Oct 26, 2007

Fixed: Institubes Paris Terror Club Tour 8/31/07

I can't believe this show was almost 2 months ago. A good one though nonetheless. Hit Studio B about 1 with Eddie in tow. He had been away traveling since March and had not yet been to Studio B. Thankfully the crowd was decent that night, everybody getting down, not too hellish. So he left with a good impression.

When we got there DJ Orgasmic was already spinning, but it was one of those deals where there were so many people in the booth it was hard to tell what was what. Initially we didn't know it was him...and we didn't believe it for a while. His set was so much harder and louder than the one he played at Hiro earlier that month. I love bass, but it was relentlessly bassy and thumping and almost hard to dance to. Still a good set, but I just wasn't expecting or prepared for that.

Thankfully Curses! went on next. I had a great time during his set as always. He pressed all the right buttons, played some newer stuff that I don't think I'd heard before. Sang over the beats, and also dropped a really great remix of Midnight Juggernauts' Road to Recovery which I was in love with even before he got to it. He also sampled "Shake It to the Ground" by Rye Rye who apparently has blown up really quickly. I remember reading a post over at the Fader blog quite a few months ago saying she was dope but only had a handful of friends. Now it looks like she's been picked up by BlaqStarr. Ah, the magic of the internets. Anyway...wasn't really into her sound, but Curses!'s sampling was very effective and made me appreciate the track.

Surkin was up next. His set was good, played a lot of bangers - i.e. the Soulwax remix of Gravity's Rainbow, but the sound in Studio B got kind of weird. It was really loud, and not that clear. Kind of bugged your ears a bit. So we stepped out and shot the shit for most of his set. Talked about music mostly. Definitely glad to have one of my more musically inclined friends back, so much so that I proposed peacing out early in in Para One's set (even though it started off great and I really wanted to hear it) so we could grab some food and continue rhapsodizing.


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