Jan 17, 2008

Fader Issue 51 party at Studio B 1/16/08

Got back from Studio B a little after 1.

Arrived a little before 10. No line, no problems with the list. Decent sized crowd inside. Opening dj (who I later learned was Scott Melker) was playing like...MTV hip hop jams of the past 10 years, which was fun, but all I wanted was to see Switch.

Somewhere between 10 and 11, Izza Kizza went on. They weren't very good. They were rapping, but over really well known beats and songs, i.e. the theme from Cheers (which was actually one of the cooler ones they did), and when I say "rapping" what I mean is singing along for a while, then spitting a few verses. It was like dudes who thought they could rap meets karaoke. Whack!

Santogold was on between 10 and 11. I actually had no idea what to expect. I'm not sure how I feel about her. A few songs I liked, a few I wasn't into. Then at some points she sounded very shrilly, but in all fairness Studio B was really loud and I forgot my earplugs. So yeah, need a second go before I decide. Her back-up dancers reminded me of this:

In retrospect they were less good than the ones in the youtube vid, but at the time that's what I was reminded of. And they were decent - good energy.

Other random weird Santogold observation. She did a song that reminded me a lot of Professor Murder's "Flex-it Formula". Will have to look into that.

So by 12ish Santogold was done. Someone was on the decks, and then it went to Switch. He was spinning the beginnings of a good set...but everyone was just milling around and chatting, and it was literally me and maybe 10 people out of the entire place dancing. Then once all the chatters left it was an empty floor and the 10 of us. Ridiculous. Even ran into Drop the Lime at the bar and he agreed. Whackness.

About 12:30 Diplo took over and he was pretty good too. He was really trying to get the remaining "crowd" into it, MC-ing and everything, but it just wasn't happening.

It was so frustrating to see 2 talented individuals' performances going to waste because people are clueless. Their loss!

By 1 the floor was so empty and i was so tired that I called it a night. Have some z's to catch up on after this past weekend and last night. Managed to grab a couple of pics of Switch doin his thing before I left though:


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