Jan 22, 2008

Tim Fite at Joe's Pub, 1/19/08

Went to yet another excellent Tim Fite show at Joe's Pub Saturday night. It included the following Tim Fite staples (in no particular order):

A rat named Juice
Looking Good
Still Looking Good (ending in cottage cheese instead of blood sausage)
Burn It Down

It's All Right Here
Away from the Snakes
No Good Here
In Your Hair
45 Remedies
Took A Wife
I Hope You're There

And also a few new songs (maybe 3 or 4), some of which were more on the slow, bluesy side and quite good. I imagine they will be on his new album due out this Spring on Anti Records.

Tim seemed very enthusiastic about the turnout and also how much longer than usual he was given to play. He took full advantage of the time element by reading, in it's entirety, this:

Caps for Sale is a children's storybook. It's about a cap salesman and some hijinks with monkeys. Let's just say Tim's reading was dead on, awesome, and hilarious, and involved audience participation.

I didn't take any pictures because I was far away, but I found some here on flickr.


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