9-day trip to Montreal (more on that later) with my favorite New Yorker. Thankfully there will be no come-down from my vacation. This week:

It's not the full TTC gang (no Teki, no Para One :( ), but it is Cuizinier and DJ Orgasmic...there's a banging remix of TTC's "Travailler" done by Orgasmic over at the week in dance. If that track's not reason enough to go I don't know what is. Free of course...

Friday is the conflict trifecta:

The Modular Monthly, which I am pushing solely b/c of Domie from A Touch of Class, who had me losing my shit on the dancefloor at PS1 a few weeks ago.

Conveniently located just blocks away from the Modular Party...Drop the Lime at the Annex. One of my favorite new dj's I've gotten into this year. Great new stuff with an old school feel and bang aplenty.

My minimal, robot-loving friend...saw him a few months ago. Still a bit dumbfounded by the whole experience, and this could be a good time to clarify things. He did play the Chems EBW 8 or 9...

Choose wisely kids!


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