Jan 24, 2008


Another night of decisions:

Friends of friends, Hollis Browne at Midway. They have a very unique bluesy, classic rock sound that is rare among all the indie bands found nowadays. This could be a good chance for them to get a record deal so please check them out. They go on somewhere around 8:30-9ish. It's $5 to get in until 9, $10 after.

After that I recommend heading over to Studio B:

Radio 4 haven't played a New York show since last June! They're been working on their new album. They play very upbeat, highly danceable rock. Should be a great show. Advance tickets here.

Alright here's where it starts to get hairy. 3 conflicting options:

L.A. Riots do some great remixing, but F-you Le Royale! I'm still bitter. If you're a dude and you wanna go be sure to find yourself 2 lady friends.


If anyone knows how to throw an insane, dance party it's Trouble & Bass. I can guarantee you it's going to be good because their parties always are. Also, Love's sound system will physically move you. This month's party features Dexplicit from the UK. It's $10 until 1am. Advance tickets here.


Fixed and Modular team up to throw a banger, with any luck (and with some help from Australia's Dangerous Dan of the Bang Gang) reminiscent of some good old times at the Tribeca Grand.


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