Jan 29, 2008

Radio 4, Dragons of Zynth, and Eamon Harkin at Studio B, 1/25/08

Arrived at Studio B about midnight, thinking I was running late for more of a "show" vs. dj-oriented night. But of course I wasn't. Dragons of Zynth hadn't even gone on yet. They started their set shortly after and overall I wasn't too into them. I really wasn't into their first song at all - just very blah. They picked up after that, and actually started to remind me of super old school Red Hot Chili Peppers...but too much. It seemed like they were trying really hard to sound that way. It just made me wish I were seeing the Peppers way back in the day instead of seeing them.

Around 1 Radio 4 went on. Overall, it was not the best Radio 4 show I've been to, but it was still quite good, especially considering they haven't played an official show since this past summer. They started off a little rough, but once they got going it sounded more like a typical, good, upbeat Radio 4 show. Their set was a good mix of more recent material off of their last album, Enemies Like This (which I highly recommend), some old classics off of Gotham, a few off of Stealing of a Nation, and couple of new songs to be released on their new album this spring - Relentlessly Turbulent (the single) is really good, as is Election Summer (the other new song they played). Really looking forward to their new album. Here's the setlist from Friday's show:

Certain Tragedy
Shake the Foundation
Enemies Like This
Relentlessly Turbulent
Pretty Good Lie
Start a Fire
Absolute Affirmation
Too Much To Ask For
State of Alert
Election Summer
As Far as the Eye Can See

Also, Eamon Harkin was dj-ing in between the bands for part of the evening and he was pretty good. He was doing a lot of really subtle Chemical Brothers samples which made me quite happy.


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