Sep 2, 2007

Moustaches Wild at Studio B!

I literally just walked in the door (wrote most of this at about 4:30 am) from Mustaches Wild. It was one of the best shows I have been to this year. Seriously.

I have to say...I have never really personally believed in love at first sight. But then I saw DJ T. He had me from the second he put his first record on. It was just blissful beats and no BS. For the most part, like 95%...all his own shit. None of which I'd heard (save if any of it was on his myspace) until just then. It was just pure and simple banging. It was like...take any awesome dance track floating around today and strip it down, take out all the extra bullshit (crunchy and delicious as it may be) and just distill it down to it's original state. This dude was just dropping these crystal clear, awesome beats. I was ready to get down on one knee. Seriously. DJ T, if you are reading...set the date my friend. DJ T was not the reason I went out tonight. I went out to see Busy P. I had a feeling I might be into DJ T's sound from what I heard on his myspace and because I've tended to like the guys on Get Physical thus far. When I was full fledgedly getting down to his set I had a feeling it was going to be one of those nights. And it was...and then some. DJ T spun from about 1 until 2:45. I did not stop moving the whole time. Shamelessly getting down. It was excellent. Hearing someone play mostly their own shit for almost 2 hours, stuff that sounds like none of the stuff I have been listening to for months. It was exactly the vacation I needed from all of my blog recommended jams, though I love many of them...they are getting played out.

At 2:45 I was so happy you could have told me Busy P wasn't coming and I would have gone home without a care in the world. That's how good I thought DJ T's set was. But anyway...Busy P finally got on the decks at about a quarter to 3. He played so much was one of those instances where I should have been taking notes, but couldn't because it was so good. It was one of those dj sets where every track played had everybody losing their shit. It was great. These are some standouts:

Pussyhole - Dizzy Rascal
Killing in the Name Of - Rage Against the Machine (Sebastian's remix)
Window Licker - Aphex Twin
Do It Again - Chemical Brothers (I had just gotten in an unusually long line for the restroom when I recognized the beginning of the song and proceeded to run back to the dance floor. It was awesome. That's not my favorite track on We Are the Night, but Pedro did it up right. He kept fading out the "Do It Again" so everyone was yelling it instead. Fucking awesome!
Alot of Justice including: Stress, Phantom (not sure if it was part 1 or 2), D.A.N.C.E. (not sure whose remix)
Daft Punk - possibly Aerodynamic but not 100% sure
Rapture - Olio
Mr. Oizo - Transsexual
Stronger - a really awesome, slowed down remix (btw, that A-trak remix floating around...not too found of it. I don't think that track needs any speeding up)

Busy P's set was another example of it's not what you play, it's how you play it. I have definitely heard a lot of the songs he played, played out in clubs a lot of times in the past few months. Tonight he breathed new life into them. It was one of the best dj sets I've experienced this year. During it I was reminded of the first few dj sets I'd ever seen in person (Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim)...I had this feeling inside that I'd experience during the first few sets I ever saw where everything was just new and stirring up my insides, almost giving me chills - it's a combination of something inside, being in awe and disbelief, all the while being unable to stop moving while in a state of complete happiness.

It was a great, great evening. Way too many camera phone pics:


DJ T + Busy P = TP!

Busy P!

And it was all made even more awesome because it was free thanks to Mas.

Also...Happy Birthday to Turntable Lab's Unemployed Lloyd who I somehow identified amidst all the dancing and chaos. If you don't have to clean you apartment like I do today you could go to this:


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