Jan 22, 2008

Justice show moved from Madison Square Garden

to the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Info from the Bowery Presents:

** Tickets purchased for the JUSTICE show at Madison Square Garden will be exchanged for tickets to the WaMu Theater at MSG show.

** Patrons who purchased tickets with a credit card will have the new ticket mailed to them.

** Patrons who purchased tickets through an outlet with cash will have their tickets exchanged at the door the night of the show.


Beats™,  9:20 PM  

Do you know why, I just got an email about this.

Also, I see you like that Boys Noise song on your Hype Machine... Thats my blog; Hot Biscuits.

Glad you like it!

Busy Paul,  9:46 PM  

Hate to be a pessimist, but the promoters should have known better...also now this kinda sucks b/c the seats inthe WAMU theatre are kinda not DJ event friendly..

Paul 10:04 PM  

just went to the site -- $10 convenience charge... WTF?

where is the afterparty...holla!

showtrotta 10:12 PM  

They totally should've known better. The Garden is humongous. They are too new of an act to fill the place.

The tickets are ridiculous. I bought one in a hangover-induced haze before I realized how much it came to with all Tickemaster's hellish fees.

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