Oct 16, 2007

Conflict of Interest Party - Black Ghosts at Rebel 10/15/07

Went to the Conflict of Interest party at Rebel last night thanks to Bill over at the Syndicate. Arrived around 9:30 and it was packed. We Are Scientists started their set shortly after. I was way back by the bar, which doesn't line up with the stage making it hard to see the band. The sound was good though. We Are Scientists' first song sounded ok, but I decided to walk around given my non-ideal spot. Also, my main concern of the evening was figuring out in which room in the labyrinth that is Rebel the Black Ghosts would be doing their set.

Headed to the front room, then upstairs, then upstairs again where it was much less crowded. Somebody (not sure who) was dj-ing, but playing more hip hop. Wasn't too into it but it was nice to have some space. I spotted the Black Ghosts sitting on a couch off to the side so I figured they probably would be playing in that room. I'm not sure if the dj's switched or what, but after a while I was way more into what he was playing. I was at bar when he dropped "The Breaks" by Kurtis Blow and from that point on all the songs were good. I recognized Paul from I Am Sound Records whom I'd been exchanging messages with about CMJ for the past week or so. It was nice to put a face to the name.

A bit later I met up with Bill again, chatted for a while during the beginning of the the Ghosts' set. Unfortunately a lot of people left the party after We Are Scientists so the crowd was pretty sparse. They were playing good stuff though and I got down and had a great time anyway. I kept thinking that they should play Anyway You Choose to Give It throughout most of their set, but it just wasn't happening. Towards the end of their set I went up to chat with Simon and of course...right as I get there...he starts singing the song. It's great to begin with and even better live. Anyway...chatted with him for a bit about the Ghosts, Garden, Simian and such after he was done singing. Really a nice guy.

He mentioned that James from Simian Mobile Disco was actually at the party and I spotted him right when I got back on the floor. Talked to him for quite a bit. Also a very nice dude. I got to hear the gruesome collarbone injury story firsthand which was pretty cool, but sounded horribly painful. And he's still in this brace/sling thing and he told me it still kind of hurts and clicks around...ah! He's still doing all the shows this week though which is awesome! Overall it was a great (unplanned) start to my CMJ week. Of course, obligatory cellphone pics:




Also, another Black Ghosts show this week:


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