Jan 9, 2008

James Zabiela North American Tour

James Zabiela just announced a major North American tour from February into March. He hits New York on the 22nd of February (unfortunately at Pacha which is kind of hellish, with an equally hellish crowd).

I first got into James after a friend hounded me for literally an entire month about getting his Utilities album. It's on Renaissance, not exactly my favorite label, so I resisted. But once I got it I understood. It's a two disc set - disc one is "computed" using more modern technologies, disc 2 is a "recorded" traditional vinyl set. Not sure if the robot-loving James rigged it to be a pro-technology album, but disc one blows disc two out of the water. It's basically an hour of banging tech house with robot themes aplenty. Disc two is good background music...

Full list of tour dates on his myspace.


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