Jan 9, 2008


The folks at Mas are at it again.

The flyer took me somewhat by surprise...I had heard Busy P and the Rapture were gonna be there...but then I saw So Me...and then Tippy?!?!

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a post about her earlier this week on Trash Menagerie, and now to see her on the same bill as Busy P and So Me is just a trip. I've known her for a while. First met her up at Vassar where my best friend went to school, back in 2002. Hung out with her a bunch of times while he was up at school there, and also during breaks when we were all in the city. She is really one of the most crazy, fun people I have ever met. And her tracks do not do her live performances justice. She is fierce and full of energy. Uffie better watch her ass!


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