Jan 13, 2008

Verboten at Studio B w/ Van Scott, Alexander Technique, VNDLSM, Radioclit, 1/12/08

Hit Studio B at midnight. No line, no muss, no fuss, just like the good ol' days at Studio B.

Van had already started his set when I arrived. I know he played "Heater" by Samim right when I first got there followed by a bunch of others that I knew but was blanking on the titles. I any case...it was a solid set. Very current, but still retaining certain Van Scott qualities from what I remember him playing back in the day before he was a dj.

Alexander Technique followed, and I think he and Van might have gone back and forth a bit, but not 100% sure about that. It was one of those deals where there were a few people in the booth, hard to tell what was going on/who was doing what. I do know that he dropped a remix I didn't recognize (maybe his own?) of Chromeo's Needy Girl, We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers' Remix?), TTC's Une Bande de Mec Sympa, Daft Punk's Television Rules the Nation/Around the World mash-up from their past tour, then some Justice, and then hell kinda broke loose on the dance floor and it was great. A very different set from when I saw him open for Felix a few months ago, but definitely just as good (just in a different way - more current stuff, less rock/90's remixes).

1ish VNDLSM hit the decks and shortly after Busy Paul hit Studio B (w/ both stick-on and actual moustache in tow...and some weird rave-tastic pocket effect going). Sadly the remaining 3rd of the electro triangle was out in LI :( Anyway...VNDLSM played some of their own stuff - Uh Oh, sadly neither the Rihanna nor the Chromeo remix :( They dropped some Boys Noize, Daft Punk's One More Time, Shake it to the Ground by Rye Rye, the Crookers remix of I Want Your Soul, Teenage Bad Girl's Cocotte!...a very good, dance-able set.

Radioclit went on at 2ish. It started off fine...they had this weird sample of a coyote howling, which was cool. They played some good stuff...D.I.M.- Is You...a bunch of stuff I didn't know that was good...but then there was a lot of weird stuff after that. It kind of made you scratch your head and think hmm wtf? So, a little before 3 we called it a night.

Overall a fun party. Looking forward to the next one...


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