Oct 15, 2007

CMJ '07

Friday this blog turned one year old. The first post was my CMJ picks...I was grasping at straws a bit. I wasn't into many of the acts that were around, and out of what I ended up going to I don't remember any of it being that great. This year looks to be the total opposite. I have read many are disappointed with the line-up this year, but if you like dance music there is no cause for complaints, other then not being able to be in 8 places at once. Here's the breakdown:

Wednesday the 17th:

Brooklynvegan Day Party at Pianos - a bunch of bands are playing from 12-4:30 5:30 and it's free. I don't know anything about any of the bands, but I do know that the Black Ghosts are dj-ing in the bar area from 4-5pm.. I also apparently have the whole Brooklynvegan party schedule all wrong! There's a great big post with all the info over at Dave's blog. The Black Ghosts are dj-ing from 4-5, but on Saturday. Sorry for the misinformation.

Their stuff I've heard is great. I stumbled upon them while looking up Simon Lord (singer of the now defunct Simian) who is one half of the Ghosts. They make some good electronic tunes with the perfect balance of vocals and bang. Simon's vocals are also good for consoling yourself now that Simian are no more. As far as their dj-ing goes, I've never seen them live, but they have 2 mixes up that are pretty unique and definitely danceable. Click here for more info on the Black Ghosts, their own jams, and to download those mixes. Click here for the set times of the other bands playing the party.

Later that night, 2 options:

Ever since their great set together in May, I am all about seeing A-trak & Mehdi again. And I also feel like I need to see Kavinsky again after some weirdness prevented me from enjoying his set that I theoretically should have loved.

Option 2:

Black Ghosts from 11-1!

I know I'll miss the Black Ghosts at BV's party b/c I will be at work :( I might try to catch their show later at the Delancey and just hope A-trak, Mehdi, and Kavinsky aren't on at Hiro during that time and head over right after the Black Ghosts are done.

On to Thursday the 18th:

SMD at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. If you read this blog at all you should know by now not to sleep on this. I would however, recommend sleeping on the Invisible Conga People (one of the opening acts, who unfortunately also opened for them at the Gramercy Theater in September). They will put you to sleep which is definitely not what you need right before a Simian Mobile Disco live show. Also, XLR8R did a little segment with them about their live set-up...crazy stuff!


I want to see New Young Pony Club just so I can find out of if any of their songs are as good to sing to torture my roommate as Ice Cream. And more seriously...I actually like that song and their album has been getting great reviews so it would be nice to see if they live up to the hype.

Muscles also has a song called Ice Cream and is also playing that night. I saw him when he was here back in April but I didn't really know what to make of him and was too busy bugging out about Soulwax to care. Since then I heard a few of his songs...cheeky, catchy, fun and danceable. To top it off Simian Mobile Disco will be doing a dj set at this party after their show earlier in the evening. They tear it up behind the decks. I cannot wait!

other Thursday options:

Unintentionally caught Shout Out Out Out Out's set when I went to see DJ Orgasmic & Cuizinier in August and they turned out to be a really good live electronic band. Very upbeat and energetic.

Another chance to see the Black Ghosts. Dominique Keegan is also a really good dj. Used to see him at APT back in the day and loved him because he played things I always thought I would play if I knew how to dj.

Friday the 20th:

Simian Mobile Disco at the Apple Store (Soho) at 2pm. Free!

I took off from work so I could go - also partially because I mistakingly thought the Brooklynvegan day party was the same day and I would be able to see the Black Ghosts. Whoops..I'm sure there's other stuff to do. And it will be nice after all the crazyness Thursday night to not have to rush into work at 9.

2 options for the evening:

Tried but failed to see MSTRKRFT at CMJ last year. Never have seen em live before, but they do some nice remixes.

Option 2:

Another chance to catch Muscles. Trouble & Bass bang and will make you get down. 200 Orchard is a great spot to do so.

Saturday the 20th:

No-brainer! Justice and Midnight Juggernauts at Terminal 5!

Followed by:


Some of the best disco from the Wurst guys and David Bruno...a bunch of other peeps too.

Sunday: die of exhaustion.

Monday: maybe see Justice again?

This week is going to be awesome, but I am mildly horrified by the amount of stuff happening.


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