Jan 3, 2008

Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin. He's a real, he's a real jerky.

I really don't know what else to say about Mr. Oizo (pronounced Wahh-zohh)...

He was kicking ass in '99 with Flat Beat (I am morally obligated to post the excellent, hilarious video):

Then he did a bunch of "weird experimental stuff" - Busy Paul.

And lately he's just been kicking ass and taking names:

His own stuff has been awesome -

Patrick 122
Trina 700

His stuff on the Steak soundtrack with fellow Ed Banger - Sebastian, and Sebastien Tellier is dooope -

Chivers as Female

Excellent remixes:

Something About You - Jamelia
Merrymaking At My Place - Calvin Harris

The beard! (4th one down)

Finally, probably the best testament to how awesome Mr. Oizo is...he is totally worth braving the 18 degree (actually probably even lower since it's only 15 degrees now and it's the middle of the day) weather with 15mph winds tonight.



Paul 3:05 PM  

Don't forget:

Lotus Suite Kohln

All classic Studio B bangers..!

Also, I found this track on HypeM. I know Mashups are totally out, but this one is good!!
Oizo vs Josh Wink - Higher State of Saxophone.

--Pony Tails & Flat Tops

showtrotta 3:12 PM  

I left those out b/c I was trying to keep it to just my absolute favorite Mr. Oizo tunes since there is so much of his stuff out there right now.

That mash-up is awesome. I have to go through my music more. I had it on my ipod for who knows how long and had no idea.

There is nothing like good mash-ups!

-- Sparks-filled Fanny Packs

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