Oct 23, 2007

Justice at Terminal 5, 10/22/07

I was really looking forward to this show. From the beginning I was enjoying it even more than Saturday's show. Justice was really cuttin shit up, seriously tweaking the album tracks much more noticeably than Saturday's show. But literally 3 songs in the shit started. Some dude in front of Charles starts moving back. We're literally against the wall. Words are exchanged. The guy's a dick. He won't move because there are girls in front of him. I look over his shoulder. They look about 14 years old and tiny, and easily could have moved up. So I moved over, kind of in front of Chuck...and started getting my nudge on. After way too long I finally start to get somewhere with creating some space for us, when to my right this couple starts to do the "lets make out and lean wildly in every direction because we are wasted" dance. Seriously, when the child they conceived is born and grows up and asks where it came from they can answer we fucked on top of this girl at a Justice concert. Seriously...they were on top of me. I leaned against them...hard. They leaned back. They knew what was up. We went back and forth like that for a while. The song ended...and they disappeared into the crowd. Fuckers! I go out a lot. I deal with assholes at shows a lot. Tonight was by far the worst shit I have had to deal with. The kicker is...it wasn't like these people were so into it they were oblivious to everyone around them. The dude in front of Chuck and I was talking to his friend the whole time. The couple near me could've been fucking to Top 40's and wouldn't have known the difference. Stay the fuck home you hipster motherfuckers who came out solely because Justice is popular right now!

To all of you who weren't annoying the shit out of me at the Justice show, sorry you had to read that. I needed to get it out of my system. Normal blogging will resume tomorrow.


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