Oct 30, 2007


I used to be way more into Halloween before I moved to the city. More pumpkins, leaves, fallishness, etc. around. I still try to get into it though. Last night I carved a Busy P(umpkin)...

Busy P(umpkin)

Speaking of him, I accidentally stumbled upon the Ed Banger podcast last night. It's mainly little promo things from when Ed. Rec. Volume II and the Justice album were coming out, but there is a nice Busy P dj mix you can download for free.

Anyway...back to Halloween. There's that whole Chromeo, Dan Deacon, open bar thing going down tonight. But it is sold out...whack! It is probably better...I feel like it will be mayhem. Plus, there is enough dope stuff going down tomorrow.


and/or this:

Both decent ways to spend Halloween, but leaning heavily toward Studio B, due mainly to proximity. Another good way - Rapture and B52's at Roseland, but I don't feel like dropping 40+ bones on it right now...


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