Jan 4, 2008

Friday Night Options

I am too tired to be writing this blog post, let alone go to any of these things tonight (but you never know). They all theoretically should be good. If I had to pick something I would say AC Slater (despite the scary Mario Lopez, Saved By the Bell images it puts in my head). His stuff is pretty good. I love his remix of Boys Noize's Shine Shine.

Other options:

Been wanting to see Metro Area for a while, but not really in the mood for their more disco-ey, laid back stuff after last night...but if Dave's set is anything like the one he spun at the Daft Punk Alive 2007 release party, I'm sure I will be kicking myself.

Not really into any of the other music, but Trouble & Bass dj's are always good:


showtrotta 3:24 PM  

Ah, how could I forget! What are you really doing tonight?

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