Jun 29, 2007


I went into the Boys Noize show last night not really knowing what to expect. Right before I left my apartment I read on his myspace that the airline had lost his records, so he was stuck using just the cd's he had brought along. He played a great set, as usual, and at the end of it I learned the airline had gotten his records to him right before he was about to start. He played some of the expected...his remix of the Kaiser Chiefs' "Everyday I Love You Less and Less", his remix of "Banquet" by Bloc Party, a hot second of Justice's "Never Be Alone"...and then some unexpected (which if you've seen Boys Noize before, you've come to expect) - MJ's "Beat It" and "Billy Jean", Pump Up The Jam, and one of the highlights, and examples of why Boys Noize is one of my favorite dj's:

1. He mixed Armand Van Helden's "Necessary Evil" with Prodigy's "Breathe"...yeah, he went there, and it was awesome.
2. He took 2 songs that I hate - his song, "Feel Good (TV=OFF), and Daft Punk's "Technologic" and made me lose it dancing to them.
3. Be forewarned, this is kinda gross: His set was so good that at some point I noticed there wasn't anyone standing on my right anymore...I turned and there was a huge gap, and on the floor...a puddle of puke-age...that I was dancing on the edge of. Ewww! My poor Adidas...I still haven't assessed the damage, but the point is...his set was so dope I was unaware that I was dancing in someone's hurl . Ahhh! Gross!

He played for about 2 hours, from 12:30ish to 2:30ish. Probably during the last 45 minutes or so everyone kind of lost their shit and stormed the stage, and security didn't seem to mind. I managed to squeeze up there by the man himself (peep some shitty camera phone pics below!). It was really interesting to watch what he was doing. I thought my head was about to explode - 2 cd turntables, 2 regular, and 30 knobs that controlled god knows what.

For those of you that slept on this *cough* H-dizzle *cough*, or were out of the country *Eddie*, Boys Noize will be back playing the Fixed party at Studio B in Greenpoint on September 14. Yea-yuhh!


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