Jan 24, 2008

La Decadanse presents Blogger's Delight at the Knitting Factory with Numero# and Sports 1/21/08

I'd been looking forward to this show ever since I first heard about it back in December. Numero#'s "Hit Pop" was on the radio at least 5x a day while I was up in Montreal this past summer, and probably my only regret from that trip was missing their show when I was up there.

Fittingly I dragged my Montreal travel buddy Eddie along Monday night. We met up with Busy Paul at around 10. The Knitting Factory had a decent sized crowd given how early it was. The show was all ages and it definitely showed. There were literally 16 year olds there. We felt like the cool chaperones at the prom. Anyway...the ladies from La Decadanse were selecting some fine electro when we got there. By 11 the place had gotten pretty full and Numero# took the stage:

This is the only evidence I have of the experience (thanks to Busy Paul and his cellphone) because I was too busy getting down with 1/3 of the electro triangle and Eddie. The dudes from Numero# have created music and a live show that is the definition of cheesy French electro-pop bliss. It's upbeat and you can't help but dance and enjoy yourself. My favorite part of the show - the transition from Celine Dion to Hit Pop:

You can watch the entire rest of the show here!

And I hate to do this but I have no self control. I am obsessed with this hilarious Celine Dion clip:

Umm...back to the show. After Numero#, Sports started dj-ing. Their set was fun and dance-able...but their transitions seemed a little late. Like the song would almost be completely over when they would start thinking about fading in another. Things would kind of wind down for a second before going into the next song. Also, they weren't playing anything that exciting. It was a fun set, just nothing crazy.


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