Oct 19, 2007

Simian Mobile Disco at the Apple Store 10/19/07

It's not possible to get too much Simian Mobile Disco, so I went to see them at the SoHo Apple Store this afternoon even though I just saw them last night.

I was running late. I got caught in a downpour with no umbrella. It was awesome.

SMD played a short set...maybe 45 minutes? It was like their usual show, minus the encore. Seeing them at the Apple Store was weird. They put us in this section with seats. I thought everyone would have enough common sense to just stand up and start dancing once James & Jas came out...but no! Nobody stood up (myself included). It was soooo whack and torturous. Their music is made for dancing. So basically everyone was sitting in their seats, bobbing their heads, stomping their feet because nobody had the balls to stand up. It was a bit hellish. The show was still awesome though. I was really close, it was super loud and clear, and those lights were blinding!


Jas - note the people sitting in front of me

James - note the collarbone/sling apparatus. If there was some equivalent of "what a trooper" that didn't make me sound like a soccer mom, that's what I'd be typing here.

I also realized that I can record video on my new phone. The quality is pretty bad, but you get the idea. The bang still comes through!

I totally forgot to mention that the Black Ghosts were there to see SMD. They were sitting toward my left, one row in front of me. Right when the show was over some dude sitting in front of me started talking to his friend, "No encore! Come on! I Believe!" at which point I see Simon Lord's head turn - he looked kinda freaked out. The dude who said it had no idea he was right there or just had no idea who he was. It was hilarious.


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