Jan 16, 2008

Moby, Justin Martin, and Jacques Renault at 205, 1/15/08

Hit 205 club last night with Busy Paul around 11:30ish. Never been there before. It's on a corner, relatively quiet, no line, no bullshit. It's a Tuesday night. We walk in and it is PACKED. They're playing like reggae-ish stuff. The place totally has the whole Warhol/Factory vibe that they're shooting for - the silver walls, filing cabinets, and random furniture everywhere.

We get drinks and head downstairs seeking some more electro-oriented tunes. Warhol themed down there too - writing printed on all the walls. There was a decent amount of people down there, but not packed like upstairs. I think it was Justin and some other dude (who didn't really look like Jacques, but I could be mistaken) spinning some...dun dun dun...good disco...something many people are not aware of.

Busy Paul and I are chatting, discussing grand plans for the electro triangle, music, etc. Run into some friends of his and around 1 get word from Mike that he's on his way. Just before that we see Moby wade past us through the crowd to get to the booth. This whole time Justin and co. are just laying down the disco, slightly veering a little more towards electro towards the end. The energy and tension is building. The dance floor is packed. I'm about to turn to Paul and tell him the place is about to explode, but before I get the words out, he says them to me. Hah. Sweet validation.

About 20 minutes after we spot Moby he starts spinning, and after just a couple of songs Mike gets there. The triangle is complete and Moby starts dropping some heavy, great jams. They were all pretty awesome and I had no idea what they were...and I didn't care. It was a pretty sick party in its own right, but for a Tuesday - AMAZING. Unfortunately some peeps had meetings and job interviews today. So we called it quits mid-set around 2. We unanimously agreed that it was dope and that Tuesday is just +hr and -e from being the new Thursday.

A couple of pics thanks to Mike's Blackberry Pearl...(oooh,ahh!) and my crowd maneuvering:


Paul 11:49 AM  

tuesday is the new thursdayy..yesss!! |> <| '_'

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