Jan 12, 2008

Holy Fuck at Le Royale, Dominique Keegan at Ruff Club at the Annex, 1/11/08

Last night was the second in what I expect to be a brutal 3 night run of fun & boozing.

Decided to see Holy Fuck last night at the last minute. Hung out at Mike's beforehand, headed over to Le Royale a little before 11. I was expecting it to be a little hellish based on what I read in some comments over at Brooklynvegan. But I mean, how bad could it be? BAD!

We get there and there is a very short line. We are at the front in 5 minutes. They're only letting in equal amounts of guys and girls = me, Mike, and Josh, not getting in. I'm realistic. I realize that unfortunately this bullshit exists when you go out, but...the door man was the biggest asshole about it ever! Like, I understand you're the door man and it's your job, and you have someone you have to answer to...but you don't have to be a bitch about it. Fuck him!

Anyway...after 15 minutes and herds of girls walking in without any guys, apparently he thought the male to female ratio inside was good enough to allow the 3 of us in. Motherfucker. I am so annoyed about this whole part of last night.

Anyway, we get in. We're on the list. It should have been free according to the flyer - NOPE, $10. Fuck you again GBH.

The crowd is whack hipster hell and it's packed. Alex English is spinning some ok jams, but a little dated (stuff from around this time last year) some of which would have been fine, but his transitions weren't very good.

Finally at 12:40ish Holy Fuck go on...and they are just really disappointing. One of those overly hyped blog bands that the crowd was just eating up. We stayed for 2 songs. Proceeded to refer to them as "Holy Suck" for the rest of the evening.

Got to Ruff Club around 1:30. We missed Kap10Kurt, but Dominique had just started dj-ing. He played a good set with actual transitions. He played some newer stuff, as well as some older jams (last year old, not classics) that are standing the test of time well, ie the Soulwax remix of Gravity's Rainbow (which Mike, Josh, and I heard 3 times that night). And while it was a different set than one of his you would've heard 5 years ago, it still had that Dominique, effortlessly banging, one good song after the other quality to it. Hope he dj's out again soon...

*priceless moment of the evening* - Busy Paul abruptly crashing the dancefloor doing the Daft Punk pyramid hand symbol and me initially thinking it was some random drunk guy.

3 nights of insanity continue tonight at Studio B.


Paul 10:29 PM  

Buuuussssyyyyy PPPPaaaulllll strikesss againnnn!!!

showtrotta 10:18 AM  

It was hilarious! Hopefully it will happen again. Haha. It probably will. You're always throwin the triangle around like it's nobody's business.

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