Jan 11, 2008


I am in such a daze from Busy Paul's happy hour last night I totally forgot to post about what's going on tonight:

My friend Chuck recommended Holy Fuck to me the last time we hung out. Usually we like the same stuff, but when I checked them out this morning I was kind of on the fence about whether or not I was into them. I've heard they're very good live though.

There's also this:

I am really looking forward to this. Haven't been to Ruff Club in ages, and have been itching to see Kap10Kurt after I missed them at Studio B back in November. And a dj set from Dominique (1/2 of the Glass)?! Haven't seen him dj in ages. Definitely one of my favorites from back in the day when I first started going out to see dj's.

Don't let the rain ruin your Friday night!


Anonymous,  8:43 PM  

Thanks for Props! Was fun...Kurt aka k10k

showtrotta 9:11 PM  

No problem. Unfortunately my friends and I arrived on the late side and missed your performance :( Hopefully will catch you next time!

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