Oct 25, 2007

Degenerates at Hiro 10/11/07

So prior to the crazyness that was CMJ I went to Moby's new monthly party - Degenerates, at Hiro. It was a little bit of a fiasco. I met up with Eddie sometime between 11:30 and 12. The line was just about to the corner. Whenever there's a line at Hiro I usually think it's a bad sign. It was moving...slowly but surely. As we're getting close to the front the bouncer announces that they're not letting anyone in who doesn't have a ticket. I have one, Eddie doesn't. We try to work it out. No go. He bounced, I went in. There's a giant line inside for will call. By the time I get to the front of it they're letting people who didn't have advance tickets in again. So frustrating!

The dance floor was packed. Moby had already started, and I'm fairly certain I missed all of Stretch Armstrong's set. It was packed to the level that you couldn't really dance though which was frustrating. I think I stayed for about an hour or so. Couldn't really get down, so I left. It was a shame because his set was really good...a lot of banging stuff I didn't recognize that had an older feel. There were also good house diva-esque vocals, but ladies who could actually sing, not the typical, stock diva house vocal. Perhaps some of it was off of his "disco divas inspired" new album. If it was, some bangin disco is in store.

If you missed it, you can catch Degenerates again on the 15th:

Save yourself the hassle and get a ticket ahead of time. People apparently come out of the woodwork for Moby.


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