Jan 9, 2008

Tonight & Saturday Night

Alexander Technique. He's great. Been looking forward to catching him again ever since seeing him dj before Felix da Housecat in November. This week you've got two chances:


and Saturday:

...which I am really looking forward to for 3 reasons:
1. Alexander Technique
2. Van Scott (who I haven't seen dj in forever, but who I'm always running into when I'm out)
3. VNDLSM! Their remix of Chromeo's Needy Girl has been all over the internets lately, and with good reason - it's awesome. But I had first caught wind of VNDLSM back in August when I got back from Montreal. I was looking for a version of Rihanna's Umbrella for a Monty mix that I still haven't made (that song was everywhere up there). Their spin on it is awesome...and I think very indicative of what they do - take songs that are alright, and make them BANG in their own little awesome way.

This is definitely the show I'm looking forward to this week.


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