Oct 26, 2007

DJ Falcon & Alan Braxe at Studio B 10/13/07

I had a really good time at this show. Ran into my girl Dana from work and her boy Shennan. About 1 DJ Falcon started and was just relentless. Every song was a "you have to dance to this, you don't really have a choice" selection. It's all a blur just because he played so much good stuff, alot of which was really random and unexpected. He definitely had some weird Justin Timberlake fetish going. Parts of "Sexy Back" and "My Love" were definitely dropped, and came back around several songs after you thought they were gone. Another mind boggling, yet equally effective selection - the 25 Hours a Day mix of Long Distance Call by Phoenix. This is one of those songs on my ipod that makes me think, when would anyone ever play this? Apparently it works shockingly well in the middle of of a playfully banging dj set.

Alan Braxe went on around 2:30 or so. His set was on fire. Soooo French and banging, but then for some reason I started thinking about something that was bothering me. It was really distracting and I couldn't focus on the music. It was so whack and annoying but I couldn't shake it, so regrettably I left early. At least I got to hear him drop Music Sounds Better With You, it was kinda surreal. Anyway, Solid Goldberger does a good job of filling in the huge blank in my review of this show.


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