Oct 11, 2007

Old school (kind of)


I'm really looking forward to seeing how this goes. I usually like Juan's stuff but the past few times I saw him I wasn't that into it. Whoever does Juan's myspace stuff posted this in a bulletin about tonight:

I think Juan plays right before Moby, so it will probably be heavier on the Disco, slower house and techno, acid, etc. He has some acid stuff he's been meaning to air out for a while, plus about 12 new or yet-to-be-released DFA records he just picked up at the DFA headquarters. Hercules and Love Affair, Shit Robot, The Juan Maclean, and of course DFA's newest sensation, Holy Ghost. Which reminds me, Alex from Holy Ghost is dj'ing tonight as well as Stretch Armstrong.

Way back in May Moby killed it! I heard he's probably going to be playing some stuff from his new album that's on it's way. Not sure how I feel about that. Never really was a Moby fan until I saw him dj this year. It's supposed to have a disco spin to it though so who knows.

And somehow despite living in New York and going out a lot I have never seen Stretch Armstrong dj.

Kind of toying with the idea of seeing Klaxons at Webster Hall tomorrow now that I am more into their stuff since I first saw them...but probably not. $20 ticket not so appealing right now...along with the large-ness of Webster...though it's nice and loud there. We'll see.

Saturday...I am sooooooooooo excited for this show:

I predict it will be a madhouse and I can't wait!

CMJ picks later tonight or tomorrow...


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